2019 BMW X1 Facelift – What’s New?

hi guys Joe with carbide and we’re here in Munich with the new BMW x1 and when I say new I mean facelifted so what makes this new and what will you say to the neighbors when they ask you why you seem to have bought the old x1 well come have a closer look and let me show you first of all with many BMW facelifts you can’t really tell what’s new but it’s quite obvious with this car the grille for example you’ll notice it’s slightly larger and it actually meets in the middle now the car also has new HID lights it’s optional around the world but in Singapore they are standard and these elements in here are now hexagonal instead of round I don’t know if you’ve noticed that and also when you have the blinkers coming on instead of being on the corner they now blink at the top of the headlights see that now if you look lower down there new across elements in the front bumper and that’s another common facelift item but right over here when you find the fog lamps

I don’t know if you remember the old car but those are round elements and of course these are now rectangular and apparently more sporty and more muscular that way so not much to report on the side of the car are there three trim lines in Singapore this is the ex line one which comes with this satin ated aluminium trim but a new feature I want to show you is actually don’t know if you can see it but here you go is this light and it’s actually two colours that it throws off when you unlock the car it actually makes it that much easier to get into the car at night but it’s also quite a cool thing to look at over here in the back quite a few things to report the usual sort of new taillights with a new element here that’s very recognizable and at the bottom apparently these tailpipes are 20 millimetres larger than before so 90 millimetres very big very sporty I’m sure so that’s what’s new about the new BMW x1 and if you want to find out more about the car make sure to log onto for you

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