2019 Online Shopping Behavior: What Customers Want?

2019 Online Shopping Behavior: What Customers Want?

TheSurvey of Online Shoppers 20192Checkout conducted a survey between May and July 2019, which revealed consumer preferences, challenges, and behavior in relation to online shopping. These insights are based on responses from people all over the globe. They include information about what products they purchase online, as well as what factors influence their purchasing decisions and cross-border shopping preferences.

The behavior of online shoppers is being continuously studied in order to improve the customer experience. Although there is no way to know what makes shoppers abandon their shopping carts or which item is most popular online, every customer is unique and therefore the answers are not definitive. The survey results from 2Checkout could help retailers make the right decisions about their ecommerce platforms.

More Holiday Shoppers Buy Online

Last year, Holiday ecommerce salesThe 2017 revenue of $126 billion was 16.5 percent more than the $108.2 million generated in 2017. Cyber Monday was the biggest day of the year.$7.9 BillionIt was the largest day of ecommerce sales in U.S. history in terms of online sales. Ecommerce sales for 2019 are expected to be even higher than in 2018.Slower than expected growthThere is still an expected 9 percent increase in year-over-year growth.

International shopping is another reason to shop online. This has been increasing in popularity over the years. 2Checkout discovered that 72 percent of online shoppers have purchased from another country within the past year. The most important things about buying internationally are being able find products that aren’t in their home country (51%), finding items cheaper in another country (49%), and receiving free international shipping (31%). Although international shipping can be expensive for small-scale retailers, it is important to understand your customers’ needs.


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What are consumers buying online?

2Checkout found that over half of online shoppers only make purchases online a few times per year (30%) and less often (27%). 26% of respondents said they purchase online at least once per month. 17%, however, say they buy online more than once per week. It’s clear that there are still many consumers who shop online.

Another important topic for retailers is what your customers want to buy online. Computers and electronics are the most commonly purchased physical goods online. Close behind is clothing, accessories, mobile phones, and tablets. It can be hard to find the right size and style of clothing online, so it is understandable that this category is not very popular. This can be changed by offering easy returns and exchanges to consumers, which will make them more inclined to purchase clothes online.

Make your website as inviting as your physical storefront

Brick and mortar still thrives because brick and mortar offers a sense of comfort in the ability to touch and see products in person. The same way that indie retailers make their stores inviting for customers to shop, the website should do the same. Google alone can connect consumers to millions of websites. So why should they shop from yours instead?

More than three quarters (75%) of 2Checkout shoppers consider data privacy and security to be a very important decision factor. Clear delivery, warranty, and refund policies are essential for convincing shoppers to shop online.

Shopping Carts that have been abandoned

The shopping cart abandonment problem is another issue. Although your website might look appealing, customers are now unable to purchase from it. 2Checkout’s survey found multiple reasons why customers abandon shopping carts. 39% decided that they didn’t need the product at all, while 37% found extra charges during checkout. The two biggest reasons customers abandoned their cart were inadequate product details (31%), inability to pay their preferred payment method (27%), and a long delivery time (24%).

One thing that you can do as a business owner to reduce the time it takes to abandon shopping carts is to expand the range of payment options available. Survey respondents indicated that credit and debit cards are the most used for online purchases (63%) while PayPal is the preferred method of payment (39%). It is possible to decrease abandoned shopping carts by offering PayPal and more credit cards options to consumers.


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Help Your Customers

Regardless of how hectic the holidays can be for retailers, it is important to remember that customers are the most important thing. You can do this by helping customers on the sales floor, making it easy for them to shop online and in-store, and making sure that any problems are resolved. 2Checkout’s survey revealed that 62% of respondents prefer email customer support. Other ways to assist consumers include online chats (29%), and toll-free phone numbers (35%). This holiday season, all hands are on deck!

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