2020 BMW X1 // New Styling; New Colors; Still Only $35,000!

What’s going on YouTube?? So a brand’s entry point is very important since it often brings in new customers. That might stay for life That’s why we’re spending the day with the Refresh 2020 BMW x1 the most affordable BMW with the starting price in just a little over $35,000 so With that all said let’s go ahead and see if this x1 is good enough to bring in new customers and keep them around So, of course no refresh would be complete without an updated front design and that is the case here with this 2020 X1. So what BMW has done is basically? Enlarged the kidney grille. They’ve also linked it here in the middle for the first time but even with that enlargement It’s still quite a bit smaller than what you see on a lot of the most recent BMW models Now this is the X line version. So it’s the standard version however If you choose the M Sport model that significantly changes the front fascia Kind of blacked out some stuff and changes the lower fascia to be a lot more aggressive Now coming over here to your headlights these are the adaptive LED headlights They are an option on the x1 and the standard headlight is a halogen headlight These have actually been redesigned this year to have the newest BMW design and then down below that you will also find fog lights Standard if you get the convenience package or higher

Also typical of refreshed models. You’ve got some new wheel options for 2020 Now one of the things I really like about this x1 is that I actually comes standard with 18-inch alloys and they give you the choice between a Metallic finished one and a blacked out one for no extra charge. So these are 18 inches The M Sport has another set of 18 inches to choose between and then you have optional 19 inches on both models And then as far as your mirrors They do have standard heating and then if you go for the convenience package, that’s gonna add auto dimming as well as power folding All right, so walking around to this X ones rear design I have to say I’m really quite impressed with how this looks we just got through looking at the BMW x3 and Honestly, this looks pretty much identical and that’s definitely a complement on something small like this Now as far as the individual features are concerned you do have fully LED taillights Which is a nice premium touch and then down here on the bottom. This is one of the 2020 changes Is that the exhaust outlets has been enlarged by 22? Millimeters and they are these nice dual exhaust back here And if you go for that M Sport model It will kind of darken things up on this rear diffuser as well as give you dark roof rails Now oddly enough when it comes to the safety

Department of this x1 It actually comes with a lot more standard safety features as opposed to the higher-end models like the x3 and x5 So all ex ones will have standard Ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection Auto high beam headlights as well as Lane Keeping Assist and Then if you want to option on adaptive cruise control with the act of driving assistant, you can also get that as well Well guys that summed up the exterior of this x1. So let’s go ahead hop inside and see what they’ve done in there So on the updated x1 you will find their smart into system on the majority of model so long as you have at least that can be is packaged as You can see this is their to the QQ pop And then of course to get inside the vehicle itself All you have to do is just reach behind the handles since there is a stencil All right now taking our first look inside of this refreshed x1 You will notice that the interior has mostly stayed the same from last year But there are some changes which will point out as we go into the video

Now as the entry-level BMW you do have some reduction as far as material and color options but there are still plenty to choose from so on these base model you have sensotec in Your choice of black or oyster and then if you go for the luxury package and get the optional dakota leather Which comes in those same two colors except with the additional option of mocha? And glancing over here at the doorframe it is fairly nice you do have a soft touch plastic across the armrest as well as above it and along the top and like I already mentioned we Have the optional wood trim and we do have an aluminum door handle. And of course all for your windows are one touch automatic As far as the seats are concerned you do have a standard 8 way power adjusting seat However, this model with the convenience package throws in four-way lumbar support and two-person memory is standard And like I was mentioning this is the sensotec faux leather, but it does feel very realistic Now as far as the interior material selection I have to say it is pretty good Since BMW has kept the hard touch plastics reserved to the areas where you don’t usually touch

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So across the entire upper dash here. This is all a soft touch plastic with a nice double stitching detail You have some gloss wood that runs all through the middle portion You’ve got more soft touch plastic with a contrast stitching in this middle area

And they even have included a leather wrap which runs all down through here on the passenger’s side And like I said, some of the lower areas they are hard touch but everything fits together, really really solidly Your push button start is located right here Now since they do have to include some reason for you to get the x3 instead of this x1 You cannot get the live cockpit professional full digital gauge setup

So you will just get this You know more traditional older style BMW set up where you have analog gauges and you have some Basic information down here in the bottom that you can cycle through with this button on the steering wheel Now you can get a head-up display obviously we don’t have it but it comes in the premium package As far as your steering wheel you’re looking at the typical BMW steering wheel Of course leather wrapped across all the models and if you went for the M Sport model this it would be the M Sport design with the paddle shifters As far as adjustment, it is manual tilt and telescoping and then hidden right there. Is your heated steering wheel button That is an option standalone option across all the models All right, so let’s go ahead and move into interior storage what I have to say I am actually quite impressed I say impressed because the console basically sets down really low So when you open that up right there You’ll see you actually have quite a generous amount of storage for a vehicle in the size category as well as a USB port Now this is two-tiered So the top part Opens up and inside of that you have just a little space here to stick your phone on the wireless phone charger And then up in the front here we have another storage cubby – really deep cupholders and a USB and 12-volt outlet Alright so now that brings us here to one of our 2020 changes and that’s that the physical shifter has been replaced by an electronic shifter this year Now this is the typical BMW setup except that it’s a little bit taller, you know Just to compensate for how low this is.


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Of course you pull back for Drive You can bump over here to the left to shift manually right here Or like I said, if you have the M Sport model, you can use the paddle shifters And then when you go into reverse You will find the standard backup camera up here with both front and rear parking sensors as well as active trajectory Now you cannot get a 360 degree camera on the x1 But you can get the parking assistant which helps you both parallel and perpendicular park automatically And therefore park, of course, all you’re gonna do is just press the P Right next to that you have some buttons here for your drive modes as well as your parking sensors And you also find your iDrive controller and your electronic parking brake All right. So let’s go ahead and move on up the dashboard to our climate controls as you can see This is a dual zone automatic setup. It is standard equipment across the board We also have the heated seats.

This is part of the Premium Package or as a standalone option Which is how we have it on this particular model and it is worth noting that you do not have the option for ventilated seats The right above that you’ll some people be happy to know you have mostly physical controls here for your audio as well as the audio volume knob now on this particular model We just have these standard seven speaker 205 watt system, but there is an optional 12 speaker Harman Kardon sound system available But we’ll go ahead and sample this standard one I Have to say some quality of this base system is is quite nice and the average person probably won’t need to pay extra for the upgrade All right, so now that brings us up here to our iDrive screen now this is one of the areas that has changed for 2020 because you’ll now see that the 8.8 inch upgraded display is the standard display across all the trim levels Now as far as the software that this is running this is actually iDrive 6.0 So this is the slightly older version of iDrive and the newest version and some of the newest BMWs But the functionality here is pretty much the same.

I’m also happy to report that Navigation is standard equipment so that’s pretty nice to see and You also have standard apple carplay though. Android auto support has not been added yet And then moving on up here. We have an auto dimming mirror with homelink universal remotes built into the bottom of it this is part of the convenience package and Then also in the convenience package There’s this very nice Panoramic movie and as you can see this is actually very large. It goes all the way back past these second rows Headrest and like I said, this is on the convenience package. So the vast majority of X ones will be equipped with a panoramic moonroof All right, so hopping back in this X one’s rear seat First of all, I have to say I’m really quite impressed with how much space is back here This doesn’t feel much different than the x3 and that’s certainly a big compliment for a class of vehicle like this And as far as the feature set is concerned here in the center We do have standard rear vents across all of the models and we do also have standard USB type-c ports for charging your phone That said however, you do not have heated rear seats as an option on this x1 And as far as the sliding and reclining that is also a $300 option if you want it to be able to slide and recline Now here in the center area. We do have fold-down armrest with cupholders inside and As far as the rear legroom itself is concerned like I was mentioning. This is really quite large It comes in at 37 inches of rear legroom and 39 inches of rear headroom Which places it above its main rivals like the Audi q3 and behind brew seating position I have probably 6 or 7 inches of rear legroom Which is phenomenal for this class and it actually looks like BMW has raised this Front seat off the ground to give you even more foot space Since this is probably more foot space than I have in pretty much any other car So space was definitely a priority with this x1 and it definitely shows in this rear seat Now walking up to the tailgate here.

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It is going to be hands-free power if you option on that smart entry system So just wave your foot under the bumper to open it And once inside of this cargo area once again I am super impressed by the amount of space that this x1 has to offer since you’re gonna come in at Twenty-seven cubic feet of space behind the second row seats and 58 cubic feet with them folded That makes it over ten cubic feet larger than the Audi q3 and not much smaller than the bmw x3 itself So definitely a lot of space back here in this x1 and as far as its finished you do have a nice carpeting on the floor and up underneath you have even more additional storage that stretches the entire length of the floor as Was a cargo cover and the seats do fold? 40/20/40 split Now here at the passenger seat You do have the same adjustment as the driver and in front of the passenger at the glovebox It is a little odd here but you do have actually a lot of space that goes back quite a good distance and it is felt lined in the front portion and Up top. We do have a Sun Visor with a light mirror and it does also detach However, it does not extend Okay, so first taking off here in this x3 There have been some updates to the powertrain but not to the engine. So we’re still looking at a 2-liter turbo 4-cylinder making 228 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque Which are definitely class competitive numbers, it’s actually exactly the same rating as the q3 I checked You know how Germans are they ought to be honest with I imagine they are they just a sec exactly. Yeah But yeah, definitely class competitive to the new q3 and the GLA And your first acceleration there? Yeah, it’s not it’s not really, you know, like super powerful or anything, but it’s also not bad You know, it’s pretty good. Mm-hm and 0-60 is under 7 seconds. What is it’s 6.3. So that’s not bad That’s actually quite good for something, you know of this size and with the standard engine You know and also something that I’m noticing just kind of taking off here is that you know This two-liter engine is also it’s pretty quiet and refined, you know a lot of to leaders Especially in the more basic flight models can be a little loud and unrefined And in this model it really it does a good job. It’s quiet And that’s really what you want out of a luxury 2-liter engine You just kind of want it to blend in the background and give you your power without much drama Earlier I said that the power train has changed a little bit but not the engine so that leaves your transmission BMW has outdated it for 2020

Now I haven’t driven the 2019 x1 so I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on But they did chamber vies the shift algorithm smooth things out And definitely the end result here is a smooth shifting transmission You know, there’s no hesitation or gaps between shifts You know and at both accelerating and decelerating, you know just performance is very satisfactory You know, we’re just kind of writing along here I have to admit you know this x1 We actually just got out of the x3 and I don’t think that it really has too much of a ride quality sacrifice We actually drove on back-to-back the x3 and this and it is a little bit firmer than the x3 and it’s ride quality But I wouldn’t say you’re having too much of a sacrifice over that which is pretty you know It’s a nice thing to have especially out of a you know, their entry level This is the cheapest BMW you could buy and you know quite frankly a lot of times when it’s the cheapest You know luxury car you can buy it kind of sucks. But you know Yeah, I’m really impressed by the power like it does not feel entry-level at all You would think that it would be quite a bit slower than it is No another we’re up to highway speed I will go ahead and kind of give you some Numbers to back up what I was talking about with the ride quality and see how it sound this Fifty-five miles per hour And this road is pretty much rougher than most rooms so it makes the cabin loud nurses not exactly a fair comparison to maybe some of our other reviews but It looks like we’re averaging around 61 decibels So that compared to the x3 that we were just in x3 came in at 58. So you’re looking about three decibels louder and that car is extremely quiet so pretty pretty Nice and quiet cabin in here. It’s not as quiet as x3 but pretty close so Our auto start/stop system has engaged here. So go ahead and see how quickly it restarts. Once this light turns green All right, yeah, very good nice and smooth I Didn’t sense any hesitation and there was no lag getting back on to the throttle. So it was pretty good happy about that. I Know it’s not really the focus of a vehicle like this But I do want to talk about the handling cuz this is a BMW after all and as a front-wheel drive me in Libya So you might be curious You know, does it still Drive well? Actually, the answer is yes. The steering is pleasantly firm. It’s actually pretty heavy Which I like and while in typical crossover fashion, you know, it’s not like super You know Showing you the road texture and whatnot You know, you can definitely still tell where the wheels are placed as you see it is quite responsive This isn’t even the M Sport version. This is just your regular X line You know But I think it’s a pretty good compared to the competition like the X 840 for instance has super light steering. So You know, this is definitely on the sporty-er side still In the last thing that I do want to cover here is going to be the fuel economy And that’s a pretty important part of anything You know in this segment of vehicle And it comes in at 24 City 33 highway 27 combined for the front wheel drive model and then if you go for the all-wheel drive that’s going to drop it down one MPG combined So, you know, it’s pretty good fuel economy. It’s not the best in the segment, but it’s also not the worst and you know It’s it’s just pretty good overall So at the beginning of the video, I asked the question You know is this a good enough vehicle to lure in new customers and keep them around to buy more being defuse later on as they You know You know since this appeals to young people as they grow and their family gets bigger and they answer that question is certainly yes And you should not be afraid to come and check one out All righty So now it’s going to discuss the pricing for this x1 For the front wheel drive model that’s going to start at thirty five thousand two hundred bucks and then if you want the xDrive all-wheel drive model that’s going to be an additional two grand for thirty seven thousand two hundred and That does mean that if you’re checking that out. This is actually the cheapest BMW you can buy now We do also have quite a few options checked off on this x1. So we have this optional beautiful paint I don’t know if we mentioned in the review but this paint is gorgeous. That’s twelve hundred bucks Then we also have the convenience package 2550 heated front seats and steering wheel five fifty Fine wood trim for a 350 as well as LED lights with cornering 950 parking assist not two hundred wireless charging five hundred floating hubcaps 155 and then the destination charge of nine ninety five brings this one two, forty four thousand six fifty Which is is pretty much the higher end of the x1 lineup, but you know You are getting a lot here. And this is a BMW 440 4000 so you are getting a lot here as well as good exterior styling Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this in depth look at the 2020 BMW x1 we really appreciate you watching and if you haven’t subscribed already be sure to help us out by hitting that subscribe button down below and We’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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