2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500: First Look

this is our first chance to see the 2020 Chevy Silverado heavy duties right next to me is a 2500 LTZ and you can look at it and tell that this is an all-new pickup truck powertrain design interior everything has been completely redone as far as powertrains the carryover Duramax diesel is gonna come to the new 2020 Silverado HD s what you have here are some Auto Show cables so it might look a little bit different but still the exact same carry over engine 445 horsepower 910 foot-pounds of torque

but now has a 10 speed heavy-duty Allison transmission made it up to it also the big news in all-new 6.6 liter direct injection v8 engine 401 horsepower 464 foot-pounds of torque now that new gas engine is also made it up to a revised six-speed transmission and also one thing to consider here if you’re doing any work on your engine on these new heavy duties they’re a little taller than they were before so when you’re trying to reach for this hood it’s a little difficult inside everything is going to be very familiar to the Silverado half-ton pickup truck regular extended and crew cab is going to be larger more legroom especially for rear passengers but the inside – very very similar to what we’ve already seen on the half tons dual glove boxes

this is the LTZ package very nice organic looking center console plenty of storage here in the middle and also a uniquely designed gauge cluster for the driver another feature we like an all-wheel drive capable transfer case on a heavy duty vehicle that’s a segment exclusive here at the back of the truck we love the fact that it’s got the rear view cameras push button tailgate drop does it automatically you also have four fifth wheel or gooseneck hitches you’ve got the 4 and the 7 pin hitches here on the inside also a three-prong 120 volt plug here on the opposite side and then you’ve got almost 7 inches of extra width in the beds and the longest beds in the segment no matter what the cab configuration and then because this has the auto dropout a lift tailgate one push button and it’ll send the tailgate right back up and closed there’s obviously tons to talk about with this new vehicle and we will be talking more about this after we get some time behind the wheel but to call out just two features that we really like the DEF tank is right here at the fuel filler and the fact is that every single duly equipped Chevy heavy-duty Silverado 3500 with the diesel will be able to tow over thirty five thousand pounds for more information go to pickup you

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