2020 Chevrolet Suburban Review

All right, what’s going on guys this Josh McDonald And today we’re gonna be looking at this 2020 Chevrolet Suburban premiere before we get started make sure to LIKE this video subscribe down below for more content

Let’s hop right into it. So here’s the key You can lock unlock your boat start open up the bank glass and the lift gate with it Same just lock it once hold this button down and she comes to life This one does have the rst package on it, so you have your black bowtie and grill LED running lights Are super nice black suburban badging We also do have the keyless entry so you can lock your unlock it with a key in your pocket

Or on spot marring in the mirrors Got the running boards on both sides Have your chrome exhaust tip Rst badging right there stands for rally support truck Black bow ties black suburban badging so to open up the lift gate. You can press the button right there Behind this handle or you can do it with the key It comes up. It’s a power liftgate You have your power seats right here so you can fold down the back seats like that And if you click this twice do the cat this chairs and they lift all the way up like that On both sides Get a little bit of stores under here Charging port right there.

And for the third row you have a couple cupholders right there one over there little storage pocket So to put this back down you just press this button You also have your tow hitch under this thing right here So to take that off you just got two little screws on both sides You got one right here and one right here on the other side You just take that off and you got your tow hitch hookup and your lights down there Easy fill gas cap

So back here when you lift the seats up it makes it super easy to get to the third row So you can just run back there and hop in Lift these back up off the side So right here you have a charging port that’s three prong all your AC controls heated seats view USBs and a charging port right here We also do have your DVD players Put those down And you have two of them. So one for the third row one for the second row super cool, really Good space inside of here Nice leather seating surfaces All right, so to start all the way up you just put your foot on the brake Hit this button and she comes to life So up here. You have your center screen? you have your info your audio your phone your navigation and your options so On the info right here.

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You can see your miles per hour. It also does predict the speed limit right there fuel economy fuel range oil life tire pressure more fuel economy Every audio You can change the radio station by pressing up or down on this Your phone you can see what phone’s connected your navigation You can resume your route and have the voice prompts on or off And your options for the touchscreen? Here’s your steering wheel so you have your cruise control your forward collision alert

You can adjust how far you want that to go off flat heated steering wheel These are your controls for the center screen right there Hands-free Bluetooth and calling Give your front deck parking sensors your lane keep assist adjustable pedals. You can move those up or down Trailer gain adjuster formal drive controls light controls all your window and marry controls you can fold the mirrors in by pressing this They fold in just like that You have memory seats up front All your charging ports and USBs are up here two cupholders wireless charging pad so you can place your smartphone on there no charge it Super deep console right here. You have a charger port two. USB is in the aux port You have heated and cooled seats on both sides Your AC controls right here and your AC controls for up front. It is dual zone so this side can be different from my side and You also have your touch screen up here you can lift the touch screen up or down by holding this button down Do you have a charger port behind there? So on here you have your audio which is am/fm and Sirius XM radio We also do have 4G LTE Wi-Fi through OnStar your temperature right there Your phone you can also have apple carplay and android auto your navigation system right here Settings weather video texting OnStar traffic and your apps You have your glove box right here Bose audio nice leather seats up front here. You also do have the sunroof You have your reading lights up here Three garage door openers are your sunroof controls right here. You have a sunglasses holder And a little mirror to see into the back seats You should adjust your tailgate to match. So I’ll open all the way up three four sort of cut it completely off Also, if you push this button it will open up the lift gate just like that and if you push it again It’ll put it back down

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Do you have the power sunroof? So you can see out of here And it also does tilt up which I’ll show you here in a second just pull up on this lever a little tilt for you Nice wood grain trim inside of here Yeah, go ahead and pop out give you guys one last look at it So again, this is the 2020 Chevrolet Suburban for beer with the rst trim Let me know what you guys think of it down in the comments below I think it looks really good with a silver color and the black accents And we’ll go ahead and show you guys the windows thicker So it’s a 2020 suburban four-wheel-drive Premiere it’s over ice metallic with the jet black interior 6.2 liter v8 with a 10 speed automatic transmission total price on is 77856 Is a son and heir tainment system 6.2 rst performance edition rst edition You can see everything it gives you right there you get 14 miles per gallon city 20 highway Total price with the accessories is 79 three-one-seven

You guys can go ahead and pause the video right here if you want to take a deeper look at the window sticker Another thing about this vehicle is like it’s absolutely massive So driving it. It feels like you’re driving a 18-wheeler or something Which is pretty cool So, I’ll Drive it back to the parking spot just so you guys can get a feel for what it looks like And we just pull my info back up You can put it in Drive with this handle right here. So you just pull up it from down Put in the drive you also do have your backup camera

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That you can see right there If you turn your wheel a little line, right your turns with it, so it makes it super easy to back in You also do have the manual shift you can go up or down a gear in the Tahoe mode You just press that when you’re towing, you know, change the gear ratios and everything Yeah, super-smooth plenty of power And I’ll go ahead and demonstrate backing it in My parking spot right here play reverse

You can see that line turns with a backup camera makes it super easy to backup Straighten it out a little bit And the seats do vibrate when you get close to objects just to warn you you also do have your hazards that link right there But yeah guys, that’s the 2020 chevy suburban premier Make sure you guys like this video subscribe down below for more content and I’ll see you guys next time is the one of the projects of ConnectPOS who shapes the future of 2000+ clients worldwide in an omnichannel journey with a leading Retail POS system.

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