2020 Chevy Camaro SS // New Face… But is it the BEST Muscle Car??

The Chevy Camaro is an American icon that has received a lot of positive press in this current generation However, last year’s refresh was controversial to say the least So just one year later Chevy is already switching up the design again . So did the 2020 updates help the overall package? Let’s go ahead and find out Now of course where we’re going to start off with is the front design since this was the area that was not received Well among muscle car enthusiasts last year and Chevy has pretty much corrected this issue

So if you remember Basically, the entire front end was one large black surface and the bowtie was moved down here to the middle It was kind of an odd look So what Chevy has done is reintroduced the center piece this breaks up the space Gives you a top and a bottom and then they also move the Chevy emblem up to the top back to basically where it belongs This does it a much much better. Look And then as far as your headlights though, those really have not changed for 20/20

They continue to be really slender full LED lights on this model and then down below You also have another LED accent now one of your other 2020 updates is that Chevy is introducing new wheel designs this year Now the Camaro does come standard with 20-inch alloys on every single model, but you have at least nine different design choices This one here. I find very very attractive definitely has a cool contrast.

Look. I haven’t seen any Camaros with this design yet And then as far as your actual performance elements down here You’re looking at thirteen point six inch for piston Brembo brakes in the front 13.3 inch ones in the back and you also have goodyear eagle f1 summer tires and then moving up from that you have your typical camaro branding as Well as an air that is heated auto dimming as well as having blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic

Alert, if you choose the two SS Now walking around to the rear design you are going to find that Distinct signature camaro design most of which has to do with these fully LED taillights Which have that two part design and up top We do also have a standard wing spoiler on the SS models in addition to these quad exhaust pipes which are standard on the SS model and we also have the Performance exhaust system added on to that which sounds absolutely awesome Now one of the disappointing things about this 2020 Camaro is that Chevy doesn’t offer any of the active safety systems on this model besides for forward collision warning Which is standard on the two SS model now do be aware that the Ford Mustang does have those active safety features

So that is going to be something that you’re going to see different between the Camaro and the Mustang But anyway guys that sums up the awesome exterior of this Camaro So now let’s go ahead hop inside before we take it out on a test drive So on the Camaro SS you will find standards from our entry and if you choose one of the automatic transmission equipped models You will also have standard remote start Now as far as getting inside the vehicle itself like most journal motors vehicles, there’s not a sensor behind the handle

So you just press the silver button I’m taking a look inside the cabin As you can see the design is as cool as ever and we have a very very nice-looking color scheme here Now this specific example is known as ceramic white with the black contrast around it You can’t also get adrenaline red Kalahari gray or black with real leather? If you go for the two SS and on the one SS you have cloth seats in jet black or ash gray only And then turning over here to your door trim, it is very nicely finished You’ll see the same leather color right here on the armrests as well as above it the top part here is covered in a leather material and you even have real aluminum trim that runs all through here with the Ambient lighting built into it.


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So very very nice looking On your 2 SS you will find standard 2 person memory seating and of course both your windows are one touch automatic As far as these seats every Camaro SS will have 8 way power adjusting seats However, you will notice. We are missing lumbar support And then as far as the seats themselves, like I said they are absolutely lovely Just a beautiful design really love the read us as branding right in there as well And you can also get optional Recaro seats if you want something a little bit more aggressive than these Now as far as your cabin materials you won’t see any changes for the 2020 model year So you will continue to find a hard touch plastic across the upper part. However down here in the middle you do Have a nice leatherette material with a color contrast stitching over here you will find more of that leatherette with more color contrast stitching and Everything in here does fit together extremely well and feel very solid and well built Alright so now let’s go ahead and get to the part you’re really waiting for starting this guy up with the top down Oh, yeah, all right, so in order to kind of cut down on the wind noise coming into the cabin I’m gonna go ahead and close the top and show you how that works. So, it’s actually very very simple as you expect Everything is fully automated. So we’re just going to press this button right here and You’ll see the process begin

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And just like that we’re finished so it’s actually a very quick process I’d say that was probably about 15 seconds So really fast really efficient amendment All right and returning back here to the gauge cluster as you can see, it has the typical Camaro design two analog gauges as well as an eight inch reconfigurable Display in the middle and this does cycle through a ton of different information and you can also change the design So it’s certainly a very nice set up go on with that If you choose the two SS you will also have a color head-up display That’s a little harder to get a look at it But as you can see, you can cycle through several different types of information including that tachometer right there I’m in coming back here to the steering wheel The Camaro does continue to come with a very very nice steering wheel It is flat bottom nicely leather wrapped very thick rimmed feels good in the hand You do have the standard fare buttons including a button for your heated steering wheel if you choose the 2 SS model Then as far as the adjustment, it is manual tilt and telescoping Now if you’re really familiar with our reviews, you know It is time to look at interior storage and it’s going to be very quick here in the Camaro So we lift this up here as you can see you have this little space right here does have a rubber lining But I do believe it’s probably smaller smaller than my cell phone You also have two USB ports and an aux jack inside And then back here behind this you have another area here You can’t also option on it where this phone charger to be in that hole? But other than that, you’re just looking at your two cupholders, and there is no more storage up in the front Now checking out the shifter here you do have real aluminum and leather Of course you pull back for drive. If you have the automatic equipped model bunk to the left to shift manually with the paddle shifters And then heading into reverse all the Camaro SS s will come with a standard backup camera Which does also have active trajectory? I’m back behind the shift row. This is where you’re going to find your drive mode selector It’s of course, that’s a very important feature of this vehicle And you do have four different drive modes, including a dedicated snow and ice as well as a track boat And then right here is your electronic parking brake Now moving on from that we have one of the most interesting characteristics of this interior Design, and that’s the climate control now. This is a dual zone automatic setup But as you if you’ve seen any previous Camaro videos, you know that the interpreter is adjusted right here around the event Definitely a very cool characteristic that some of the other Chevy’s like the Blazer have picked up We do also have three-stage heated seats and three-stage ventilated seats on this two SS model All right And now that brings us up here to our audio systems now the standard model that’s going to come with a six-figure sound system But if you choose to have the 2 SS that’s where you’ll get the Bose 9 speaker premium audio system So we’ll go ahead and take a sample of that Sawadee of this system is definitely very strong Okay, so we’ll go ahead and take a quick look now around the Chevy infotainment system three This is of course the same as it is in most other General Motors vehicles and you have the fully updated 8-inch display onboard As far as your features are concerned this particular model does have the optional navigation system However, even if you choose one of the lower models, you will still have both Android auto and apple carplay Then scrolling over here I do want to point out the ambient lighting system because the Camaro does have a ton of different settings that you can choose what I’ll go ahead and do is kind of press the demo mode and basically That changes all the ambient lighting it just continuously switches colors just to kind of show it off But you do have a lot of different things that are lit up including your cupholders makes for a very very cool look And then finally heading on up here We do have an auto dimming mirror with the newest frameless design as well as your Home Week universal remotes And then on the 2 SS you will you can flip that and it will also become the rear camera mirror Which is definitely helpful because the Camaro does not have great visibility as you probably assumed And then obviously this being the convertible there is not going to be a moonroof But if you choose the coupe model, you can get a moonroof, which is something the Mustang does not allow you to do All right, so that’s going to be it for this interior tour of the Camaro So now go ahead and let Mason check out the little bit of space back in the back Now obviously the rear seat is a very insignificant part about this Camaro But I will go ahead and hop back here just real quick for reference So in order to get back All you have to do is look at this little lever and fold that forward and then that does allow you access into the rear Alright and getting back here, you know, honestly my first impression especially with the top down It’s honestly not too bad back here I have about an inch of legroom with the seat adjusted to Drew’s position and my feet can easily slide up underneath the seat So this is honestly not as bad as that what I would have expected Now I will say if you have the top up. It’s probably going to be pretty claustrophobic, especially with the Headroom And as far as the feature set here, you do have a little storage area. You do not have an armrest For your left arm here, but you know keep in mind. This is not an important part of any car in this segment Now walking up to the trunk in order to open it All you have to do is look at the button under this lid here and it will open right up Now obviously this is also not a much of a concern for a Camaro buyer and here in this convertible with the top down We’re gonna find 7.3 cubic feet of space which it’s it’s not horrible right now. We have a backpack a couple sweatshirts and our gimbal back here So this is not obviously you can fit stuff back here. Maybe a couple weekend bags or something like that Not a ton of space though. If you go for the coop model, it’s gonna be 9.1 cubic feet of space And as far as how that compares to the combusting, it’s gonna be 13 and a half cubic feet So your are gonna be a little bit behind the Mustang in terms of space, but once again not a concern for this Camaro Now the passenger seat is gonna be six way power adjusting standard on all SS models and in front of the passenger, you do have a glove box definitely not a huge glove box, but it is dampened and Up top. We do have a Sun Visor with a mirror. However, you do not have any lighting on this convertible model you Itself There we are this is the SS Camaro as you can hear by that exhaust note, which is unmistakable and the power unmistakable, I mean 60 miles an hour comes in four seconds, technically. Yeah, I Mean it feels so fast though, no matter how much through our application you’re giving it because there’s just so much power on board as far as your technical Specifications we want really fast you’re looking at 6.2 liter v8 455 horsepower 455 pound-feet of torque. So we’ve got both a bunch of power and a bunch of torque And of course those of the two-door That sound though, it’s absolutely brutal Like it it just crackles and pops and we do have the optional Performance Exhaust It’s a 995 buck option, you know to be honest with you just to get it, you know If you’re gonna go for an SS spend extra 995 to get the Performance Exhaust to make it sound just ridiculous This weed is just so effortless Now we do have the 10 speed automatic in this model The manual transmission is a six speed and that’s actually gonna be standard on all of the models They ten speed is a fifteen hundred ninety five dollar option I’ve seen quite a few I’d say probably I don’t know maybe like fifty percent of all Camaros are probably the automatic transmission from what I’ve seen at our dealership, maybe that’s a little skewed but And it does perform pretty well here There aren’t really any twisty roads around here, but we’ll go ahead and talk about the steering a little bit It’s excellent as you would expect You know, of course, there’s a really a button-down chassis a great performance vehicle and then the steering So responsive I mean really great feedback It has just a great tight feel to it I really like that it’s just got this solid hit it both feels like You know just like what it should feel like for what true performance And I do want to you know mention here that this particular tester does have the magnetic ride control Which you know I can tell you is not a fluke because you know That was one of the first things that we noticed I mean after the sound and the power and all that is just you know When you ride over a bump or something You can barely feel it and that’s definitely not something that you would expect out of a typical muscle car You know, of course, it’s not focused on comfort or anything But it does go to show you that this with this magnetic ride control. You can really kind of have the best of both worlds Yeah, it truly is it’s exceptional I Mean it’s just so smooth this being the convertible, you know, a lot of convertible buyers might use this more as a Grand Tour and this certainly Can be a great Grand Tour with this level of comfort Before we lead into the fuel economy part I Do want to mention something that I’m looking at right now and that’s right here in the gauge cluster Since this v8 does have cylinder deactivation. You can actually see it deactivate right here on the gauge cluster So you’ll see it displays B for right now that’s saying it’s running on four cylinders or half the cylinders, of course You know just to help The efficiency just yeah a little bit. This is not far from being an efficient vehicle Anyway, you look at it, but every bit a little bit helps, you know and as far as the actual feel be ready you’re gonna be looking at 16 city 27 Iowa 20 combined with the automatic for this SS, you know it which honestly I mean, it’s not great, but it’s also not horrible. You know you have 455 horsepower you get that amazing sound So honestly, it’s not too bad a fuel economy and that is what the automatic transmission if you want to go for the manual and that’s actually going to reduce that down to 19 miles a gallon combined Overall what can I really say about the camaro except positive things? I mean this vehicle is just so much fun and I think what really strikes me about this new generation of the Camaro is that Beyond being just a muscle car, you know like they have this Reputation for being a dumb muscle car, right? But this is actually a genuine performance vehicle. Now the way that Chevy pairs the you know sophisticated chassis control great steering You know and then pairs it with that traditional awesome v8 engine I mean it truly is a great performance car and it’s going to entertain you every day that you own All right, so now let’s go ahead and discuss the pricing So for the pricings that I’m about to mention that is for the manual transmission models So for the one SS coupe, that’s going to start at 37 grand even the one SS convertible is 43,000 the two SS coupe is 42,000 and then finally of the two SS convertible for 48,000 Now as far as how this one is equipped, we do have a pretty heavily optioned one so we have the optional magnetic ride control for 1695 20 inch 5 spoke wheels for 1695 the 10 speed automatic transmission for 1595 the dual-mode exhaust sound the performance one for 995 the infotainment system with navigation for 95 white stripes for 70 and then the ceramic white interior for 195 and Then all told when you add any destination charge of 995 this particular tester as equipped comes in at a pretty steep 56,000 135 bucks But you know, let me just remind you, you know, this is not necessarily a a practical decision, you know Go back to that test drive section if you’re having trouble with the price because you know This is clearly something that is just like something that you’re gonna absolutely love and you’re paying for you know The smile on your face that you get when you get this well guys We’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 20/20 Chevy Camaro 2ss Convertible. We really appreciate you watching and if you haven’t subscribed already We’d really appreciate if you hit those buttons down below and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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