2020 Chevy Traverse Premier Walk Around Review

What’s going on everybody today we are at Jim Trenary Chevrolet Checking out the all new 2020 Chevrolet Traverse High Country The 2020 Traverse High Country Does come with LED Headlights, daytime running lights, as well as fog lights You do have the redesign on the front grill. There are no more aero shutters. You also have the painted wheel panels as well as painted body panels. 20 inch aluminum wheels, power heated adjustable Side view mirrors with your turn signal illumination. The fully functional second row seating on the 2020 Traverse High Country Is full of convenience features. One of the real nice features is on the second row seating; You do have this tab right here To push the second row seating up, in case you have a baby seat.

You can access the third row seating very easily by using that function Not only is the 3rd row 60-40 split seating very comfortable You also have a lot of accessibility and features back here, as you can see. You do have a USB port on either side here to keep your electronics charged and the kids busy. And also the rear air vents, The Rear lighting And also the rear microphone so you can be heard If you’re in the third row of the Traverse When you’re on the phone Or using your bluetooth Or any type of voice activated feature you may have., Taking a look at the rear of The 2020 Traverse High Country As you can see it does have the LED Tail lights Real nice High Country Badging Square exhaust tips. A real nice feature is also going to be the Hand’s free liftgate. So you simply just wave your foot underneath And it does open up the liftgate for you. You do have the real nice cargo room here, as well as the cargo hooks The 12 Volt Power point.

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Additional room right here, Which is above the spare tire. Also, the electronic fold down Third Row Seating. You simply push the button right here and hold that down. As you can see, The seat does fold right down for you. Push it again, and The seat electronically folds right backup! Let’s go ahead and take a look at The luxurious second row seating of this vehicle. The second row seating of the 7-Passenger 2020 Traverse is very comfortable, convieniant. Very nice leather seating With the very rich stitching.

They are adjustable, They are reclinable. Dual Climate Control. Also, The heated second row seating. As well as the two USB ports and 12 Volt power jack. The 2020 models do come standard with the 3.6 Liter V6 Because the 2.0 Turbo was underpowered So that’s no longer available on any trim level Even the RS Model that you had before It also does comes standard with the 9 Speed automatic transmission. Lets go ahead and take the Traverse for a test drive. You can definitely tell the difference in the 3.6 Liter v6 The 2.0 Turbo was slightly underpowered in my opinion So, great upgrade on that, Chevrolet. Lot of options and a lot of features on the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse. You do have the leather-wrapped Heated steering wheel All of your voice commands, cruse control, Dual climate controls. You have the heated and air conditioning Driver and passenger seats. The driver seat is an 8 way Adjustable power seat.

And the passenger seat is a 6 way Adjustable power seat. You also have the real attractive High Country badging and stitching on the Headrest of the Driver and Passenger seats. 3 Way memory seating over here That you can set. On the new 2020s as well, the 8 inch touch screen right here. Is a lot more crisp. It’s a super dynamic display It reminds me of a brand new smart phone With Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, Navigation, Wireless Charging It’s also a 4G LTE Wireless Hotspot Bose Premium surround sound stereo So you can get your jams on. A lot of safety features in the 2020 Traverse. Lane safety, the lane keep assist Also your teen driver safety. There’s a lot of light coming through The 2020 Traverse With the dual sunroofs that you have here. Its pretty cool at night. So you can open up the Sunroof and look up at the stars. You do have the headphone Jack right here. 2 USB ports and your 12 Volt power point.

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You do have the electric parking brake Your traction control on and off. Your lane keep assist. And you have the ability to turn the dial for your different drive modes. So you have your Snow Mode, Tour Mode, Tow and Haul mode. So a lot of different opinions depending on what your using the vehicle for. I don’t think there’s another SUV out there Especially a third row SUV that’s as comfortable as the Traverse. Everything you could ever imagine in an SUV and then some. I really, really like the 2020 Traverse High Country I highly recommend this vehicle. To test drive the all new 2020 Traverse High Country Or any other vehicles that we do have in stock You can visit any of our three locations in O’fallon, Union or Troy, Missouri. Or go to our website, And be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel And go ahead and hit that bell So you do get notified When new content and exclusive material is released. is the one of the projects of ConnectPOS who shapes the future of 2000+ clients worldwide in an omnichannel journey with a leading Retail POS system.

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