2020 Ford Expedition Max Platinum // It’s BIG, but is it WORTH $85,000??

So 2020 is going to be a big year for big SUVs With the all-new GM trucks coming out soon But also a new trim level and new updates for this 2020 Ford Expedition now like always we do want to take a moment to thank our friends at Jack Kain Ford in Versailles Kentucky for giving us access to this fully loaded expedition and if you’re the market for any new Ford Make sure you stop by their dealership or visit them via their website So with that all said let’s go ahead and see if this expedition has what it takes to take on the latest crop of competitors All right, so like always we’ll go ahead and start things off here with the exterior design

And as you see it hasn’t really changed for 2020 as you’d expect since this is only a couple years old However, there are several different ways You can finish the front end design Now if you go for the XLT or the limited trim levels, that’s where you’ll have kind of the plainer silver chrome Grille design here but when you go up to this platinum trim, that’s where you fill in This silver mesh trim which looks a lot fancier Now as far as the all-new King Ranch trim that Ford’s adding for 2020 That shares most of the same styling characteristics with the Platinum trim

But the grille as well as well as the lower fascia and trim around the vehicle that’s gonna be finished in a stone gray color You know, which kind of looks like basically the f-150 King Ranch Now coming over here to your headlight design This has a really nice looking design the grille kind of surrounds inside of the headlight So you have your LED turn signal and then you have LED lights over here if you go for the King Ranch or the platinum shrimps Otherwise, it’s going to be a halogen headlight And then down at the bottom here.

You also find LED fog lights If you have the LED headlights Now as far as the various wheel options, there are a ton Depending on the different trim levels, of course So with your XLT that comes standard with 18-inch alloys with several optional 20-inch alloys The limited comes standard with 20-inch alloys with several optional 22 inch alloys and then when you get to the King Ranch or the Platinum, that’s where you’ll kick into these standard 22 inch alloys Which look very nice with the contrasting design

Then coming up here to your mirrors They are always at least heated though. If you get the limited and up you will have power folding and auto dimming abilities And then as far as the trim level specific stuff You will have mere caps. If you go for the King Ranch or the Platinum there’s silver here and that stone gray color on that Ranch trend level so here at the side of the expedition. We do have a little bit to talk about

For those of you familiar with this vehicle you know that it’s offered in a long wheelbase form called the max and that’s what we have here that measures in at 222 inches long So it’s basically about as long as a school bus And then the regular one is going to come in at two hundred and ten inches So it’s a twelve inch wheelbase stretch for that max version Now walking around to the rear design itself I’ve always thought this expedition has a very classy and handsome design and that definitely continues for 2020 So what you’re going to be looking at as far as the features are concerned are LED tail lights here on the limited and platinum trims on the other trim levels That would be a halogen and then down below. We do have special silver accenting on the Platinum However, we do not have any exposed exhaust pipes on any of the models Now a lot of you might be towing a boat or something with this expedition

So it is important to talk about the towing it starts out at sixty six hundred pounds But you can option on a heavy duty towing package to increase that to a class-leading 9,000 pounds Now here are your safety systems you’re going to see a twenty twenty change and that’s a now that Ford’s co-pilot 360 system is now standard across all of the expedition lineup That means all models will include blind spot monitoring Ford emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist Auto high beam headlights and standard on the King Ranch and platinum only is the co-pilot 360 assist package and that will also throw in adaptive cruise control Well guys that sums up the flashy exterior of this expedition platinum model So now let’s go ahead and hop in the inside and see how luxurious it is So walking up to the 2020 Ford Expedition


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You do have a smart entry system standard on every one of the trims But you will have to go up beyond the base trim if you want to have the remote start system Now of course as with most vehicles with a smart entry system you just reach behind the handle and it will unlock You also find the mirrors will electrically fold outward and so long as you have the limited trimmer up You have the power deploying running boards

Now taking a first glance inside the cabin you won’t notice any huge interior changes However, there have been some updates specific to this platinum trim, which we’ll get into as we work our way through the video Now as far as your color and material options on the XLT you’re looking at cloth with an optional leatherette and Then when you go for the limited or op that’s where you’ll get real leather and then as far as your color options you have evany or medium stone options for XLT and Limited the new King Ranch trim that comes with these special Del Rio brown Leather with the different unique stitching designs and then the Platinum trim has evany or this very nice-looking ceramic color

Now turning over here to your door trim, this is where you’re gonna find the first 2020 platinum change now you’ll notice it’s mostly the same door trim So you have leather through here as well as the really nice quilted design But what’s new this year is that instead of a soft touch plastic up here like the other trim levels? We now have a really nice leather area with the color contrast stitching You will find three person memory seating on the limited and up And then checking out the seat here all that the base trim comes with a 10-way power adjusting seat with four-way lumbar support and This platinum trim does also throw in massaging abilities And then as far as these seats I have to say they are very aesthetically pleasing I love the color and the quilting designs on the side as well as the platinum branding Now of course with the large power deploying running boards getting in is actually very easy

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You’re going to grab the handle and put both feet on the running board at the same time So like I was saying 2020 does bring some material upgrades to the Platinum trim, which I’m very happy about So beyond the door trim what they also did was put the full leather dashboard across the top here Obviously this looks and feels a lot more premium as you go down here You have some soft touch materials and then along this center console here

You’ll find more leather with color contrast stitching as well As this really nice looking boat wood trim All this definitely makes the Platinum standout, you know being more as the more expensive and nice product Now, of course to start all expeditions you have push-button start Now as far as your gauges here this is kind of your typical Ford Expedition or f150 setup here So you have a 7-inch display in the middle and analog gauges on the outside edges and this Continues to have just a ton of information Including things regarding towing and safety systems. There is not a head of display offered though Then we come back to the steering wheel itself Ford nicely includes the leather wrap steering wheel standard on all the trim levels these silver accents here their platinum exclusive and new for 2020 rain sensing wipers are now standard on the limited trim and as far as the wheel itself it is power adjusting on that limited trim and up and Ford also throws in power adjusting pedals as well Alright so let’s go ahead and talk about storage because that’s got to be one of the most important things in an SUV of this size so once we pull this out of the way as you can see This is an absolutely ridiculously large center console. You could fit your week’s worth of groceries in here, honestly

And then up in front of that. You have your covered cupholders another large storage bin with a wireless phone charger and some USB ports one of them as a type see We’ve got more storage along the side here as well as some additional storage above the glove box So as you can see there is certainly plenty of places to stick stuff Now one of the reasons why Ford has been able to give you this much storage is because they’ve gone with an Electronic shifter, this is their newest Turn style shifter, so you obviously just twist to D for Drive You can press in the center to activate the manual mode and shift manually with these little buttons here But there are no paddle shifters on the wheel And then when we go into reverse you will find a 360 degree camera system on the platinum trim and King Ranch or on the limited if you go for the 302 a package

Then for Park you just twist over to the P now moving on up here We have our climate controls 4 does include a 3 zone automatic setup standard across all of the trim levels One of the things I also like about it is Ford includes both heated and ventilated seats on all but the very base XLT trim So that’s a nice touch And then on the opposite side here. You also have a 12-volt outlet Alright so now that brings us here to our audio systems So on the limited trim and up that’s where you’ll get the 12 speaker banging Austin premium audio system Obviously, that’s what we have. So let’s go ahead and take a sample of it

Wow I have to say sound quality of this system is excellent and the base is Earth rattling Okay, so now we are here at our sink three display Now you’re probably noticing there’s a little bit of a difference here with the graphics that has been updated for 2020 But this is still Sync 3. It’s not the new Sync 4 system, which hasn’t quite made it out yet in the Ford lineup Now this is still an 8-inch display. It’s standard across the entire expedition lineup And as far as what’s different, it looks like the graphics here basically have just changed colors more or less But the performance may be a little bit improved It seems to be a little bit snappier than I remember it being last year now since we’re already here in the navigation system I will go ahead and mention that this is standard on King Ranch and platinum only Though you can’t option on to the limited trim and it’s the same map that we’ve been seeing in Ford for the last couple years Regardless though. If you don’t choose this you do still have both Android auto and apple carplay abilities Now moving on up here we actually have another storage area which I failed to mention earlier You also have an auto dimming rear with homelink universal remotes that are up here in the visor. I May be wrong about this, but I don’t remember this piece being here last year. So I believe this mirror here is new and then one of my favorite features though is

The power panoramic moonroof. This is standard on the with the platinum and the King Ranch, excuse me, though, you can’t option on to all of the other trim levels if you prefer, but Anyways guys that is all in terms of the changes for the 2020 platinum trim So now we’ll go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will check out all the back areas All right, so sitting back here in the expedition Platinum’s we’re see first of all I have to say if you covered up the badge you would not know This is a Ford at all because this receipt is really really nice Now as far as the features that they do throw in on this top-end Platinum model, we do have climate controls That is actually standard across all the expedition lineup.

And we do also have two-stage heated rear seats That’s also standard on all but the very base XLT trim and then off to the side. We have two smart charging USB ports a Household style outlet and down below. We also have a 12-volt power outlet as well as a little bit of storage area now as far as the actual seating configurations themselves as you can see We do have the captains chairs on this particular model that is actually optional across all of the trends of the expedition. It’s a $595 option and as far as the space is concerned you are going to be very pleasantly surprised because it has 43 inches of rear legroom and 40 inches of rear headroom, which does place it ahead of the current Tahoe and as far as behind receive position I can completely fully stretch out and I have absolutely tons of space

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Now to get into the third row the Expedition Ford has made it quite easy all I have to do is locate this little lever up here on the top of the seat back and It just kind of lift up and easily slide out of the way Now as far as the actual space is concerned in the third row you are gonna find absolutely insane measurements Um, you’re gonna have forty inches of rear legroom and 37 inches of rear headroom in the third row You heard me, right? And do keep in mind though that this is the platinum model and the regular expedition would have reduced figures from that But now let’s go ahead and check it out. See what it’s like for an adult So sitting back here

You know as the measurements which suggests I am absolutely super comfortable as far as the legroom

The seat is slid all the way back and I still have probably an inch or two of space and my feet have room up Underneath the seat to slide So I’m very very comfortable and quite possibly more important than that is that these thigh support is absolutely excellent In addition to that Ford does also give you the ability to recline the third row. So to make it even more comfortable I honestly don’t see how anyone could complain and you do have cup holders as well as vents back here So Ford really has knocked it out of the park with this third row Now walking up to the tailgate of the expedition It is hands-free power on the limited trims and higher and you can also open this rear glass independently, which is a nice touch So just wave your foot under the bumper to open And Once you get into the cargo area of this expedition Max, I assure you you will not be disappointed This is basically like a school bus in terms of space So behind the third row seats, you’re going to find 36 cubic feet of space If you fold the third row that expands to 76 cubic feet And if you fold all of the rows you get a hundred and twenty-two cubic feet of space Which puts it ahead of most of its rivals Obviously we don’t have the numbers for the new Chevy Suburban, but I assume this is going to be at the higher end of its class And as far as how Ford finishes it back here, it is also finished very nicely up underneath of the floor

We do have additional storage if you need it and then off to the side We do have a power folding third row as well as second row so all you have to do to fold it is just push these little buttons off to the side and it folds all of it and just Actually, there’s these two buttons right here and it will fold all of the rows just on one press which is a really nice touch Now here at the passenger’s seat you do have a 10-way power adjusting one on this platinum and it is also massaging and in front you do have a Decently sized glove box. It’s actually not that large for a vehicle this big And up top. We do have a Sun Visor with a light mirror and it does also detach and extend Well guys that sums up all the rear areas of this expedition max Let’s go ahead and take it out on the road and see how that 400 horsepower engine performs

Well things fast You know and it expected to be fast, but I could say, you know accelerating it feels even faster than you would expect Yeah, and it doesn’t in such a Nonchalant manner, I don’t even know it Just how do you look up and you’re going like 75 and it just doesn’t even feel like you should be barely moving at all as far as the actual power figure is what we’re looking at is 375 horsepower and 475 feet of torque for all the trim levels Except for the Platinum trim and that’s going to get the exclusive power boost and bring you up to 400 horsepower and 480 pounds of torque so I mean from driving the one last year Doesn’t really need more power. No, but You know, why not if you get the Platinum you get that nice power boost Get you closer to navigator level And you didn’t mention it, but this is coming from a 3.5 litre twin-turbo v6 so that is a important difference between This and its GM rivals here is that this is a v6 As opposed to the traditional v8 that most in this class have to offer so whether you think that’s a pro or a con That’s going to be up to you. But that is an important difference between those models But you know once you get up to speed here we are cruising around 55 miles per hour. I Mean, it’s just really a quite unbelievable, you know Sitting up here. This truly does feel like sitting on the couch. I’m gonna be honest like this seat is extremely extremely comfortable and for a matter of fact these second row seats are comfortable and the third row so you could have Like 10 people in here are super comfortable and it really just it honestly feels like sitting at home on your sofa It has an absolutely fantastic ride. I mean, it’s also very quiet in here I know you’re probably hearing a rattling GoPro up on the roof here I don’t know why it’s making so much noise, but it is very quiet in this cabin I assure you and I’ll go ahead and get out our handy dandy You know decibel reader and give you a you know, a decent idea of what it’s like at a cruising speed

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Yeah, we’re looking at is came down to about 57 decibals cruising at 55 miles an hour You know And another thing that I didn’t really mention with the you know ride is just the commanding presence that you’re gonna get with this expedition you know really anything in this class has that commanding view you’re sitting up really tall and You’re definitely going to get that here, which I think a lot of buyers will definitely appreciate There’s 60 just like that Yeah power it just it feels fantastic it really does I You know besides for the sound you would not know that this is a six-cylinder instead of movie eight Now part of getting up to speed Has to be attributed to the 10 speed automatic transmission very very responsive a really blast off shifts lightning fast You know and I’ve said it before about this transmission, but you know

There’s not any weirdness or anything because by having ten speeds it seems sure of itself. It doesn’t just shift Randomly and get confused, you know But there’s always a gear ready for you since you have so many Speeds to choose from so you can be other cruising speed for instance Like we are now put your foot down and immediately get that surge of power because it’s just straight down immediately The funny thing about it is that you end up with the new Tahoe you can they’ll actually have the same transmission because it was co-developed with both GM and Ford Different tuning of course, but it is a kind of an ironic bit that they have you end up having to close competitors Sharing the same transmission well good for them because it is a good one. So Now you may be curious, you know what the fuel economy figure is going to be for this twin-turbo v6, you know, you might think that that would give you a fuel economy benefit, but unfortunately, I don’t that’s not really the case here

That’s compared to the current GM vehicles like the Tahoe We don’t really know about the new ones coming up. But as far as the max 4×2 That’s going to be rated at 17 City 23 highway pink team combined and then the four-wheel-drive version is 18 combined So, you know, it’s it’s not worse than the GM vehicles or any of its competitive set, but it is not really better Now our auto start/stop system just engaged Very very smooth the restart Definitely very good for mainstream Mainstream brands. I mean, of course this test cost eighty something thousand dollars, but Still Extremely smooth on the restart. There you do You have a defeat button as well right there If you don’t like that, I mean it is a good thing that this auto start-stop is smooth because it does engage a lot You know, if you just leave it on, you know, you’ll even try and engage, you know When you’re like parking and stuff like that, which could possibly be in the way So it is good that they do have the off button And also that it is very smooth if it doesn’t bother you It really the last thing I want to mention is just kind of the maneuverability of this because it is a behemoth and you know honestly to me if I feel at least

Now, of course, I can’t speak for the new generation but compared to the current GM triplets this feels significantly more maneuverable something about it Just makes it feel a little bit smaller a little bit more responsive a little less ponderous but of course ultimately at the end of the day, this is gigantic so you’re gonna have to take wide turns and You know there there’s still plenty of body roll as you move around corners and stuff like this But overall, even though you have a forward in bloom on the front really what you’re looking at at the end of the day is pretty much a luxury SUV for all intents and purposes You know, and I guess that’s the way that people that buy these Approach it, you know is that you’re you’re getting a luxury SUV experience and pretty much every way Already and now let’s go ahead and talk about the pricing So for the prices, I’m about to mention that is for the two-wheel drive configuration.

So keep in mind Four-wheel drive is going to be an additional charge So for the and also these are for the max so keep that in mind so for the max XLT that’s gonna start at fifty-five thousand eight thirty five the limited sixty six thousand three seventy five the New king wrench trim level 75 five ninety and then finally up this one, which is the max Platinum That’s gonna be seventy six thousand nine hundred and sixty five bucks Now four wheel drive adds three grand to that and that’s about a thousand dollar price increase over last year now We do have a few options on top of that So we have the heavy duty trailering package for fifteen hundred seventy bucks as well as the optional second row captains chairs And then when you add in the destination charge of one thousand three hundred and ninety five bucks

This particular model as equipped comes in at eighty three thousand six hundred and seventy bucks Um, which it kind of blows my mind that cars in this class cost, you know Well over eighty thousand dollars at this price point but I have to say, you know, this is still very class competitive With what this class is going at now and you are getting a lot for your money here So this is truly a you know an option, you know If your want to go for a BMW x7 or this you really can go head to head with that in terms of price, too Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the $85,000 2020 ford expedition max platinum if you’ve made it this far that hopefully means you enjoyed the video So be sure to hit that subscribe button down below and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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