2020 Ford Super Duty F-250 Tremor Review | Is it worth it?!

everyone I’m bill I’m with Cali moto TV welcome back to the channel and welcome back to Fairfield Ford here in Fairfield California yes that is my 2019 f250 Super Duty platinum with about $10,000 worth of modifications to it now this year this is a 2020 f250 Super Duty lariat with the tremor package so today we’re going to be going over what you actually get with the tremor package and is paying for this brand new 2020 Super Duty lariat with the lariat package and the tremor package better than buying a platinum and putting $10,000 into it so let’s get into this video alright guys so this is a 2020 f250 lariat with a lariat package and a tremor package this does have this 6.7 liter diesel engine in it

now first thing I want to just quickly point out is this truck has a leveling kit why is the rear end up so high and the front end is leveled so I will tell you straight off the bat when they pulled this truck up it did not look like it is a level truck when we get around to the other side I’ll kind of briefly show you guys my truck which is leveled which is only level two an inch and a half but this looks like it is stock but this is the tremor package so let’s start at the rear and kind of walk around to the other side but rear we are at the lariat package so standard tailgate you do have the blind side assist and of course you’ve got the tow hitch back here and some of the big keys and I’ll then talk about them in a minute exactly what you get with the tremor package one you get this cool decal on the back which the FX four decal I immediately tore off you get what Ford is claiming as 35 inch tires which in fact well alright if you want to go to the top they are 35 inch tall tires but as standard truck people know these are not 35 inch tires these are 285 75 s and to make everything fit they’ve put them on an 18 inch rim you’ve lost your 20 inch rim which I like look of a 20-inch rim personally myself so wheels a little disappointed on the tremor you’ll see that on the tremors they do come with this nice little wheel fender flare but very small compared to mine so was again see that lariat they took your standard lariat sidestep off this is a tremor step so you do this is that’s the added on tremor step now personally if you get a lariat or if you get a platinum you do not and you get the tremor you get this step you don’t get the folding steps which is a little disappointing and you can’t build it that way this is the step you get I personally would rather have the fold away step then this tremor step it’s also higher than the folding step it doesn’t come down quite as far the front end again we’re gonna go over all the details but you’ll see they’ve much beefier suspension in there and if you can see the red shock in there again 285 75 18 tires again a lariat so you’ve got the blacked out emblems blacked out mirror caps painted door handles to color match with the Liri you also get the blacked out housing on the headlights which is very cool give it that and then of course you get the blackout package for the front grille and the tow hooks are blacked out so very nice again talking about the front end from the 2019 to the 2020 the front end is much different the lights are different and I again I said this in the 450 video I like the the nineteen lights that go all the way hoarse shoot around I don’t know I’m not really digging the front end of of the 2020s personally but you know everyone’s got their their tastes coming around this side basically nothing’s really different here I might be able to get a little bit better lighting so you can see the shocks here and of course they’ve upgraded the rear spring they’ve they’ve added this relief in this stop in here so you’re gonna see that’s added for the tremor package and you do get a full-size again 285 75 18 tire as the spare so kind of nice they’re a couple things you point out real quick the the antennas they move to the back so you can see the GPS antennas have been moved to the back and this sticker MSRP is seventy nine seven ninety now bear with me just for a quick minute when we go to our 2019 f250 Super Duty platinum I like the front end better I like the headlights of course I’ve got Morimoto headlights painted grille and everything so we’ve done some work on here but this this these are 35 inch tires this is a 35 inch tire so when it’s advertised as a 35 inch tire this is what I would be expecting to get so coming around here of course we’ve got the blackout package but you can see the fender flares on mine are much wider than the fender flares on the 20:19 but 35 12 in hatch half inch tires so that’s really what I kind of wanted to point out here is that they’re they’re advertising this truck to have 35 inch tires and although they are 35 inch high they are really not 35 inch tires so just to kind of give you guys that point out but outside that pretty much not much has changed now I do want to get into the engine compartment on the 2020 because there are a couple things that I noticed when I was poking around on the engine so of course we’ll get in here into the interior here in a minute first thing I do want to point out is I noticed this bracket here this silver bracket this silver bracket goes up to the steering box it looks like they’ve made some modifications to the steering the steering control module I guess you’d call it so you can see the shocks here and and again it’s the level not very level but into the engine a couple point outs that I do want to show I really kind of studied this engine but just to kind of show you guys what the 2019 looks like now Thank You Ford for moving the airbox back to the front of the truck so in 2017 1819 they had the airbox behind the battery which didn’t make any sense everyone did the SMB air filters which relocated to the front so they finally moved it back to the front they still have their crappy batteries in there but one of the things that I did notice is that they’ve got this big aluminum turbo intake which is probably what’s helping with the horsepower increase in the 2020 to the 2019 outside of that not much difference I didn’t really notice much much different outside of that and the relocation of the battery so let’s go ahead and step back and again look at the 20/20 compared to the 2019 let’s get inside and take this thing for a quick Drive alright guys so I wanted to go over real quick and just explain to you guys what the the added options are and some pricing on some of the new features on the f250 for the 2020 so the first you know the big talk is that this trummer package and the tremor package is thirty nine hundred seventy five dollars the add-on tremor package and this is what you get with the tremor package you get thirty five inch tires so it’s advertised as 35 inch off-road tires and then it says light truck duty to 85 75 18 you get 18-inch low gloss so nat wheel if you are getting like the lariat package which is an additional that you get a gloss 20 inch wheel you lose that you do get a little bit of credit but you lose that you get a unique front spring which has a ride height increase which like I talked about it the video basically what they did was they just raised the whole truck they didn’t level the truck they just raised the whole truck up so I won’t get into it too much rear electronic locking differential you get a front limited slip differential performance front and rear shock absorbers so you can curse all those those are the big red shock absorbers you get a off-road running boards and these are textured matte finish again if you get a platinum and you get the electronic boards that I prefer they go down lower and everything plus they tuck up higher you lose that package you if you get a platinum with the tremor package you lose those power running boards and you have to take the tremor running boards which kind of sucks you get the skid plates which are like the FX fours so basically you get the skid plate for the transfer case in the fuel you get a unique front air dam which an approach angle improvement so what I think is that’s that valise in the front it’s a two wheel drive ballast instead of the four wheel drive ballast water fording vent tubes for the transfer case and axle you get rock crawler mode which I’m not sure where rock crawler mode is it’s not anywhere on the dash or anything you also get trail control mode you get the tremor decal in the back you also get a spare wheel that’s the same size so you do get the 35 inch to 85 75 18 and you get a wheel the wheel it molding so that molding on the wii lips you guys get that so that’s the tremor package for 3975 now I wanted to go over a couple other options that I really first I didn’t know that were there but a couple that I didn’t know was an add-on one option is 250 dollars gets you what they call a rapid heat in the power stroke for you guys back east and and in the Northeast Michigan $250 gets you basically heat immediately in your diesel before the diesel heats if you want to add on the LEDs that come standard on the Platinum onto your lariat without the Lariat package it is eleven hundred and eighty dollars if you guys consider and you guys really want the LEDs get them now because I think they’re like eighteen or twenty five hundred dollars after market through board or you can go with different manufacturers I’m sure Morimoto will have headlights out for about sixteen hundred dollars but if you want the LEDs eight eleven eighty the tow package there’s two different kind of tow packages you can get a tow package that’s twenty seven thirty the 2730 is the one that is in this truck it’s the heavy duty tow tow package which includes the trailer backup switch down here or you can just get the trailer backup switch without the heavy duty package in the back for sixteen hundred they call it the ultimate trailer package the Lariat package in addition to the tremor package 3975 then you get the lariat package which is forty two ninety five which is what this truck has and then the final thing which which someone to comment on the 450 videos the adaptive four-wheel or rear-wheel steering is a thousand dollar different additional option so you can get that in addition now I priced out just to be fun i priced out of tremor in an XLT what’s the cheapest f250 that I can get a tremor for and I think it was fifty three thousand dollars so the cheapest drummer package you can get fifty three thousand dollars now I added the Platinum with the tremor package and we were almost at eighty eight thousand dollars now this truck does retail for seventy nine thousand excuse me seventy-nine thousand seven hundred and ninety dollars now I paid out the door seventy five thousand dollars from my truck out the door is what I paid for the truck and I put about ten thousand dollars into it so I kind of you know I’m kind of going back and forth then how well so doing what I’m trying to get at is do your guys’s homework be cuz is the Lariat package and the tow package excuse me the the tremor package looked the Trumper package isn’t for me because I don’t do off-roading so the tremor package isn’t for me so just do your homework go on Ford’s website please and go through all of the different options it’s a little bit confusing but trust me trust me trust me if you’re thinking about buying one of these trucks it can be very very confusing with all of the different options so let’s get driving this thing and let’s see how the tremor does out on the road alright guys so we’re out on the road here in Fairfield just on the back roads and we’re in the 2020 f250 tremor this is the lariat with the lariat package now so a little bit of changes from 2019 to 2020 as far as the 6-7 motor 6-7 motor we’ve got four hundred and seventy-five horsepower and 1050 pound-feet of torque that takes a torque up just about 50 and some change and I think they’ve added about 40 and some change horsepower over the 19 model now the 7/3 does have 430 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque so a little bit less torque but close to the same horsepower now I was just talking to a gentleman that is actually ordering a 7-3 tremor and he decided to go over the tremor excuse me he tried to go over the 7/3 gas over these six seven diesel simply because well we’re in the great state of California and the modifications that you can do to a 7-3 is much more than you can do to a diesel in law wise so yeah so but given in the truck I can feel the suspension is little bit stiffer but we’re kind of running there pretty good pretty good I do feel the back end up quite a bit it we’re raked up a little bit so the truck definitely isn’t leveled but I believe the truck is raised up about an inch and a half is what we determined the rear is a three inch difference from the front of the guy that was ordering the truck actually measured that for me so we are three inch difference in the rear to the rear wheel well to the front wheel well so it is it is not level all right and then a big gripe like I said you know look I get the whole I some people will say technically they are thirty five inch tires but if you’re gonna advertise thirty five inch tires really and you’re gonna get thirty five real 35s they should be 35 twelve and a half my personal gripe about the tires but look the tremors not definitely not for me after doing some research this morning about the tremor package and what is offered onto the tremor isn’t for me I don’t go off-road you know and what little off-road I do the tremor package just isn’t somebody it isn’t personally for me now if you are doing off-road stuff minorly basically you know gravel roads or you know the back roads and stuff like that yeah the tremor package is gonna help you out but if you’re gonna be doing some major off-roading look spend your money over on the over on the lift kit and get yourself a good lift kit so again I don’t know I’m not sure I’m not sure aesthetics in the interior difference we’ve kind of gone over the differences on the 450 the 250 lariat is a little bit different than obviously the the platinum that I have I’ve got some pretty decent features but this truck is a lariat with the lariat blacked out package and everything like that we have all of the features like the B&O stereo we have the backup surround cameras we have the tow assist that the that does the backup trailer it I’m not sure if this one particular has the the collision alert but this does not have adaptive cruise control this one does not have adaptive cruise control this particular model but that’s just an add-on to it the four-wheel steering or the rear steering assist $1,000 that’s kind of a nice feature if you’re going to be doing some tight turning so I mentioned on the f450 how nice the turning is and that’s the wide track front end that really allows that I’m not even sure if the four I don’t believe the four-wheel or a rear steering is even available in a dual wheel I believe it’s only in the single wheel setup in the back when I was kind of looking at it and I believe you can only get it in the XLT and above not available in the excel and I think there’s also some qualification about the motor has to either be seven three or a six seven so there’s a couple different you know like I said go and do your research and really read every little fine detail on the website because you know there’s it it can be confusing especially when you’re starting to add on and take off if you’re getting a lariat and you want to add some and take some that’s why I just wanted with the Platinum basically the Platinum is just got everything so you don’t really have to to worry about it but the truck this particular truck run smooth runs nice you got the nice power of the 67 we’re at again 475 horsepower so you feel it it’s got a good good decent pole to it kind of again hard to go from a 250 to this truck because you know from my truck to this truck because obviously I’ve done the different mods but just to kind of real quick just go over pricing so obviously you know work with your dealers and I you know the 2020s that are now coming just coming out they’re probably gonna work with you a little bit less so if you guys have some time to wait you can always get typically my rule of thumb in buying vehicles is whatever the MSRP is that’s what you’re going to try to shoot for out the door and that on this truck would be about seventy nine hundred dollar discount and depending on dealerships sometimes they’ll work with you sometimes oh not but that’s about what I got off when I when I ordered my platinum because I believe the Platinum was built out my truck was built out to almost 80 mm and I had it for 75 out the door so you can kind of see what the differences is but right now you know there’s not a lot of tremor packages on the lot so a lot of people again do your homework and get pricing because the the pricing makes sure that you know what you’re paying for the truck right I believe when you order the truck through the dealer you have to kind of you go to finance and you order it and you start to basically I don’t know if you necessarily pay for it right then but basically all the paperwork’s done so when you this gentleman it was getting ready to go into finance and he was just simply ordering the truck so do your homework and I know I didn’t get too much into the different features and stuff that’s not really what this video was about if you guys are interested in a real in-depth six seven features and stuff like that let me know and maybe I can go a little in-depth but I think if you guys are watching this video really you guys are curious of and what I was curious about is what is the actual difference between and adding the tremor package and if you’re gonna end the add that tremor package what do you get and what do you lose and also understand that when you add the tremor package there’s some things that you lose like on the Lariat you lose the big 20-inch wheels with the Sport Package and you get 18-inch wheels you also on the Platinum package you also lose the power running boards because you get the tremor boards so under just again research research research but I hope I can kind I hope this cleared up some of the questions you guys had about the tremor 250 and 350 and what’s available on it and what some pricing is on some of these different things so we’re back here at Fairfield Ford thank you guys for sticking around for the video I know there’s a little bit lengthy but I hope well my goal today was to answer some questions about the tremor and the new 2020 and some pricing on some new features so thank you guys for sticking around make sure that you smash that like button please give me a thumbs up it’s really more important then you guys knows so please give me a thumbs up but also please please please hit that subscribe button and ring that bell notification that’s gonna get you guys all of our content do you guys like the car reviews let me know do you guys like this style car review it’s kind of an impromptu sometimes they call me and say we’ve got a special truck here or a special vehicle here so let me know but make sure you subscribe down below and get those Bell notifications and comment down below if there’s anything you guys want me to review or anything you guys would like to see it Ford or Lincoln I’ve got access to a whole dealership so let me know in the comments down below but thank you guys for sticking around we’ll see you next video until then we’ll see you then bye guys

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