2020 Honda Civic Sedan // Is it STILL the Compact Sedan to BUY??

So the Civic made quite a splash when this generation first debuted and now five years later. It’s still going strong This is the latest 2020 version we are checking out today and we do want to give a special thanks to gates Honda for making it available to us

Of course, we encourage you to visit their dealership physically or virtually if you’re in the market for any new Honda So with that all said, let’s see if the Civic is still the king of the segment So starting things off with the outside of the Civic you’ll see all the changes from last year’s 2019 refresh carry over that Refreshed added the all-black grille across all the trips And then for this sport model the chrome that is normally at the bottom is eliminated for a completely stealthy look As far as the headlights there aren’t any differences

So they’ll continue to be halogen projector beams for all but the touring which has a more premium full LED setup instead Additionally all but the base LX will have fog lights Around back the Civic keeps its aggressive slope design that sets it apart from most rivals that short deck lid is punctuated by a body-colored spoiler on most models or a metallic black spoiler on the sport regardless of color The other sport exclusive element is the center mounted exhaust outlet

But as far as your rear lighting it remains a large partially LED bracket throughout the entire line So overall, the Civic is aging very gracefully and it still looks very good especially in this fully blacked out sport model Now changing focus here to the wheels they were updated last year

The largest wheels are these 18 inches shared between both the sport and the touring except that the touring does have a lighter sharp great finish instead of this dark one as Far as the other trims ex and EXL have 17-inch alloys and the LX has a 16-inch steel wheel with hubcaps Moving up to the mirrors all five trims will enjoy body color and power adjustment, but the LX in sport won’t have heating We’re also missing the lane watch camera on this model since its ex and up only and

The last thing I want to mention on the outside is that these Civic remains one of the few Offerings in the class that include all active safety features as standard equipment That means even the base LX has automatic emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist Auto high beam headlights and adaptive cruise control with low speed follow But anyways guys that is it for the outside so now let’s head inside and check out the cabin So walking up to our 2020 Honda Civic Sedan You will find this key fob on all models and Honda has nicely included the smart entry system as well as the remote start system Standard on all but the very base LX Now of course to get inside like all Honda’s all you have to do is reach behind the handle and it will All right, so taking a look here inside our 2020 civic, of course

This is just one year removed from a extensive refresh. So there really aren’t any changes to the design or materials So what you’ll be looking at is the choice of two different materials So on the LX through the EX you will have cloth and the only option will be this black However, when you go for the EXL or the Touring models that will upgrade you to leather and then you’ll have three color choices black Gray, or ivory?

Now turning over here to your door trim, it is nicely appointed for a lower end model So we do have a leather patch here on the armrest However, this area above it is a texture plastic and some of the other models It would be cloth or a leather trim. And then the top part here is soft touch As far as your windows there one touch automatic for the driver and the passenger And you’ll notice we have the manual adjusting seat however, if you go for the ex or above that’s where you will get an eight-way power just Now like I said Honda made all the changes they wanted to make last year So you really won’t notice any differences here in the cabin as far as materials are concerned So on the upper dash here, this is the only part that’s hard touch All the rest of this through here is all a nicely grain soft touch plastic here in the middle there are different several different types of trim the sport model has this glossy black trim There here is also soft touch and then down through here is hard touch as expected

But the Civic continues to have probably the best in the class bill quality everything fits together perfectly Standard on all models you do have push-button start Now as far as your gauges here starting last year Honda gave the this digital set up to all these trim levels across the board So it does do all the same things You can just cycle through all these different screens and as you can see it is real nice and high-quality looking Coming back to the steering Of course you have electric power assisted steering and Honda nicely throws in this leather wrap steering wheel on the Sport trim as well as the EXL on the Touring So do be aware that it skips the ex trim if that’s one you’re looking at It is manual tilton telescoping heating is not available at this time And then if you went for the Touring you would have rain sensing wipers Alright now, let’s go ahead and talk about storage This is one of the Civic strongest areas always has been you have this really cool Multi-tiered storage compartment, so you’ve got these sliding cupholders you have this really deep storage right here

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This comes down and adjust You also have a big bunch of storage up here in the front and then a giant Center pass or with even more storage down here So frankly as I’ve said before Really is unmatched in this class. Nothing else even comes close All right, now as far as these should go here this is just a traditional shifter You have your drive you can pull back once more to go into the sport mode And that’s where you can shift manually through some simulated gear changes here on this support model Now go heading into reverse here you will see the standard backup camera Honda does nicely include the active trajectory as well as the three different angles That is standard on all but the very base LX trim. I Need you also have an electronic parking brake and brake hold feature All right now rolling on to our climate controls this is the single zone automatic setup This comes on the LX and the sport and then the other trims will have the dual zone automatic setup obviously very simple like any type of Automatic setup however, just like in the past you do have to clip the climate button to get to certain features like your zones All righty, and now that’s gonna bring us up here to our audio system on this sport and EX We’ve got the 180 watt eight-speaker sound system So we’ll go ahead and take a sample of that After say sound quality is surprisingly good for a basic sound system

All right, so now we’re up here at our Honda link system This is still the older style Honda link system They did not change it last year at the refresh and it does remain the same this year So you will notice the older style graphics However, you do have modern features such as your smartphone connection, which gives you access to both the Android auto and apple carplay If you want integrated navigation, you’re gonna have to go for the fully loaded touring model or option it on to the EXL I’m not going to spend any Extensive time with this system because we do have a dedicated tech help video available For those of you who want to learn more about the system a link to that video is provided in the video description Now rolling on up here to our mirror This is the manual dimming one if you wanted Votto doing one you can get that on the EXL on the touring You also notice that here on the Sport trim we are missing the moonroof However, Honda does include this starting at just the e.x trim level.

So the majority of the trim still do come with a moonroof All right, so that’s going to sum up everything up here in the front areas of the cabin So now we’ll go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason who will check out all the back The back door trim of civic sport does continue to have the same materials as the front door So you do have a lovely wrapping on your armrest portion and the rest is hard touch Down below that we do have a little bit of door storage And here in the Center for 2020 there are going to be no changes So on this sports room, you will not find any vents or outlets However, it is worth noting that if you go for the top-end Touring trim, you will get heated rear seats in The center you do not have an armrest either. So it’s just going to be pretty barren back here in terms of features However, that is pretty expected for the class. And you do have an assist group as well some dome lighting And really these Civic sports a main highlight back here is that it does have plenty of space You’re gonna be looking at 37 inches of both like and Headroom. So that means behind Drew’s 5-8 seating position I have about 6 to 7 inches of rear legroom and my feet can easily slide up underneath the seat But I need to see no problem in terms of its competitors that is right on par with most of them If not a little bit larger Now to open the trunk since we do a smart entry All we have to do is look at the little button under the lid and it will open right up Now once inside you are going to find fifteen point one cubic feet of space and the Civic’s birds trunk However, if you go for the touring model that’s going to be reduced to fourteen point seven cubic feet of space That is at the top of its class in terms of space. There’s a lot of space back here, especially for a sedan However, if that’s not even enough for you Honda does have the Civic hatchback model that you can upgrade to

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That gives you a ton more space than this Now in terms of the usability you do have a folding seats I do fold 60/40 split and it is of course finished very nicely back here Opportunities before you do have your spare tire The passenger seat is of course manually adjusting on this model However you however if you go for the Touring it’s gonna be four-way power adjusting And in front of the passenger you do have a cup size glove box as you can tell it is not dampened however it is sized goes back quite a good ways and Up top we do have a Sun Visor it does have a mirror However, you are lacking the light on this model and you can also detach it as well as extend Well guys that pretty much sums up all of the rear areas of this 2020 Civic So now let’s go ahead and take it out in the road and see how it shines there All right, so taking off there in our 2020 Civic sport This is the 2-liter 4 cylinder engine naturally aspirated That’s one of the differences that’s definitely worth remembering if you’re looking at getting either the hatchback or the sedan Is that on the sport model of The sedan you’re gonna get the 2 liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder 158 horsepower So that’s all on the hatchback view of comes standard with the 1.5 liter turbo four-cylinder That makes a hundred and seventy four horsepower. So that’s just something to keep in mind I know some people express That they don’t really like turbos So for some of you guys that may actually be a pro You’d rather give up a little bit of power and not have the turbo Other of you guys might prefer to have better fuel economy the more power and a little bit more to work It doesn’t feel dramatically different would you say Mason? No, I don’t think it feels too much different I think it is a little bit louder The 1.5 is one of my favorite engines just in the fact that is so quiet and so refined

So I personally do like the 1.5 liter turbo But this engine is really not that big of a downgrade. I wouldn’t say So if you’re looking at the to just kind of keep that in mind You might want to drive both and see which one you prefer But the 1.5 liter turbo I don’t know if you mentioned it or not is of course available in the sedan is just on the eex trims and higher so No one’s were up to speed here We’re going about 60 miles an hour One of the things that I do want to just kind of point out is just how smooth this car is riding We have done a lot really with the Civic at both the hatchback in the sedan We’ve been in at many different times And all the country carving and stuff and this is a really great car for the sporty dynamics Which I’m sure drew will talk about in just a second But it’s also a great car for the just the highway cruising. Like I said, we’re going around 60. I’m extremely comfortable It’s relatively quiet inside this cabin and it’s even raining outside And it’s just a very comfortable car you and all of your family members Aren’t going to be happy and very comfortable even in the sport Civic I also want to talk about the CVT Like I’ve said in past Civic reviews It really is an excellent. CVT.

Honda makes really good CVTs. They are very responsive. I don’t feel any lag they also really avoid the pitfall of droning because they Kind of adjust a lot more often than a lot of the rivals And they bring it down in this car here it kind of almost seems like it shift it does drop kind of at certain times Hahaha, what can you do this happened You know by going off of that the CVT is standard on the EX trims and hired But you do have the manual s standard on the sport and LX trims And one of the notes that we have in from last year’s review is that they did eliminate the ext trim So that no longer means that you have a 1.5 liter turbo and manual combination So I’m sure some of you guys are going to be upset about that, but that is no longer an option So if you want the manual transmission, you’re gonna have to go for this base 2 liter engine There is also sport mode and you do have the ability to shoot through some simulating gears, like I said, there’s seven of them It’s like it’s pretty response. Yeah, it’s very it’s very response into the battles And they respond actually well enough they have a little fun with this And I kind of raise me to my other point And that’s just that this is a really fun car Not many brands care too much about support especially in this class But the Civic and the Mazda 3 which we just drove very recently

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Those to consistently help perform all the competition, you know, as I said in previous reviews, I’ll just say it again the handling and the overall feel of this car is quite a lot above most of the competition really buttoned down you kind of have a low seating position in here and it just adds to the feeling of sport you Have very little body roll the steering responds quickly and accurately And we kind of took the hatchback out on the twisties a little bit and it was genuinely fun to drive and that’s something that you rarely think of when you’re talking about vehicles that are You know in this price range and in this class And the last thing that we do need to talk about here is the fuel economy The numbers I’m about to mention are for the CVT transmission So just keep that in mind and they do have quite a bit of range So I might just mention a few of them and then plug the rest of them text box So for the very base LX trim, you’re gonna be looking at 30 city 38 highway 33 combined the sport which is what we have here is going to come at 32 combined and Then you have the manual options above those Trev that’s going to be 29 combined So if you are going to go for that manual and that is worth About 3 miles per gallon. So if you want to keep that in mind and you’re decisioning processes And then finally for the turbo 1.5 litre engine like we were mentioning you do get that fuel economy benefit

You’re going to be actually looking at about a 3 mile per gallon increase Over the 2-liter so that’s going to be 32 city 42 highway 36 combined Which is absolutely fantastic fuel economy, even for this class of you So this is the fifth model year of the civic so a lot of you probably are wondering, you know is the Civic still a good option and You can definitively say that it absolutely is still a fantastic option As a matter of fact it remains one of the top products in the classes, especially if you start looking at driving dynamics like I’ve mentioned Then it’s going to go straight to the top It really is just a fantastic overall package All righty, and now let’s go ahead and take a second to discuss the pricing for this twenty twenty civic sedan Of course, you’re not going to find very different pricing than you would have last year So for the very base LX trim with the CVT, I’m just gonna go ahead and name them all with the CVT Keep in mind that though that you do have the manual as standard on some of those trims

That’s gonna be twenty thousand five hundred and fifty if you want to go for the sport CVT That’s gonna be twenty two thousand two hundred and fifty the ex CVT 23700 the EXL twenty four nine and then finally you have the top-end Touring trim for twenty seven thousand six hundred Now in typical Honda fashion, they don’t really have any option. So we have the sport CVT Twenty two thousand two fifty is your base price plus the destination charge of nine thirty. This model comes in at twenty three thousand 180 Which I’ll say like I did in last year’s review That’s a very attractive price point especially when you consider a lot of its rivals like the new Toyota Corolla they really do run a lot more expensive than that and You are getting a lot a lot of bang for your buck here in this sport truck Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2020 Honda Civic Sport We really appreciate you watching and be sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already And we’ll catch you. Next time is we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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