2020 Toyota Corolla 2.0 Touring Sports

One of the chaps is missing from this video due to coded 19 This video is brought to you by one chap andy apologies if you don’t like him, I don’t like him either But you have to put up with him on this film. Thank goodness. Rich will be back soon

This Is the 2020 toyota corolla? touring sports Estate and I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking. Oh god an old boring car for old boring people But you’d be wrong because this has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground Up i’m talking new chassis new engines and completely new styling Just look at those headlamps. Will you they’re sharper than leonardo’s swords from the teenage mutant ninja turtles

And look at that front grill Sometimes when i’m standing close enough, I can almost hear it growling imagine that those sports seats They wouldn’t look out of place in hanz’s rx-7 in tokyo drift Now as you can tell i’m a bit fond of this car and there’s a reason for that. It’s mine Yes, I picked up this blue beast a few weeks ago from toyota and it had big shoes to fill after the bmw 3 series I had before Now I researched this car to death before I bought it so i’m going to show you everything I know And hopefully you’ll see why it’s so awesome

The corolla is now in its 12th generation proving It’s still as popular as ever new models include a sedan a perky little hatchback And the car we’re in today the touring sports Both the hatch and the estate are built right here in good old blighty Let’s have a rundown of the trim levels available The corolla has six iterations of trim with the icon starting around twenty five thousand pounds And the excel is the top spec at around thirty thousand The usual story applies here if you want more toys and tech you have to pay more money But wait, even the standard equipment on the icon is bonkers. Brilliant With a pre-collision system lane departure alert reversing camera.

And yes They all now come with android auto and apple carplay But enough of this deliciously filmed footage from toyota’s press team Let’s cut to the proper homemade film That’s it. Andy naturally walk towards the car This corolla is in the excel trim, which has these neat features like keyless entry An electric and kick to open boot feature No full leather interior And check out this blighter of a button This button allows the car to park itself You heard right parallel or perpendicular this can do it Time to have a butcher’s at the interior of this car First impressions are really really good. Look at This soft touch fabrics everywhere. I mean i’m talking stitched leather. I could like sleep on that. It’s that comfortable Fantastic, and I love that red detailing as it goes around These sport seats are so comfy and they look great. That’s the best thing Normally, they’re hard in sort of performance cars, but these are comfortable yet They look the part and this is a new thing with the excel trim that you get full leather Throughout the whole car, which is great I love this polished finish on the door handles. That’s really nice.

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That’s also mirrored in the front Of the actual center of the dash as well The steering wheel filth’s really nice in the hand a great array of buttons on here to control your volume Skip tracks set your uh, cruise control things like that. This car’s also got paddles Which the two liter gets not the 1.8. St and actually works really really well. I have to say really impressed with that To chat rich would say that’s enough sitting around divine Let’s get this lady moving and chat about just how pretty this car is Haven’t toyota done a good job. I know a few people like fifth gear said it’s a really boring to look at car I don’t know what they’re talking about.

I’m, sorry guys. I’m huge fans of yours, but My voice is going higher because I can’t believe it Seriously, if you look at the front The front grille to start with isn’t just that sort of angry face It’s got splitters. It’s got valances. It’s got scoops. It’s got mesh mesh people The side profile view of this car i’d say it’s weakest point It it’s just a bit bland But as soon as you change the angle So you see a bit of the bum or a bit of the front you think yeah. Yeah, this car means business Now the big question of course is what are the engine choices there used to be three you could choose from a 1.2 Turbocharged a 1.8 petrol and a 2 litre petrol. They have since dropped the 1.2 petrol turbocharged So now you’ve just got the 1.8 and the 2 litre to choose from The 1.8 has 122 brake horsepower and the 2-liter has a much more respectable 184 and you can really feel the difference between those two engines Now the 1.8 does not to 60 in 11.1 Seconds, which is about as fast as a sloth trying to climb a tree Very slow

But it will return you the mid 60s in mpg. In fact, i’ve heard rumors of people hitting the 70s Which is pretty impressive The 2 litre however is a lot quicker not to 60 takes around 8 seconds And it’ll still get you if you drive very sensibly the high 50s, even the early 60s i’ve managed to get 66 out of this When driving sensibly around country lanes and on the motorway, etc And here’s a top tip for you. If you see twin exit exhausts at the back that proves that you’re driving the two liter lump That’s an easy identifier the 1.8 The exhaust is actually hidden behind the rear bumper and the actual rear bumper and rear valance and splitter is slightly different So the 2-liter gets a more sporty look Both cars cost 140 pounds in tax which isn’t amazing considering it’s a hybrid and you still need to pay the congestion Charge even though it’s a hybrid which also sucks balls Let’s talk about the hybrid system Toyota have been doing hybrid systems for 20 years or more with their prius and my god Does it show the car switches from ev mode to petrol with like the blink of an eye? You can’t even spot it? Now the hybrid system in this car Is a self charging systems what toyota called their self-charging system what that means is you don’t need to plug it in

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There’s no worries about plugging it in overnight Now the hybrid mode works like this basically if you put your foot down too hard Then the turning of the engine and your braking will help to charge the battery ready for electric mode but if you let your foot off the accelerator It goes into ev mode which then uses that charged power from the battery to feed the electric motor and then turn the wheels And if you pull away quite gently we’ll try it when these lights change Listen to that How cool was that that’s pulling away in electric mode. There you go electric mode, and then I put my foot down and of course, but if I let my foot off the accelerator And just lightly tap it every now and again just to keep me going it stays in ev mode And I gotta say it makes you feel really good Because i’ve got the power in the two liter if I need it there standing by clear way God I love that engine. It’s very very clever for a hybrid Back to eco mode

But then I can just be like that in ev mode for ages And in fact i’ve done journeys where over 50 percent of my driving Has been in electric mode. How cool is that? Now the gearbox that’s in this car is a cvt gearbox, which a lot of people have complaints about And I can see why a little bit it’s a little bit noisy when under stress if you really push the engine But because this car’s got the acoustic glass I don’t know. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think it’s too bad I think people have given it such a bad rep. I think people have painted such a bad picture about it It just doesn’t bother me as much or it’s not as worse as some people painted that picture to be The comfort it’s like being in my lounge Okay, it has sport seats, but they’re not your quintessential standard sport seats. They are extremely comfortable Now the handling of this car is also Absolutely brilliant because of this new chassis the toyota design which they say is a lot stiffer It just goes round corners like nobody’s business There’s nothing wallowy about it.

There’s nothing bouncy about it But there’s also nothing overly stiff about it If you know what I mean, you can chuck it about uh, without giving yourself horrendous bone and muscle tissue injuries I love the practicality of this car It’s comfortable and spacious but just how spacious and practical is this corolla How does one even measure the practicality? Well, we have a new rather fun way to test it out Everyone uses a liter bottle to show where the cubby holes and the door pockets are not two chaps This is the most important thing Where do you put your werthers? Let’s have a look around in the central cup holders in the glove box in front of the shifter in the door pockets under the armrest in the seat pockets in the rear cup holders in the two liter due to the battery eating some of the boot space the size of the boot is 581 liters. Let’s see if they fit in there They do So now we come to the crunch do you buy one of these cars the simple answer is in my opinion Yes, you should I researched this thing to death But it was worth it If you are going from a family estate that is diesel and you want a similar sized car that has Similar not to 60 times so you could have a bit of fun But I like that did you see that?

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But you want the same sort of practicality and you also want to be returning similar mpg as a diesel This has got to be the car to consider So owning a corolla and telling people that you own a corolla might not earn you a lot of street cred But I really think that toyota Are trying to rebrand this image and improve it. It looks great from the outside. It looks great from the inside Now before I go, I just have to ask so politely to please hit subscribe On that watermark down there or down there it’s also on our main page We’ve got even more exciting videos to come they are going to be brilliant. There’s one very very exciting one coming That’s rich’s new car, but i’m not going to give the game away yet But um, but yeah, it’s a volkswagen golf gti with the performance pack I’m sorry rich couldn’t be around today Uh, this whole covert thing’s been a nightmare and we wanted to get this video out so that you the viewing public can enjoy it but for now, all I can say is Thanks for watching Bye is the one of the projects of ConnectPOS who shapes the future of 2000+ clients worldwide in an omnichannel journey with a leading Retail POS system.

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