I Just Got the New 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid (Here’s What You Need to Know)

I’ve been a mechanic for the last 52 years and people depend on me giving honest reviews of cars so here’s my honest review of a 2020 toyota corolla Hybrid it’s the first time you can get a Toyota Corolla in a hybrid version different than the regular Corolla although it looks pretty much the same as a Corolla this is their hybrid version first time they’ve had it out now if you want a four-door hybrid cars

this might be a car for you get a phenomenal gas much this thing in town I’m getting 56 miles a gallon in town now that’s 20 miles a gallon more then you get with the same car with a conventional gasoline engine a regular Corolla so it does get phenomenal gas mileage now sure it does this at the expense of acceleration in horsepower combined this thing has a hundred and twenty-one horsepower where a conventional one has about forty eight horsepower more almost 50 horsepower more so if you want speed you would get the conventional Corolla not the hybrid now some people who road tested these things whine say they’re too slow but with 121 horsepower that’s still 11 more horsepower than my 94 Celica sure it’s not a race car but you get 56 miles a gallon driving in town you can’t beat that yes it’s a nice looking car Priuses people who love them or hate them this is a conventional car now the Prius does get a little bit better gas mileage because the coefficient of drag of this thing is 0.28 which is pretty efficient but the coefficient of drag in the Prius is 0.24 so it’s a little bit more efficient truth be told as far as I’m concerned this is a much better looking vehicle it is an economy car this is just a hubcap they look really nice not alloy wheels it’s a hubcap okay they look perfectly fine there’s an economy vehicle but I bred Corolla is a very well-built car check this out major sources of parts Japan 100% final assembly japan engine parts japan transmission parts of japan this is a 100% japanese-built vehicle

and as i’ve always said you want to get the best get the best people building them the best Japanese cars as far as I’m concerned are made in Japan and I said in previous videos hey I wouldn’t buy a Mercedes Benz but if I had to I’d want one made in Germany cuz the ones not made Germany not as good well this baby was made designed built everything in Japan I’ve known Toyota’s in Japan made Kentucky and made in Cambridge Ontario and I do have to say the ones made in Japan with the absolute best cars I’ve ever had my wife’s Lexus was made in Japan what I do have to say my matrix it was made in Cambridge Ontario it’s still a well built vehicle but I don’t decided the best Japanese cars I made in Japan that’s RIS baby was made no whether you buy a hybrid or not is your decision this hybrid is about thirty five hundred dollars more than the non hybrid Corolla but it does get about 20 more miles per gallon gas mileage than the conventional one because it’s a hybrid now this is a true hybrid it has Atkinson cycle gasoline engine and electric motor it’s not an electric car now this thing you can actually run on on pure electricity but not for more than just a few miles it isn’t set up for that it has a nickel battery I know the back seats which is for boosting power regenerating energy when you brake that regenerates the power

and then you can use it when you take off but it’s not a particularly large battery it’s a 6.5 amp hour battery 6.5 to show you a comparison the Tesla Model 3 is a 230 amp hour battery it’s an electric car made to run on just electricity this is a hybrid car it’s a boost regenerates power it’s not made to run on that battery for very long it’s a pure hybrid design the Atkinson cycle engine has less horsepower than a conventional regular normal piston engine so puts out less horsepower but it’s more efficient it gets better gas mileage as we see on a hood here’s the Atkinson cycle engine and then the electric motor is over here this baby was made for pure efficiency 0 to 60 miles an hour this thing is about 2 seconds slow lower than the same Toyota Corolla that has the two liter gasoline only engine that isn’t a hybrid but if you’re the type of person doesn’t care about that two seconds but you care about getting 20 more miles per gallon gas mileage this is probably the car for you now yes hybrids are very complex cars I know I work on them I had to go buy thousands of dollars of tools I didn’t have before electric gloves so I don’t get electrocuted cuz this battery is a base of about 200 volts they are harder to work on they do cost more money to repair but on the other hand they are Toyotas they generally don’t break down till they get a hundred

and fifty two hundred two hundred and fifty thousand miles you can get quite a bit of life out of these things course personally I’m too cheap to buy one I paid three hundred fifty bucks for the Celica and you know it still runs like a clock with two hundred and forty thousand miles on it so I’m just too cheap to buy a hybrid car they cost more money and of course as they do age the repairs are gonna be a lot more expensive than a conventional car but I do have to say all my customers have bought Toyota Prius is brand new every single man and woman that did that they were all very happy with the vehicle over time they kept it for years and years and years and they lasted they work quite well so if you don’t mind a technology and you’re not like me and you’re gonna keep a car for 25-30 years or more hey you’re probably not gonna think about long term and speaking of technology this baby’s full of technology check this out this is the manual and it’s just for the navigation and multimedia system it’s 250 pages long and being a toyota they all work now me the only thing I wanted to do was to sync my phone with Spotify so I could listen to my own music while I’m traveling around well it took about 40 seconds to sync it with this system check it out this baby was really easy to operate Toyota has a very good interface very simple the buttons make total sense I synced it last night when I picked this thing up this morning I put it in still remembers a song I had on it all right Peter Roky Erickson he conked out last year about a year ago

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and of course all the dash readings are high tech too I mean you can see if it’s recharge and a battery everything set after this you can run it on a battery setting if you want but really it’s not gonna go very far now it has nice comfy seat it’s an economy car but it’s got a nice black and silver seats have a reasonable amount of space in them nice armrest with cupholder top the old trunk as you can see nice deep trunk got a lot of space in it nice-looking car like I said hey the wheels look nice even though they’re just plastic covers they still look good from far away and look my no fan belts there’s no fan belts down anywhere because it doesn’t use fan belts everything is electrified no fan belts native generator everything are built inside the transmission case and since it’s basically all Toyota Prius technology this stuff’s been out for over two decades it’s pretty well bulletproof take it for a ride ok we’ll push the button and hey starts right up you don’t hear anything but that’s because it’s hybrid it’s going on the electric motor now the only thing you hear is a little wine of the electric motor now once you put it in drive here we’re gonna stop driving that turns the motor on and it’s pretty seamless you didn’t feel clunk or anything and even though it doesn’t have that many horsepower watch it still can move down the road it’s not that slow and as you’re cornering it’s got a nice tight corner for color this small it’s got a decent ride you know it doesn’t right like my wife’s Lexus but a it’s a small wheelbase car it is fun to drive like I said when you step on the gas it still moves it’s not a race car but it’s not slow slow and then I rather quiet I just had to be by a couple walking in the middle of the street and this pandemic because they couldn’t hear me coming no for those you’re really into gas mileage a it even gives you an eco score after you drive you know if you get a hundred you do really good while I got a 38 I’m not an eco driver but I do have to say this thing is fun to drive around if you’re looking for a four-door sedan that can get 55 miles a gallon in town

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and maybe about 52 on a highway you might give this thing a serious thought it is all built designed and put together in Japan I’m not even think about one of these in a few years when I can get a good deal on a used one that I could think about fiddling with my old Celica which I’m contemplating turning into an all-electric car so now you know the truth about the first Toyota Corolla hybrid they ever made so you can make a wise decision if you’re thinking about buying a new car soon so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell


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