A New Look on the 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2

what’s up guys we are here to have a little conversation about the 2021 chevy colorado zr2 it has been redesigned a little bit with a all-new grille that is stamped with chevrolet across the front which is unique to the zr2 on the other trims you will get your traditional bow tie front and center on the grill

now it does have a 3.6 liter v6 engine that has 308 horsepower 275 pound-feet of torque but what really makes the zr2 special is its off-road capabilities and there have been a few things added to the zr2 to increase its potential let’s check it out to start it does have a factory installed lift kit to increase its ground clearance and kind of hard to see it at this angle but it does have skid plates underneath to protect things like your oil pan moving around to the side these 17 inch graphite and oxide gold aluminum wheels do come standard on the zr2 they are wrapped in duratrac tires but probably the most exciting piece of information here that we’re going to share with you in the whole video is the off-road suspension

it comes with multimatic shocks and it has front and rear electronic locking differentials so you can really fine-tune it depending on what your off-road terrain looks like moving further down the side of the truck you will also see that we have some off-road rockers for further protection of the body protecting the frame from getting bent in case you’re getting a little wild doing whatever you’re doing moving to the back so as i mentioned some of the updates chevrolet stamped across the tailgate as well which is remote locking easy up easy down we’re gonna give you a quick look here you can see it has a spray in bed liner that also has 17 different tie-down spots so you can tie down up to 1550 pounds of stuff right in the back of your zr2 they kept the inside of the zr2 pretty simple you do have really comfy black leather bucket seats that have zr2 embroidered into the headrest as well as a really really soft leather steering wheel and even your armrest is cushy and comfy if this is your chosen driving position when you’re cruising and you do get things like wireless charging apple carplay android auto you even have a chapstick holder i’m literally not making that up you can google it and the camera system for hooking up a trailer is really nice your backup camera can give you your trajectory of where you’re backing up or you can select your trailer hitch view guide and that will help you connect to your trailer a lot quicker beneath your infotainment system you have a control system if you will things that can turn your traction control on and off your lock and unlock your rear and front differentials like i mentioned outside you have your trailer brake control your hill descent control as well as a really nice bed light so you just flip this on it’ll help you see what’s going on in the bed of your truck at night i gotta say i think chevy has been really consistent in their model lineup and really understand what drivers are looking for and what they value in their vehicles you can check out some of our other reviews like on the redesigned chevy tahoe or the trailblazer and see what i’m talking about if you would like to learn more about this truck this beautiful zr2 you can visit us at capital chevrolet or you can buy this truck online completely start to finish with our all new no-brainer checkout at thanks

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