6 Data-backed Ways to Promote Your Company on YouTube

6 Data-backed Ways to Promote Your Company on YouTube


YouTube is the home of videos. People love to watch them. You are missing valuable consumer attention if your brand is not already present on YouTube. The YouTube trends report revealed that channels trying to build an audience were up by 95% year-on-year on the platform.

park tool's youtube channel homepage

This article will share five strategies that you can use to promote your brand on YouTube in the coming year. These strategies include brand advocates, new subscribers, paying customers, and brand advocates.

  1. Make a YouTube channel and upload a trailer
  2. YouTube Shorts
  3. Partnerships with Influencers
  4. Paid ads
  5. Merch shelf
  6. Branded series

Let’s begin with YouTube Shorts, a brand new video experience YouTube introduced last year.

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1. 1.Make a YouTube channel and upload a trailer

YouTube is used daily by 55% of marketers, and thousands upon thousands of brands. This makes it an extremely competitive marketing platform. First, you will need a YouTube channel. This is not an account. Your channel is a repository of all your content, which visitors can select from. It also gives you more branding options and customization options.

In addition, a compelling channel trailer that sums up your channel and gives sneak previews can turn visitors into subscribers.

youtube channel trailer screenshot with text overlay

Perhaps most important, the videos that appear in users’ sidebars while viewing your videos are more likely to be of your videos than videos of your competitors.

2. Make YouTube shorts

Shorts was launched in September 2020. It is still in beta, but so far, this content type gets 6.5 billion daily views.

Shorts are short vertical videos that last one minute or less. You can upload your shorts directly from your smartphone if you have the “Shorts camera” (it’s still in beta).

youtube shorts camera view

This content type will appear on a channel’s “Shorts” shelf:

example oof youtube shorts on mobile

Image source

Jake Fellman has shifted from educational content to entertaining YouTube videos. His channel has seen more than half a million views in just a few months. Note the contrasting viewership on his channel since modifying his strategy (marking shorts with #shorts vs leaving them unmarked):

example of youtube shorts hashtag

Image source

Yes. Jake’s success could be attributed to him hijacking a viral game trend on YouTube: “Among Us.” However, he’s used the “Shorts” format for all of his new videos.

You can upload vertical videos under 60 seconds to your account if the feature has not been rolled out. Shorts is not a video format that requires a custom thumbnail.

Are you afraid of Shorts? There are always new channels that focus exclusively on Shorts.

best ways to promote your business on youtube creatives hour

Image source

3. Get in touch with YouTube creators

Influencer partnerships are a great way to promote your YouTube channel. YouTube creators are four times more effective than celebrities in driving brand awareness. This is due in part to their accessibility and close engagement with their audience. This leads to the formation of a community around the influencers’ YouTube channels.

stats about youtube creator collaborations


Most influencer marketers are open to working with brands, as this helps them make more money. Piggybacking on the influence of such niche creators could be a great way to grow your brand awareness and even generate direct product sales.

While those with a huge following will be expensive for partnering up, you can consider micro and nano influencers with under 100k and even 10k subscribers. Their reviews could rank in YouTube searches, allowing you to get more exposure and traffic.

Here’s an example of Jergens All Purpose Face Cream review by a creator with almost 5.4k subscribers.

promote your business on youtube jergens

Image source

Nano and micro-influencers may charge up to $1000 for a video. Influencers may also charge for video views.

Depending on your niche, some influencers might be willing to form a value exchange partnership to create an ‘unboxing’ video of your product. Sending them your products for free to get genuine feedback could work.

These partnerships are most effective when:

  • Influencers can create content because they understand their audience’s preferences.To gain new viewers, you can hire an influencer to create videos on your channel.

Here’s an example from Dhruv Rathee, an Indian YouTube influencer who made a video for DW Travel.

youtube influencer collaboration example

Image source

  • They don’t have to sell your products. An honest review about your offerings by an influencer where they share their experience–mentioning its pros and cons–will attract the right kind of audience to your product’sLanding page.

4. Try paid ads

YouTube has a fierce competition with only a handful of top channels taking the majority of the revenue.

stats about most viewed videos on youtube

Image source

You may also want to consider targeted YouTube ads, especially if you are launching a product or running an advertisement.

It’s a great way to generate some brand awareness and get product sales early on. This is a 45 second video of Moroccanoil used as an advertisement.

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