6 Technologies Resellers Need to Equip Retailers for Success

After the COVID-19 wave first started rippling across the world, many underestimated the complete effect it would have on retailers. Now that we’re in the throes of it, we’re finally recognizing how different the brand new business climate that we have found ourselves in really it. Consumer behaviour has changed in important ways, and merchants all around the country want to navigate the way to operate and reopen in this brave new world.

What retailers are truly searching for is leadership and guidance. Like everybody else, retailers feel as though they are attempting to develop clairvoyance in the face of overwhelming doubt. With no experience a pandemic similar to this before, it’s hard for them to ascertain how to reopen successfully and safely.

Resellers are in a special position to provide that advice, in addition to the tools retailers will need to set themselves up for success.


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1. eCommerce Point of Sale Integration

Social networking is top-of-mind for everybody nowadays. Therefore, consumers are radically reducing the amount of time they are spending in brick-and-mortar site. They prefer shopping online from the safety of their homes instead. It is going to be crucial that you offer retailers solutions that integrate with eCommerce.

2. Shop-by-Appointment and Curbside Pickup

Consumers are shopping less. Concerned with spending plenty of time in brick-and-mortar locations, and the amount of different clients they will come into contact with, they are hesitant to venture outside. As a result of this, some retailers have begun implementing shop-by-appointment operations, which can help control the amount of customers inside the store at any given time and helps provide reassurance to shoppers.

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Likewise curbside pickup is flourishing for many unique retailers. This functionality was traditionally utilised in restaurant takeout operations but has ever been embraced by retail to greatly help enhance planetary operations while continuing to keep their clients safe.

3. Mobile POS Technology for Line Busting and In-Aisle Payments

With how readily this strain of the coronavirus could be spread from person to person, it is vital that retailers take extra measures to keep clients from congregating through the shop. Including checkout lines, which can be especially ripe for spreading viruses as a result of close contact.

4. Self-Service Kiosk

For a virus which may be spread easily through face-to-face contact and miniature respiratory droplets, it’s crucial that retailers especially attempt to decrease the amount of contact between their clients and their employees. When sanitized correctly and frequently, self-service kiosks can help. These devices curtail the spread of disease by limiting the quantity of face-to-face contact between employees and clients, helping them feel safer shopping in stores.

5. Protective Shields

Offering protective defenses that retailers can install in the checkout counter can help them provide some extra protection during the most exposed and risky period of the shopper’s journey: the point of sale. This is the time where shoppers and workers come in close contact and lines can develop at the counter. It can be tricky to keep the recommended distance of six feet because of this. Due to the dangers associated with the point of sale, it’s crucial for retailers to install extra protection.

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6. Contactless Payment Options

Ultimately, the objective of any retail operation at the moment is to have the ability to operate effectively without exposing anyone to the virus. The virus can easily be picked up and carried on hands, so for retailers, implementing contactless payment options will go a long way in preventing its spread.

The success of your clients directly reflects your success, so in this time, helping them succeed is paramount. ConnectPOS is here to help! We provide the crucial solutions that can help your clients overcome their most pressing business challenges – such as online ordering printers, mobile printers for mobile payments, self-service kiosk printers, protective barriers for the point of sale, and much more.




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