8 ways to Assist customers with Christmas gift deliveries

When clients begin placing holiday orders — and especially as deadlines loom — you need all of the help you can get in making sure their purchases arrive safely.

There’s a couple of ways that orders can fail and the last thing you want are unhappy customers.

Here are some suggestions to share with your clients via a”Tips for Your Vacations Orders” email, landing page, or pop-up on your own site.

1. Shared email addresses

If your client shares the exact same email address as their spouse, friend, or child, and your client orders her present using it, the surprise will be no more once your email confirmation arrives.

Suggestion: Clients use a work email address, or set up a free one at Live, Yahoo or Gmail purely for holiday gift purchases.

2. Home deliveries

There are hardly any men and women who are able to wait at home all day for a delivery. Even fewer appreciate missing the courier by absolute minutes coming from an errand.

Suggestion: Customers receive their talent sent to their work address, or to some friend’s or parent’s address to hold it for them.

3. Where do they reside?

Houses and flats differ wildly in how safe it may be to leave an unattended item. Some of the older homes in our city face right onto the road, with just a doorstep separating them from the sidewalk. Other individuals have little porches while others reside up a long drive. Some apartment blocks have doormenothers an unlocked lobby, and others, a door grille with a wall of mailboxes.

Suggestion: Let your clients know whether you will leave a card for redelivery, charge for redelivery, etc.

4. Hotel deliveries

I have been caught out with this one. Recently I sent a gift to a girl care of the resort with”- Guest” with her name. Unfortunately her partner had made the booking under his name, and because the resort front desk had no record of her surname, they refused sending and sending it back to me.

Suggestion: Be sure your customer confirms the gift recipient at the resort has reserved the accommodation under their name.

5. Hospital deliveries

Unless the individual receiving the gift will be there over a few days or weeks, then you need immediately, perhaps same day, delivery. I know of girls who have been discharged just 36 hours after giving birth. Should you sell flowers online, it’s a excellent chance to up-sell them into a vase. Most hospitals will not have vases for your buddy’s blossoms.

Ideas: Ask your clients to check whether the individual is in a private room or has many people sharing the ward; a few of them might be allergic to flowers, for instance. You might even suggest it would be kinder to wait to send them something once they’re home, giving them something to anticipate.

6. Gift-wrapping

A wrapped gift in a box by a department store still keeps some puzzle on Christmas day. Boutique retailers may be more overt with logos and so forth. Most firms use branded wrapping ribbons or paper, stickers and cards.

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Suggestion: Your client may appreciate plain gift wrapping that will leave your receiver none the wiser.

7. Invoices

Do you usually send your items together with the reception on the outside of the cardboard box, in a plastic sleeve? Inside with the contents? Or do you include brochures or catalogs which list prices?

Suggestion: Ask your clients to tick a gift-version choice in your shopping cart so their presents arrive without a payment details indoors. It ruins the surprise when they understand how much the client spent.

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8. Credit card statements

If your client and his partner undergo their finances together, visiting”Mary’s Red-Hot Lingerie” or like the statement is a giveaway that she’s getting lingerie, the client’s other partner is getting lingerie, or that, hey, he likes to wear lingerie. None of the results is especially palatable.

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