Are Check Out Lines Outdated? IPad POS: The New Cash Register

From tethered to drifting, a timeline of technological liberty

There was a time when mobiles were tethered to a wall, connected to a line that was attached to a switchboard. As technology improved, homes started to house cordless telephones. With this, people were now free to move about the home in a telephone call, putting laundry away or going to the restroom while on the telephone. However, the freedom was restricted to the homestead. Then came cell phones and satellite phones. Now there are just a small number of places in the world where a telephone call can’t be made.

Similar progressions can be hailed for televisions (antennae to cable to Netflix), computers (desktop to laptop to tablet/phone), and cash registers.


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Are Cash Registers Becoming Obsolete?

Yes, even cash registers. Consider It. Originally, a store clerk would put in the prices of your items into a machine and provide you a whole cost. You’d hand them your payment, they would process it and provide you a receipt, and you’d exit the shop with your purchase.

Next came the self-checkout line. Once computers took over the memory of pricing data and scanning barcodes, there was no requirement for a sales clerk. Clients could just as easily scan their own items and process their own transactions at a kiosk. Nevertheless the kiosks remain stationary. As the growth of checkout progressed, the pill took centre stage. (Apple really uses mobile phones as point of sale systems, but that is because they fabricate said phones and it is great advertising.)

iPad POS: The growth of Checkouts

With an iPad point of sale system (a.k.a. cash register) has the capability to put voucher lines onto the endangered species list. Here’s why. Since tablet technology is so user friendly and since so many people interface with them on a regular basis anyway, the unit is comfortable and non-threatening for new clerks.

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Clients Prefer Individualized Care Over Being Herded Like Cattle

More than that, a wireless device gives retail workers the freedom to move about the store helping customers. Since the pill is so lightweight, clerks can carry it with them and get things like inventory and merchandise details when a client asks a question they do not know the answer to off the top of the head. When the client makes a purchase decision, there is no need to go elsewhere to checkout. Having an iPad POS, the identical clerk can answer questions, make the purchase, and finalize the purchase without walking the customer all around the store. This sort of individual attention makes customers feel like royalty rather than cows being corralled in lines.

With this type of mobile, user-friendly, customizable, individualized service option available to retailers, why should you settle for herding customers through checkout lines with a clerk who hears the barcode scanner beep in his/her sleep? As fewer and fewer people use checks (almost none) and money (mostly strippers, drug dealers, and kids too young to start a bank account of their own), point of sale systems will have the liberty to become completely electronic. Checkout lines will eventually be something that you see at an interactive museum exhibit where you tell your kids a story that starts with,”When I was your age…”

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