Bank Identification Number

Bank Identification Number

The Bank Identification Number (BIC) is a special identification code of a bank that’s used for hastening the transactions and facilitating the entire procedure of payment. It’s a bank details element comprising information on the territorial location of the lender holding the business’s current account.

Each lender has its own code in the general register of financial organizations. BIC code enables determining the affiliation of a credit or debit card to a specific bank. Therefore, the sender of the funds receives documentary proof of this card belonging to a specific bank. The digital code is identical for all cards, because some users prefer to begin several at the same time: for wages, for economies, for private purposes.

The Basis of bank identification number lookup

The system of interbank settlements is a enormous machine, in which tens of thousands of transfers occur every second in various directions. To be able to automate this intricate mechanism, all accounts or branches have been assigned unique numeric identifiers. So, by using them, individuals may significantly speed up the transaction procedure.

Nevertheless, in such circumstances, the issue of the correctness of this sign of the operating details can appear. A simple error in one BIC digit could lead to an incorrectly addressed transfer, delay or return of capital. That’s the reason it is so important not just to rewrite those figures but also to comprehend their significance. In this way the proportion of mistakes will be reduced to a minimum, and payments will be on time.

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This number is needed to indicate when filling in all monetary settlement records, during transactions. Without this code, it’s possible to run erroneous payment transactions. By writing the incorrect identification code, the card owner can send cash to a completely different receiver.

The whole structure of this code has a specific sequence where there are the following components:


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  • The nation to which the banking institution belongs.
  • The region where the office is situated.
  • Bank department.

Generally speaking, the first digits of the code indicate the country, the upcoming few digits indicate that they belong to a certain area, the next two digits indicate the conditional number of the bank’s payment processing system, and the past seven or nine digits indicate the reference number of the banking institution where the customer’s correspondent account is open.

What’s the BIC used for?

The reply to the requirement of BIC code is clear. There are numerous scenarios where it is required to be indicated, including the following:

  • Conducting monetary transactions at the international level. If you would like to transfer money to an account of a foreign bank, you’ll have to indicate the BIC
  • making purchases in the online shop. BIC has to be given when transferring money to the business’s settlement account.

So, for proper and timely settlements between banks, you must correctly enter your billing information and BIC, which is a sort of”passport” of every branch of credit institutions. If someone understands the BIC, he can learn in which area the bank branch is located and how long it has been registered. Everybody can get BIC in the files provided when concluding an agreement on a card, credit or deposit or simply by calling a bank department.

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Back office dashboard

Back office dash: Optimization of business processes of the society is an essential component for any industrial structure. Therefore, serious societies execute back-office applications for their employees so as to create better results and make the entire business process more effective. To put it differently, back office applications are developed for efficient business process management. In them, every employee has access to the back office dash.

For effective management of any company processes during the execution of the described systems, different tools and specific instruments are used. For this purpose, quite often back office dashboards contain special diagrams (a diagram of all phases of the company process in graphical form).

This approach ensures the specific implementation of the business processes. Besides, it helps for arranging affairs. Using it, companies will have the ability to organize the most effective job of employees, providing them with clear rules of actions. In actuality, this system will lead users step by step to the anticipated outcome.

All jobs set for customers are drawn up as pages containing all of the information required to complete the job and to make decisions.

The back office dash provides all the essential resources and performs the tasks in 1 place.

Oftentimes, during the implementation of a business process, the provider’s workers have different ideas and suggestions regarding the process improvement. They could provide and discuss them on the back office dash. Many times, such proposals are of great benefit. And the refinement of this procedure makes the business’s work more successful.

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