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BMW 118i vs. Mercedes-Benz A180

in 2012 the mercedes a-class underwent an enormous metamorphosis because then the car exchanged the high mp4-esque body of the first two generations for the sporty hatchbacks shape that the car still has and with that when Mercedes suddenly a competitors for, for example, the BMW 1 Series at home and now it is the turn of a siri to change completely because the car goes from rear-wheel drive to front-wheel drive and traditional BMW enthusiasts who might not be too happy with it does mean that the 1-series more than ever resembles, for example, the a-class and basically all other competitors and so it is time for a direct one comparisons we also call this time with two very similar ones versions namely a 118 wie with a one package opposite a 180 min amg-styling [Applause] that the a series and front wheel and floated is of course also has major advantages, so the entire interior is much more spacious than with previous editions of the 1 series especially in the back is for adults for the first time to keep it out while the luggage compartment with glasses on 80 liters is also somewhat larger than the previous one model meanwhile, the whole interior has been lifted to a higher level finish and use of materials are very attractive and in terms of design the jury is in line with the other larger BMW models of today for example, take a look at this digital set of instruments with those typical shapes from those meters on the corners but also to the hi guys screens nightride works exactly the same as in other bmw and that means there too there is a rotary knob here and that is actually still the finest solution there is certainly now that eyed raven is also a touchscreen so you can actually choose what you find most comfortable at what time and therefore is this system what operation 16 hours fall the best of both worlds you can too writing are you alive now also adds gesture control to the 1 series has this old then not but that means that you can also use gestures for example the volume up and down and also when it comes to connectivity is the one siri completely up to date with the car in a convenient way communicate with, for example, the appointments in your smartphone but it still deserves to note that android auto still not is available while apple carplay the bmw but the bmw on technology area follows its big brothers, the mercedes is just ahead in that area because the a-class was the calculated car in which mercedes the new mbx system launched a few years ago and you can see that immediately because exactly the system includes these gigantic screens that have been fused together optically so it looks like a screen, it is secretly not, but it looks just as good very sleek and very modern screens that are really the attention-grabbers of this interior and the good news is it still works very well you have to get used to it much longer than to the BMW system that is a real star when it comes to user-friendliness and here you have really been busy for a while but if you are there once you are used to it, you can do a lot with it and looks it also all very modern and you can control that entire digital environment much more than in that BMW taste so these are the traditional clocks if you don’t then you do there or a big screen or all the info about you safety systems whatever you want you can organize it yourself also once again with an afterwards of and design and the operation yes that takes some getting used to I said it already it is not possible with a rotary knob today pc that used to be but not anymore people are touchpad or a touchscreen by the way just like with bmw with respect that works a little less logically although you do benefit from it and what also helps is that you can alternatively use this touch have a button on the steering wheel with which you can also operate the central screen and then you also have a sandwich button on the left side and that serves again the screen behind the wheel to operate so instrumentation show face yes it takes some getting used to but can do a lot and it also looks very modern the rest of the interior is also of a very high standard and that is already the case typical mercedes the round ventilation grille remain very nice and elsewhere too there is nothing to complain about the quality feeling in terms of space, the two do not differ much from each other, this is also fine reachable hatchback in which four adults without too much drama one find a spot at the top ‘version of the a siri the m 135 i means the front wheel drive platform also that the six-cylinder disappears but here it remains in every case with the old engine because also in this 118 light and one and a half liter large 3 cylinder that ideas from the previous series you but for example also from the 318 i although the engine in those cars is of course longitudinal and across here and yes actually also in the new one series has gained a few more horsepower, moreover it also has more 140 horsepower and he still likes a smooth typical modern small turbo engine only on seems slightly less well insulated than in, for example, a 318 i and therefore you hear what is more than 3 cylinder that would be manager in itself very bad but it does mean that if you go full throttle to it to get the most out of it and use that performance a little bit to mighty about is because I just set it up a little bit once sounds too tinny becomes the engine as standard linked to a manual six-speed gearbox, but in this case we have the undoubtedly popular option of one automatic transmission and that is in the case of this new one series and 7-speed one copy with double clutch then you see difference with before because previously the eight-speed gearbox was mounted and with normal driving behavior, for example, fine scaffold floor and again typically what we are used to this kind of car approaching but when you suddenly some more grass then he does not always know what to do with the situation I think he will look a bit restless and will search a bit and also not always very refined choose the next gear and despite everything fortunately still have a real BMW feeling on board of this car and that comes to start with the seating position the seat can be very low the steering wheel can go nice and far and then you immediately feel like getting in to send a nice game and if you do then the car sets up certainly not disappoint because yes actually no surprise of course because we know this chassis or family and from the 2-series active tourer this car is also ordinary nice and dynamic the control is very direct sometimes even a small a little too direct because if you are about irregularities then you have something to it feeling that send a little knocked out of your hands yes then then last mon and from feeling a bit too much in the steering wheel that can be annoying, but the positive downside is that you feel exactly what is happening and that also applies to a certain extent to the chassis I already told you this is an m-sport version so we also have an m sports suspension and as a pretty sturdy knows how to neatly eliminate those thresholds, but if you cross an uneven one road surface holes of a bad road surface then you will still be quite through shaken together [Applause] watts of power, these two are quite comparable but that power comes about in a completely different way instead of a one and a half liter 3 cylinder we have with the mercedes just a four-cylinder that, jokingly enough, is slightly smaller and 1.3 liter capacity and that engine has not only known him for a while from mercedes but also from different renaults and I already like that excellent from the start and it is certainly going today do not change that the four-cylinder that delivers a bit finer and run it just sounds a bit nicer than the bmw block and it is just a whole smooth engine that picks up very pleasantly even at low revs without turning 80 evenings into a fast car of course let that be clear but it picks up smoothly which is nice because in this case it is linked to a manual transmission six-speed gearbox that has an incredibly long resistance and that means that you are in the practice is quickly in a very low rev range and that takes some getting used to then you have to learn how to deal with it or you need a machine of course order and that’s just where are you with and copy with double clutch and the one that is also just like the one in the ww not completely free of you, we know from experience that is a shame because such machine fits well with the quiet character of the a-class is a bit traditional distribution might be a bit predictable but the bmw is again really the more dynamic car of this one two and the mercedes the more comfortable and that really doesn’t mean that Mercedes and aloof sometimes you can really have fun with sending one very nice car but he is nothing so dynamic and he does not bring that dynamic as well as that BMW and that is reflected, among other things in a much quieter steering you never feel that there is being steering drawn except when I talk about crossing the line because we have to mention that because mercedes lane assistant is really one drama that remains and that is certainly no different in this a-class if you cross the line then he pulls a kind of emergency brake on one side and that scares us all to death time and time again and we have to very handy the new bmw 1 series is a car that is without a doubt less one typical you agree but fortunately still a very high quality and especially also a very dynamic hatchback and therefore drifts and quite predictable conclusion because the mercedes is nice and traditional am more comfortable car of the two and then you could say then the The winner is mainly a matter of taste, but I still have the tendency to get the Mercedes declared the winner and that is mainly due to its finer engine and its slightly nicer interior

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