BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes S-Class vs Audi A8 2017

flagship luxury sedans get the best of the brand has and the BMW 7-series drive that point home in the new 74 te plug-in hybrid its high-tech drivetrain is complemented by high-tech convenience features like gesture control a key fob with an integrated screen in a 3d camera view we put these features to the test and found out sometimes the latest isn’t the greatest seven series has the latest version of BMWs iDrive system and you can operate the multimedia system either with the knob on the console or with the dashboard touchscreen or was just your controls there’s a camera and the headliner that recognizes certain gestures when you have an incoming call you can accept it by pointing at the screen or swiping to the right to the climate you can also raise or lower the audio volume by rotating your finger in a circular motion right or left and finally you can customize what the system does when you make the peace sign once you’ve had time with gesture controls some of them work reasonably well others not so much but overall the system doesn’t really make your life in the car any easier because in the case of the adjusting the volume there are already easy-to-use controls on the steering wheel and the dashboard and while the system might impress your friends the first time you show it to him it’s not a feature i’m going to be using day in and day out while back up cameras are commonplace and 360 degree camera systems are offered on many cars BMW is taking the feature a step further with its 3d view that’s part of its optional 360-degree camera system setup uses images from the for external cameras to create a virtual view of what’s around your car on the dashboard screen and you can spin it using the idrive controller or through gestures it’s a very cool and unique effect but the system’s other views are more practical for maneuvering in tight spaces key fobs have largely been left behind as technology and cars a zoomed ahead but BMW has modernized the key fob with its new display key its standard on the 2017 seven series and has an LCD screen that shows estimated range as well as fuel and charged levels even cooler when you get the remote control parking system that’s available for gas only seven series models you can move car into a tight parking space when standing outside using just the key some cars are defined by their features but that’s less the case with the 7 Series which gets its kudos because it drives great and has a truly luxurious interior these text features add some flash but they come up short on function click here for more videos and here to subscribe to our YouTube channel

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