BMW iDrive 7.0 (all-new) 2020 Detailed Tutorial and Review

Hello and welcome to our BMW idrive 7.0 tech help video in this video We hope to give you a better understanding of the system by taking a very detailed look at the all-new version of aia drive Updated for 2020 and found in nearly all new BMW products We will be covering all of the features, but feel free to skip around to the parts that are particular interest to you Let’s get started. So this is the brand new version of I Drive called I Drive 7.0 So start out with one of the big features of this system is that it can be controlled in several different ways now in addition to your regular Controller knob which a pmws have always had You now have the ability to control via a touchscreen. So that’s now a touchscreen up here Now you also have the ability to use voice commands to To speak to the system using the new voice assistant. So as far as the software itself, we’ll start out with our home screens You now have up to 10 reconfigurable home screen. So each of these you can choose What type of things to fill in for your tiles and then to reconfigure these home screens All you have to do is reach up here and hit that button right there Then that basically just allows you to add a new page or change the layout so we can hit here we can say we want traffic Navigation or it not feel To be really specific about things as you can see. Okay now I Have now made a page, which is basically my traffic page. So I’ve got the traffic view as well as the traffic messages They’re moving beyond that you have several shortcut buttons down here on the side. This represents the main sections of the iDrive system So we’ll start out in media Here in media, of course is where all of your things that pertain to audio So right now I’m connected to the standard Bluetooth and I can see my entire queue and select song straight from here You can also switch my different sources right over here so I can go into things like our XM satellite radio And we can see all the different radio stations We can also play and pause The music as it’s playing live and we can go and also check for different channels like that next up We have our communications. This is just your telephone section, basically takes you straight into your telephone recent calls yourself your contacts, which you can automatically Just scroll through like that, or you can start to draw out letters finally control We also have text messages support So you’ll see all of your text messages which automatically sync over from your phone and you can just click straight into them You can have the read aloud on May 11th 2019 at 12:36 p.m. And garage or that And then you can call forward and also reply to different things. You can dictate it verbally The next thing we have is our navigation This is standard on most BMWs as long as you have larger display So as you can see our main screen basically brings us up some options on the side as well as part of our map So we can click straight into the map itself. And as you can see you have really nice graphics. They are 3d right now and if you zoom out to a certain extent once you get out far enough We will go into a satellite view if that is enabled We can do that by going into our map settings so a perspective auto zoom and Then we can go and turn on 3d buildings and satellite imagery. So as you can see now we have kind of a More realistic view of what is in the surroundings Then back over here to our menu. We can swipe that back out We can search by points of interest so we can find fuel stations or charging stations since this is specific car is an electric Seven series so we can see Walmart and West Cincinnati West Chester, Ohio and we can start guiding it straight there Now checking out the car Button here this of course varies depending on which BMW you actually have But we can see things like our driving status this just tells us different things about our car How much the oil the tire pressures and all four wheels? Just kind of keeps you in the know you can also do driving information This is going to be a trip data. You can also activate sport displays So you can see things neat things even like your GU meter right here now seeing that flash it up reminds me a lot of new BMWs come equipped with Gesture control. So in this specific model, you can among other things you can do the circular motion Turn up your audio volume and then twist backwards to turn it. Yes, very easy to spite this call away to the voicemail like this Or to accept the call. I just have to point like this on top of that We have one gesture that can be individually configured by our customer This is the two gesture could potentially be switching off the display like in this case now There’s are a lot of different features in this car. So if you get confused BMW has given you a owner’s manual down here at the bottom that you can quit quickly quickly click into and search for various things like Convinced to search by a keyword or by topic so we could say I’m having trouble with controls The iDrive system And then you can find a specific topic I can get destructions about it Now one of the coolest things about the IRI 7.0 system is that it comes with the new BMW assistant So basically it has a launch phrase That you can save to the vehicle You can ask it various different commands and it uses an AI system to discern these things and there’s a lot of neat features So I’ll go ahead and show you a few of them So the launch phrase is hey BMW, however, you can actually rename it to other things if you prefer to do that Hello, what can I help you with? How did the automatic high beams work? What keywords should I search for in the owners manual High beams high beams, please continue with manual control So you can see you can come to you a search of that owner’s manual so you can find something specifically Hey BMW I’m cold What temperature should I set 78 I’m setting the temperature on the driver’s side to 78 degrees Fahrenheit Now, I’m not sure about other vehicles But at least here on your flagship level vehicles the 7 Series in the x7 they have these things called caring car And what this does is it has these different modes which kind of like encompass a lot of different features To help you with different types of moods so you can talk to the assistant and tell it something for instance I’m tired All right, I’ve activated the vanity program So the vitality program What it’s going to do is do a whole bunch of different things just to help you feel more refreshed So we opened up the moonroof to let some light in right now it’s alternating up and down the fan speed to give you like a breezy type of feel the ambient lighting changes The massage function was automatically turned on so I’m now getting massage and my seat ventilation was one So there’s a lot of different things also there’s Some specific music that’s playing right now. That’s nice and relaxing. So our more upbeat to make you feel better So there’s two different modes for that You also have some modes called experience modes As you can see right there exactly what it’s going to change So I can warm the climate protect you from the Sun Different things just to give you Mike a sense of well-being for instance So these are really neat features and definitely have a new level of thought that goes into Flagship love the cars now. We’ll jump back into the main page and we’ll pop down to applications So as you can see off to site here, you’ve got a lot of different types of information And applications that you can go into however most importantly Apple carplay is onboard for every vehicle of I Drive 7.0. It’s the wireless apple carplay That’s free for one year. However, there is no Android auto at this time Here we have BMW news So you can basically just see some news as you’d expect We also have weather So straight fruit here from the car. We can check our percent chance of rain. We can also scroll over and see a map Ork now is an interesting app This is a feature that allows you to see available parking spots if you’re in a city that supports that ability We also have a web browser and you can set certain climate control rules For when you want the automatic seat heating to turn on and when you want the automatic seat Ventilation to turn on now, you can use the BMW Store to add more applications Now you do have like a notification shade so you can swipe down So you can see here. We have 15 notifications So we can see different types of things It looks basically it’s been recommending that we look at the owner’s manual to understand things better. Oh So I go over here and hit these displays this is where all three of our displays would be located so we can Click on head up this way jump over here This is where you can do all the adjustments for the head-up display so we can grab this make it brighter grab this Raise it up a little higher And also choose what types of information that we want displayed on it. We can do the same thing for the instrument panel So right in our main display And then we can also do that for this main display in the middle so in here we have some general settings So as you can see this all has to do with different warnings Tons and tons of different things that depends on what cart you have But you also have some drive mode selections depending on what car you have Exterior lighting driver’s assistants. This is where you can change all Customize exactly how you want your drivers assistance because some people like it to be a little more active and other people want it to Not intervene as much Well everybody thanks for joining us for this tech help episode Hopefully you learned some things about the brand-new iDrive 7.0 system and see you next time

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