BMW M760Li vs Porsche Panamera Turbo | Drag race, drifted, driven on road

if you’re a very busy very important company chief executive and you’ve got to get all around Europe to lots of very important country meetings you need a private jet but if you can’t have a private jet the next best thing is this the BMW M 760li xDrive no no no no no you know what you want is a Porsche Panamera Turbo this is an absolutely fantastic car absolutely beautiful to cruise in it’s got an amazing turn of speed it’s beautifully finished I don’t know of any car in production today that feels as solid at well-put-together as this right now my mate malreaux is telling you that I’m wrong that you need a Porsche Panamera Turbo instead utter utter nonsense let me tell you one thing this car’s engine is a 6.6 litre twin-turbocharged v-12 it’s an absolute monster in fact this mm 760li shares its engine with lots of Rolls Royces let me start with this absolutely monstrous engine the four litre twin-turbo v8 puts out 550 horsepower and 770 Newton metres of torque poor claim it will do nought to 60 with 3.6 seconds and a hundred get this 8.1 so the M 760li is not a full M cars and M Performance car so it’s that kind of second-tier M car but nonetheless this is naught to 60 2 into 3.7 seconds BMW se until the new m5 actually arrives this is the fastest accelerating BMW ever it’s also the most powerful production BMW of all time as well transmission 4-wheel Drive 8-speed PDK gearbox it works seamlessly one of the best out there it’s got so much grip full wheel drive system is so clever that front end it’s just so so so so grippy and I think it’s every situation on a normal road where you’ll you know need to be pretty good it’s the most amazing thing about it though is that despite that 2.2 ton curb weight despite it being longer than a football pitch when you flick it into sport mode it’s really really good to drive it’s got body control given that there’s a massive 6.6 liter v12 up front it does get into a corner and with four-wheel drive it’s got massive traction so you just foot down and ping in a way it goes a winding road dynamically so this is a 2 ton car this is not a light it’s not a sports car then whoosh go in front multi-link rear it rides fantastically it’s a big car it manages the bumps really nicely a suspension so just kind of glides around it’s a bumpy road it’s also got amazing ride quality this car sticking into comfort and it’s so fluid and relaxed it smothers the road really nicely and then it feels really nice and controlled really composed it’s the same sensation that you get in an s-class or even in a Rolls Royce that same mature very sophisticated ride quality but this cars got air Springs it’s got active anti-roll bars all of which means they can control the body when you start driving it quickly without knackering the ride quality so yeah genuinely it rides beautifully interior this thing is absolutely fantastic it feels like it’s built from a grin I everything in here is beautiful to touch solid feeling there’s no rattles there’s no squeaks it’s got it’s beautiful new infotainment system here everything is touchscreen you can just scroll through it’s so adjustable as well there’s so many different settings that you change on this car to adapt it to your particular style when your apocalypse comes this is the car you want to be in and if you run out of petrol half way through just do up the windows put the radio on and right now this cabin is stunning okay in this speck it looks like Michael Jackson’s leather jacket the Thriller video but you don’t have to have bright red leather the build quality the material quality of both top large as a long distance car this really really takes some beating even so marrow is going to be banging on about how that Porsche Panamera Turbo is the better high speed cross continent I can’t think of a better way to travel whether you want to be going quickly or whether you want to just sit back cruise relax before we have an argument about these two cars let’s go to the test track where we’ll drag race them and find out which one is faster what are you thinking everybody knows that nothing is as quick as a port turbo flash of the Titans list two monstrous big executive cars massive power drag race time that thing’s got a monster v2 over net Porsche of downsides this engine this has got a four liter twin-turbo v8 I’ve got more power 600 horsepower compared for his 550 or so I’ve also got a little bit more weight so they were both got four-wheel drive I think though his car might be a bit quicker he’s looking at me we live nervous this is an absolute monster nought to 60 3.6 seconds nought to 100 8.1 basically Dan does not stand a chance this car is 3.7 seconds to 62 miles an hour on paper I’m sure that Porsche is gonna be quicker now Porsche you’ve got the easiest launch control to activate you literally put your left foot on the brake make sure the gearbox dinner in Auto now the throttle when you’re ready off the brake for where you go so I’m in sport mode I’ve got DSC off left foot hard on the brake floor the throttle and I just lift off the brake as soon as the flag drops as you know how smug Mary is gonna be okay so look you talk elated left on the break here we go we’ve got the launch got the Hodge there he goes my 47 miles an hour I’m already ahead 85 I got away from the line nicely but God that thing just Rockets away once you get to 40 miles an hour’s I think he’s just driving away still a hundred still accelerating drama-free out of the wheeler for one bye bye Dan I’ve got more power more talk and he’s just cruising away from me Wow Wow and is a speck in my mirrors 140 155 155 ceramics are working hard that is a very very fast Porsche bearing them on this isn’t even the fastest Panamera that Porsche make the Turbo S is even quicker that it’s the fastest production car BMW have ever made it’s also the most powerful but I can call BMW ever made bollocks he enjoyed that too much the drag race looked very one-sided but the numbers tell a slightly different story while the Panamera hit 60 miles an hour in just three and a half seconds the BMW was only three tenths of a second behind the Porsche got to 100 miles an hour in eight point two seconds and the BMW remained three tenths behind recording a time of 8.5 seconds the Porsche covered the quarter mile in 11.8 seconds the BMW still three tenths behind recording a time of 12.1 seconds over the full 1/2 mile distance the Panamera set a time of eighteen point four seconds the BMW was still not 0.3 seconds behind is across the finish line with a time of eighteen point seven seconds it may have looked like a convincing win for the Panamera but in fact the 7 Series was right behind it so a drag race is of course completely irrelevant for this kind of car but we managed to think of an even more irrelevant test we’re gonna see which one of these two cars power slides the best and while while I’m driving my car man never think about what the rear seat space is like EMR is not really passenger first off so hold on to it I’ve got a bench in the middle here that hopefully is gonna stop me a ending up in the other seat it’s nice in here that I really like it it’s really not it’s got a soft pillow for my head Bernier space two big screens loads of room some sort of pad here this seat is quite high that’s everything I know it I feel like I’m sitting a bit hard I’d like to but this is really comfortable yeah that’s my girl like half watch me go 120 miles an hour no idea and it’s that quite well no clear we were going that fast you can imagine these are the sorts of cockpit God why do you need the cars got that force but he would have sort of bloke that kind of commuted from Frankfurt to Munich every day this would be the perfect car yeah absolutely I’m ready for it down please don’t kill me there we go yes that was a tiny tiny cheeky little drift wasn’t there I said to point to you know that wasn’t mega oversteer but it was something there’s no need for you to be able to do that but oh there’s absolutely no need whatsoever but that is pretty impressive although I mean it’s not a full M car but it’s got the Empire Jon it’s true it’s God do something isn’t that true good point okay then welcome to the Panamera Turbo thank you very much how’s it feel do you know what it’s it’s okay isn’t it yes it’s okay I’ve got I’m a bit short on knee room yeah I don’t have lovely rakaat reclining seats and I’m a TV screen in front of me you can specify a Panamera with a fully decked out rear cabin yeah but even so I think that BMWs rear cabin is better still pretty opulent and there is no dismay go yeah I’m not sure you’d keep your job as a chauffeur for long babe I’m gonna go in a bit slower than I normally would Oh second traction there it goes there it goes there it goes that looked bigger that felt lega it felt be bigger it’s it goes further doesn’t it look like the BMW just pulls itself straight straight it’s pretty manageable to be honest yeah well there we go yeah two completely irrelevant to us yes [Applause] so was your activate I think we’ve covered all the important ground drag racing drifting the whole lot we know what if I’d spent 130,000 pounds on the car and that’s what this thing costs of his options I would want to know it could be more than just your honor most where 70 miles an hour so I think it was a day well spent and I think spending a couple hours on the airfield today proved a point it showed us the Panamera despite being less powerful than the BMW is quicker yep and also when you’re really up then when you’re really driving them hard yep the Panamera is a much tighter sharper yes differently and for me I really felt the Porsche DNA come out in this car today it’s not just a four-door saloon with a Porsche badge on it it’s got Porsche running close range yeah it’s a proper driver’s car I loved it may how things fantastic yeah you’re right the Porsche is the much sportier car this really is a big limo in comparison be easier nonetheless I think given its size given its way yeah I think it’s a really cool car it’s a rental and I think that engine in this BMWs off the screen yeah it’s a great car it’s beautiful yeah there’s a load to like about that I mean you took me for a ride in it and it’s a really nice place to spend time I couldn’t believe it we’re doing 100 miles now I had no clue I love the infotainment system in there everything clearly laid out great place to spend time but I think this is more of a sports saloon so I’m gonna stick with this one so you’re happy driving home in Iran today absolutely yeah make up I’ll stay in this one absolutely thank you very much sure I’ll see you later

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