BMW X1 XDrive25e

in november 2016, the signora 60h was launched in china, which is one plug-in hybrid compact suv with an electric range of about 60 km and a one and a half liter 3 cylinder on board and then you think of course why I tell all that well that car was in basically a plug-in hybrid version of the bmw x1 and that’s one type we have here until recently, of course, the 225 xe had the plug-in hybrid Let’s say mp4 and you also have a mini counter me as a plug in but the x1 that was missing all this time until now that this x 1 x drive 25e is only now actually quite remarkable because BMW had all the pieces of the puzzle are ready

and not only the china by the way because we have of course had the 225 x in europe for years active tourer and also the plug-in hybrid version of the mini countryman and those are the cars with which these x once a platform and now they are drivetrain that means we share a liter and a half 3 cylinder on board that powers the formula basically just like in one for example and 6 pm and in electric motor that then the drive behind you and there then the cars and I have stripes designation on land for that reason it is four-wheel drive numbers are small differences with the 2 series active tourer and the mini countryman this one delivers two hundred and twenty horsepower,

and those cars have 224 horsepower where do you think adjustment differences and yes actually made no words to dirt it’s just the same drivetrain and that also means that in this car we also have a battery of just under 10 kilowatt hours 9.7 to be precise, which in theory gives you a maximum of 57 kilometers far on electricity and the car can of course based on the navigation data itself determine where the power can best use so if you navigate to a big city, it will keep it until we know it now but you can also influence that yourself for example, there is a mode to use the power immediately up to the speed of 135 km per hour and you can also save it correctly if you chest plan to drive through an urban area later on that you have had a few years to finish this powertrain properly you also notice that it all works very smoothly together now and then the ridden them stops in a very small jolt but it should not really have a name and it is also remarkably quiet throughout many cars with a three-cylinder you can still clearly hear that it is a three-cylinder is but they have really managed to contain that very well with this car it actually feels a bit like you always drive electric and you really should of going to check your tachometer to see that that Groningen engine is running except then I have to say if you really step on the gas nice of course but the downside is that this one is of course nice and smooth because yes 220 hp that is of course just a lot for such a fairly small car from 0 to 100 goes in 7 seconds and that while this xe one of course is quite a lot heavier than the regular x1 the fault compared to and 18h \u200b\u200bwhich then it has front-wheel drive so 345 kilos of this weighs 1820 kilos and as me quite a lot for such a small car and also compare with one four-wheel drive petrol version and a shield it still about 175 kilos and brand You therefore have a lot of extra weight if you just came from the 18th century but now that I drive away in this car actually not I do notice that he is very solidly tuned and we see that more often cars that are heavier than their peers due to electrification because that weight simply has to be compensated for, but that yes that firm coordination that word of course a bit at b & b and while we are talking about the middle position, I think the control of BMW concepts a bit on the artificial side but good if you once you start steering, you will get that BMW feeling back and that is actually also a little bit because of the sitting position you really drop deep way especially for a suv and it sends very far to you and there the active drivers among us are immediately very happy again of the interior is of course intact very little difference with other x one which is what screen you see scope can keep an eye on a consume so all makes sense too still no digital instumentarium by the way, not necessarily bad, but in this one time, of course, more and more striking and one thing that I just did would like to have the arc automaton as you normally ordered x1 with one machine then you get such a hip per roll I will tell myself but because this one car and a 6-speed automatic transmission has a different gear than other x once really you this pokey yes and that I personally think is not such a beautiful looks a bit like the arc of a manual gearbox they put br-nd on then it will be less successful of course all those batteries have to can be accommodated somewhere and so this x1 is slightly less spacious than one normal is one here is 450 liters against 505 for an ordinary x one but fortunately I can conclude that below if there is still room for, for example, entire charging cables a lot of plug-in hybrids are not so that’s nice the rear seat is also standard in 3 parts, but is not movable that is possible with a normal x1 after the back you also have quite a bit for an adult If you throw the sofa completely flat, you can use 80 liters less and then in a regular me the can also have a towbar under the x 1 x drive 25e, but it can be hung up to 750 kilos although of course there has been no additional benefit to be gained for a long time With a car this does not mean that you have any tax benefits because you have already halved expired to start with and only better is and of course you have a hefty discount on the bpm and that means that this car in terms of price between a front-wheel drive and a four-wheel drive 20th while you just have more power and of course the possibility to to drive electrically and thus it seems four years after the introduction of the senior process still a spot for this x1 on the dutch market the x 1 x prize 25e is available immediately order and that also applies to his brother the x 2 extra 25e

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