Chevrolet Corvette C8 (2020) Review

[Applause] finally landed in Europe eighth generation of the pol american sports car the corvette c8 he is finally here traditionally the car with no I continue with fat v8 in the nose to 7 liters you can count with this generation it got a lot more liters just not liters of stroke volume times liters of luggage space because well and I choose 50 years concept cars rumors it’s finally where the corvette is finally a car with the mid-engine still u v8 but today is here moved to there he now goes through life as a kind of yes provided engine super-car but still according to the recipe of the corvette conscious will perhaps be called in advance but we just ask ourselves honestly, a corvette with a mid-engine is still a real real one corvette [Applause]

But let’s start with it just formulate an answer to the question why corvette has moved away from the traditional engine found the concept to be whole simply they had arrived at the end of the we are the development capabilities on the rear wheel driven platform with the engine in the front and oak striking example of this is the the very last car built on that platform, that’s the set one of the c7 generation you could say that he had just too much power to work on the rear wheels to be able to look there because nothing came weight on that current and tramdijk of the gearbox and in fact you sit like passenger cloth and driver also reasonably far back but not such as for b porsche 911 or other mid-engined cars forest is of course also at the back of Weert you don’t have the weight of such a motor which presses on the rear wheels so that you can lose more power and it is also so that yes say once in a while then they start at the development of the corvette with really complete with a lot of paper i the previous generations c 67 for the c5 that were actually always through Developments and now it is quite a pattern yet to come stitch for something news and maybe it has too had made that the shot is now or never, of course we all go to more electrification and all things that actually mix with corvettes have and answer question is so of course it is really corvette well what makes a real corvette we first locally a bit of affordability, the car is affordable after level if you become an american then you can already get from $ 60,000 but that is a project you should not be completely blinded because that is one version that computer not to europe but that is a bit the version yes that meaning there we say the boulevard cruiser version so with brakes far too small went transmission cooling all season tires little luxury but the version that comes to europe where we now a drive that is located in Germany from 9 9000 euros for that in the Netherlands with all the ppm and all that misery will go a long way towards two tons yes then our today do not just stare blindly nor for that moment out of that 90,000 euros then you just have to find a house in Belgium and Germany rule is really a lot like could drive vettel and if you see what you for that says incredible 415 hp v8 dual transmission clutch can make your variable dampers all sorts assistance really everything on and on girl against him a portion of caiman dressed in the same way you have about half the power and twice the price so is the corvette affordable absolute terms not if you are netherlands lives but in a sense still very much which is of course even more typical corvette is is a kind of multi-purpose and everyday usability but because something to further emphasize the car has next to it I park it because I have to perform an impossible action can do while driving [Applause] also indispensable on a corvette is of course a removable t-top this has been the case for a long time and that has not been passed over with this generation and so you can also put it in this baggage go there looking for generation with an engine in the front, the i had it enormously baggage right where you could really just slide mountain biking with it front wheel off

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but also this thing you can now fall your archetypal golf clubs take the daily usefulness score with them a little less but still very respectable and that is normal smooth row the corvette year now that we can still be we also see where the money should come from now the price is 100,000 euros if you look at the finish you have got you composite materials this is of course all a bit arch and cultural it is not made to look very nice it is just functional because what we look out for and that is the more important thing is money invested in the things that matter when driving but and engine of course you can guess it is a v8 6.2 liter 435 hp 637 now the meter is attached to a dual clutch gearbox still underlying camshaft bag then again will be funny or cooling technology but on the other hand also variable valve timing cylinder shutdown so one bit yes the old school character combined with what is needed in a modern car these wires are for example stuck to magneto geological continuously variable dampers so that’s serious too stuff yes if you look further and michelin pilot sport 4s aluminum double wishbones serious brakes are on and on yes really modern drivetrain so on the one hand because done and bake with double clutch no longer a car that tries to be and is ahead of it a lot also put a lot of time and money into developing electronics needed to keep everything running smoothly, so good tracks control well sp and so on so it really like again in the past, the car with the dual character was on the one hand a relaxed cruiser in which you can even tour around with the roof open on a nice day like this ma and pa press the button serious circuit monster even if this is only the entry-level model you have so far it looks pretty good off is like a corvettes were used to him but in the context of the intelligibility I have also put it back on but it is a nice one moment to yes the dual nature of the car under red the demon stayokay can therefore drive as a convertible, but corvette must also are always a really good cruiser cruising housing rain from the interstate to travel long distances and that it does fine thanks to those variable dampers but the engine also keeps itself wonderfully quiet at cruising speed is here a few centimeters behind me but I can hardly hear him steering is nice and light, the seats are certainly not American model which is flat and wide for well-fed americans not too much in the sit away or the as you would like european sports car fine handsome bucket seats multi-purpose jack your radio you have navigation here and then it’s just the corvette as we were used to it Madame with the engine in the back there is perhaps a little less all-round visibility it is completely captured with camera system around the camera system the accident your function that allows you to lapse together against your dog once the subject goes that is a nice bridge to of course the next access corvette it is the earmark sportscar and yes there is of course about having a bit of experience in the corvette and what they actually took over from the previous generation is true endless adjustability of the character and the car’s dampers I don’t think I know a car where the difference between the comfort mode and the track position of the dampers make a huge difference to really nice week American and if I go here with this dial and right to Iraq and then is it or do you feel the whole car stiffen as if suddenly stave in the suspension has of course its all variables will continue in another do They are not really into field but they love it keep the car incredibly slag and so on The controls feel much less diving, and it doesn’t get much heavier necessarily gives you more feedback but it is not a steering car that should be once in the character of the was a mid-engine and then it is nice little weight in the controls so you don’t have too much input too quickly gives whatever you hear is more engine noise to non-artificial virus course appears but that mechanically there is a system a little bit ahead of it ensures that the thick intake air takes a certain route and therefore her or you soft sounds yes and then of course also endless adjustability espn traction control to keep you in all conditions to keep both in line and then we go a nice piece of gas, we put the double clutch grab in my new booth that uncomplicated 6.2 liter v8 go on put it to work and then see if there is really a correct cut in it to level weaker in terms of sound that sounds exactly like me or it should ring with me [Applause] oh you can speak the second room english everything on it who can set it up to your own taste so that your car card has what you want and he is now in a real track die a lot of camper around and in doing so studies so nicely pointed in and that is actually something I like in the area of \u200b\u200bthat measure on the nose making that super nice direction he changed that kart you got more too very important in this is also a fully variable discussion 100% lubricate it 100% all and then it continues to bite with those Michelin’s sounds the same sends the same of course as you someone hangs in the bend then it is different than wanted the other if you want grass or stayed a bit more to understeer 9 if you king the grass, then you had traction problems and this mid-engine so that it is perfect once it hangs in the pot, it is nice and stable weight distribution he can manipulate very nicely with grass and with the handlebars now arriving at the ultimate question is that expensive corvette with mid-engine a real corvette I would almost like to say more than ever before with separate so it’s a car with a totally different layout but just because they have the components like that adjusted as we did with the previous one, I also have the same team people same philosophy yes here is still short character on one way very much the same and I would almost say so have waited far too long to bring the corvette with mid-engine this is perhaps the most milk and sports car of all if it has always been intended still a rude still raw but still comfortable still in it usable yes and now thanks to this mid-engine layout really and genuinely nice sporty car with all the sharpest edge maybe a little bit off it will be all of this money not allowed to work for that 90,000 euros and car that steers so tight and with such broad character with so much comfort, so much speed and so much experience it should be possible now, but it does so this c8 corvette is still a real corvette certainly more than ever before

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