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Drag Race! Tesla Model Y vs. Jeep Trackhawk – Racing 2 of the Fastest SUVs

[MUSIC PLAYING] ELANA SCHERR: You might be looking at those two vehicles going, like, why would you race them? They could not be more different. [ENGINES REVVING] JONATHAN ELFALAN: Whoo-hoo! ELANA SCHERR: But that’s not true. They’re both red. Besides both being red, they’re both American luxury SUVs that are way faster than anyone would ever think was possible. SPEAKER 2: 3, 2, 1. Go! [MUSIC PLAYING] ELANA SCHERR: If fun was square and red, it would look like this– the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The Trackhawk is powered by a little engine you might have heard of– a 6.2 liter supercharged V8 best known for its work in Dodge’s Hellcat cars. With 707 horsepower and 645 pound feet of torque and, most importantly, a beefy all-wheel drive setup, the Trackhawk can move all its 5,300 pounds from 0 to 60 in less time than it takes you to say its full name twice. No, seriously, we timed it. 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. If you prefer your fun a little rounder and quieter but just as fast, we’ve got the 2020 Tesla Model Y here to satisfy. The Model Y weighs almost 1,000 pounds less than the Jeep, so the big guy is going to have to work hard to beat it. This is the Edmunds long term Model Y Performance Performance– so much performance it’s got to be repeated. This is one of those races where the outcome is pretty weighted, in this case partially because of weight. There’s a common drag racing adage that for every 100 pounds you’re carrying, you’re adding a tenth of a second to your elapsed time. So you can imagine that the Grand Cherokee is at a disadvantage. We all have our strengths.

Let’s see who comes out the stronger here. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is the Trackhawk. And you might know it better as the Hellcat Jeep, because this has the Hellcat engine in it. It has 707 horsepower, and it is way more fun than anything this big has any right to be. JONATHAN ELFALAN: All right. So I’m driving the 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance with the performance package, which gets me a couple other things like wheels, and brakes, and all that stuff. I don’t really need to do much to make this thing go fast. It’s fast out of the box. I just have to make sure it’s in sport mode and hit the accelerator, and it should do its thing. ELANA SCHERR: So Dodge is actually really good about having a lot of race-specific options that are very easy to find. Like, I’m going to throw it in track. I’m going to use the launch control. I’m going to floor it. I’m going to let go of the brake. JONATHAN ELFALAN: You know, I think it’s a pretty good match-up, but I’m going to have to go with the Model Y, obviously because I’m driving it. And it’s really simple to launch.

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And I mean, that Cherokee Trackhawk, it makes a lot of noise. It makes a lot of horsepower, like 7,000 horsepower, something like that.

ELANA SCHERR: I mean, I think this thing weighs twice what the Tesla weighs. So I’m not expecting to win, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if I did. JONATHAN ELFALAN: I’m ready to see the look on Elana’s face after this electric car totally destroys her Trackhawk. SPEAKER 2: All right, give me a thumbs up when you guys are ready. Drivers ready. 3– [ENGINE STALLING] ELANA SCHERR: Didn’t hold it. Sorry. JONATHAN ELFALAN: You almost had me there. That was good.

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 2: Drivers ready. 3, 2, 1. [ENGINE ROARING] [MUSIC PLAYING] JONATHAN ELFALAN: I was in park. [LAUGHS] ELANA SCHERR: Well, it didn’t quite hold it anyway. So– JONATHAN ELFALAN: I guess you can mess this stuff up. ELANA SCHERR: I like that you were in park, because I did that once on a “Roadkill” drag race, and I was totally in park. JONATHAN ELFALAN: All right, I got it this time. SPEAKER 2: Drivers ready. 3, 2, 1. Go! [ENGINE ROARING] JONATHAN ELFALAN: Whoo-hoo! ELANA SCHERR: I’m so mad. [ENGINE ROARING] Oh that’s– that was almost not enough space. JONATHAN ELFALAN: Yeah, that was– that turn came up pretty quick. ELANA SCHERR: That was funny, because I’m like, oh yeah, we’re slowing down. We’re slowing down. And then I was like, ooh, well, this is a big car. I don’t think I want to make this turn at that speed. And ooh, oh, you’re right there. JONATHAN ELFALAN: So how are you feeling after that run? ELANA SCHERR: I feel like no one can say that I didn’t do my best to beat you. And I think if this was a half mile, I might have– I might have had you again. JONATHAN ELFALAN: Were you– were you creeping up on me? I couldn’t tell. ELANA SCHERR: You really went by, and then you didn’t keep pulling away. But maybe you were already getting ready to get off. JONATHAN ELFALAN: Yeah, I think so.

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ELANA SCHERR: I definitely think that if the Tesla gave you more at the launch, it would be a very impressive leaver. I think losing in it doesn’t feel as bad as I thought it would because I kind of think I’m having more fun than you. But you could argue. You could argue that you’re having more fun. JONATHAN ELFALAN: I will say that your car does make fantastic noises. And as long as I have you, you know, maybe half a car length behind, I can still enjoy your exhaust sound. ELANA SCHERR: Well, rematch? JONATHAN ELFALAN: Let’s do this. ELANA SCHERR: I’m going to hope that you screw up your launch even more this time, maybe leave it in park or something. And I think it only would take one big mistake on your part, and I might have you. JONATHAN ELFALAN: I don’t think you have a chance. I’m really sorry to say that. SPEAKER 2: Drivers ready. 3, 2, 1. Go! [ENGINE ROARING] ELANA SCHERR: That sadly wasn’t even close. JONATHAN ELFALAN: Yeah, I agree with you. But I also feel like I went on the G and not the exclamation point. ELANA SCHERR: That’s kind of you to say.

That is kind of you. I feel like I waited for the O on this one. But no, I– I just was behind all the way through. JONATHAN ELFALAN: So philosophically, being a Mopar nut at heart, what is your take on EVs in general? ELANA SCHERR: Well, I mean, I’m a little bit of a traitor. I’m sort of like a gun for hire in that whatever car I am in and is winning is my favorite car of the day. So when I was driving the Tesla in some other races that we did earlier, I was a huge Tesla fan. But right now, I think it’s the dumbest, lamest car ever, and I hate it. JONATHAN ELFALAN: I don’t blame you. ELANA SCHERR: Jonathan, I was saying I thought I might catch you if we had a longer race track. And let’s try a roll race and see if that’s true.


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JONATHAN ELFALAN: I’ll take that bet. SPEAKER 2: Drivers ready. 3, 2, 1. Start rolling. [ENGINE SOFTLY REVVING] [ENGINE ROARING] ELANA SCHERR: So you definitely beat me. And I did let off a little bit early, because I was already at, like, 107. And I felt like even when we were just doing the regular quarter mile race, I barely had enough room to slow down before this turn.

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JONATHAN ELFALAN: Yeah, that was a good call. I mean, again, you have 1,000 pounds on me. And it seems like the brakes are a little more temperature sensitive. So yeah, I don’t think the outcome would have changed.

ELANA SCHERR: Oh, you don’t think I would have made up those six car lengths in the last 60 feet? Also thanks a lot for telling everybody in the audience that I have 1,000 pounds on you. I think I only have, like, 300 or 400 on you. Oh wait, you meant the car?

[MUSIC PLAYING] At our test track, these two SUVs were more evenly matched, posting very similar braking and skid pad results. They were even tied in acceleration to 60 miles per hour and at the quarter mile. So what happened during the drag race? Simple– weather. We filmed the race at a higher altitude and in hotter temperatures, meaning the Jeep’s V8 wasn’t able to breathe the air its supercharger demands. Because EVs don’t need air to make power, the Model Y was able to repeat its performance more easily. Where was this wind when we were racing? I could have used the tailwind in the Trackhawk. I think that Tesla might have still got me, though. Still, considering how much heavier the Jeep is, I think it did pretty well. And the fact that we have an option– not just one but two different cars that are so fast, are big, can carry stuff, and are made in America. We’re all winners. Well, no, actually that’s not true. The Tesla’s the winner. So far our Model Y is undefeated. What should we race it against next? Tell us in the comments. And if you like these videos, hit like, hit subscribe. Do both of those things. And follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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