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Businesses have seen a rise in leads, sales and talent since the introduction of bots to Messenger by Facebook in 2016.It has risen exponentially. It has been four years since then and the landscape of how businesses harness the marketing automation power of bots has changed.

Different marketing entry points

Brands can engage customers as we move into 2021. These entry points are an automation marketing solution that helps businesses reach and grow their audiences on autopilot. From traffic sources such as comments on auto-replies and ads, or social media, entry points can lead consumers to a brand’s chatbot.

Billy Shipp, Head of Marketing atChatfuelChatbot provider Integrated with Facebook and Instagram has identified three use cases where automation and messaging work well when brands engage customers: FAQ automation, customer support, lead generation and product recommendation.

FAQ Automation and Customer Service

Shipp stated that this is where customers ask questions and then a bot will respond. Customers want quick access to the most important questions, such as where you are located and what are your business hours. Bots can answer many questions, such as shipping times and return policies, and common product questions.

Chatbots provide three immediate benefits for customer service teams: quicker response times, higher agent utilization, and data collection about what customers want. Even though your FAQ page answers the majority of these questions, customers sometimes don’t want to scroll through pages of information. Chatbots provide quick responses that satisfy customers, give them more information about your brand and prevent sales representatives from having to stop what they are doing.

Recommendations for Product

Sometimes customers will see too many choices. Shipp stated that chatbots allow customers to easily have a conversation with them and then move on to finding the right product for them. This bot has helped us to increase our sales tremendously. It can be used with many products and is being used by beauty brands as well.

Chatfuel works with many international brands, including LEGO. They saw great success when they integrated a product recommendation bot on their website. There was a problem with consumers visiting the website to purchase gifts. They were overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. The bot simplified the process by asking questions like “Is this gift?” “Is it for a girl or a boy?” and “How much do I want to spend?” These questions allowed the bot to recommend products, making it much easier for customers to make their purchase decision.

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Lead generation

Shipp stated that this is where brands use Instagram ads and Facebook to get viewers into conversations with bots. It works great and is unique to Facebook. Facebook offers click-to-Messenger ads. This allows users to chat immediately with the ad and be directed to a bot.

You can also use Comments Autoreply to reply. A bot can respond to a consumer if they comment on a brand’s Facebook post and then start a conversation. Shipp said that this is something Chatfuel is working on with Instagram. It’s a great way for customers to have a conversation and receive a personalized experience even if they aren’t in-store. It feels natural and customers can feel at ease responding.

What Not to Do

Shipp recommends that your brand considers integrating a bot in your business. It is important to be honest with customers about the chatbot they use and not try to make it seem more human than it actually is. Do not trick people into believing they are speaking to a human being. It’s not a good idea. Brands might think it’s a great idea. He said that customers are smart and will tell you right away. This can ruin the experience and relationship with the customer as they won’t be able to trust it.”

It’s completely affordable

Chatbot integration can seem expensive and time-consuming. However, Chatfuel is free and you can quickly get started. It takes just minutes to build a basic bot, then you can test it with 50 users before you decide whether to upgrade to the Pro plan. This costs $15/month. You can also ask the Chatfuel team to build a custom bot specifically for your business for $299. Depending on your business’s requirements, the bot can be used for FAQ automation, customer support, lead generation or product recommendation.

Chatfuel offers a quickstart program for businesses who do not have the resources to create and manage their own bots. It starts at $300 per month and includes either FAQ automation, customer support, or product recommendation depending on your business needs.


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