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How Antonia Helps Execute Enterprise Project Management in RevelTo date, we have had the opportunity to spotlight four lovely employees on the Revel team, with each contributing differently to help power the”Individuals POS.” We expect these spotlights have given readers like you a glimpse at only some of the talented folks who constitute Revel’s global employee community –from Atlanta, GA, to San Francisco, CA, to Vilnius, Lithuania, and outside. Our most recent spotlight requires us to one of those team members that contributes to enterprise project management at Revel. We featured Vaiva, a user experience (UX) product design specialist who has helped craft the high quality user experiences associated with a few of Revel’s latest releases. Check her out to find out more about how Vaiva applies analytical and logic abilities to make designs that Revel clients adore. Antonia–among Revel’s enterprise project managers–is up next. Antonia brings vast business knowledge and heart to the table during every business implementation she helps execute. Keep reading to find out more about how the fire behind her work makes her an integral contributor for both customers and Revel employees.

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Meet AntoniaAntonia grew up in the restaurant business because her dad was a chef. She started working in his kitchen in high school, and realized early on that working a restaurant was so much greater than serving good food. “I was always curious about how to use technology in restaurants to make operators’ lives easier,” Antonia explains. “I don’t know a chef or manager who wishes to be in the back office assessing financials; they would like to be on the front lines. It is important to allow chefs be chefs, managers be supervisors, etc.” She might not have understood it early on, but this curiosity sparked a profession for Antonia. Each day she investigates how to help facilitate the operational burdens on restaurant operators and allow them more time to interact with their customers.

For so many of her customers, she strives to bring them nearer to the reason they entered the business. First she spent eight years concentrated on development and training for restaurant customers. Then she tried her hand at running restaurants. Most recently, Antonia landed Revel, where her business knowledge really shines. As a Senior Enterprise Project Manager for almost 3 decades, Antonia manages the onsite implementations of a number of Revel’s biggest and most intricate clients along with a bunch of”People POS” superstars. A Closer Look at Enterprise Project Management TodayAntonia’s enterprise focus at Revel signifies the execution projects she handles are often custom solutions; no two look exactly alike. She crafts implementation plans for long-haul jobs that typically last no less than one year.

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During implementation, Antonia and her staff work directly with the customer to assist completely customize Revel’s enterprise-grade solution for their requirements. At exactly the exact same time, they work to ensure everything is optimized for compact multi-location operation. “Generally, the projects I work on aren’t only a normal replacement of a point of sale (POS). It is an entire end-to-end solution upgrade,” she explains. “This often includes upgrading loyalty platforms, gift card platforms, how payments are taken, as well as introducing entirely new back office systems.” For Antonia, a normal work day may mean working across four different time zones. She is up for the challenge, however, and loves getting the opportunity to work with many groups to do major project milestones together. “We have a good deal of heart in every project, which I understand is bizarre to say. But we are truly invested in creating these franchises successful across the board,” she says. “My team and I sympathize with [restaurant owners] and we try to make an impact everyday.” As projects evolve, Antonia adds that the partnership that forms between the implementation team and the customer is the thing that helps keep everybody working in lockstep. The strength of these partnerships, she says, is what actually backs up Revel’s claim to be the”Individuals POS.”

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How Antonia Brings It HomeWith the start of COVID-19 in ancient 2020, Antonia and her business project management team have been confronted with a very new set of execution challenges. And while working from home wasn’t new–since she has been a distant employee since joining Revel–traveling constraints certainly were. “It was definitely a challenge that I’ve never experienced in my career. Rolling out an enterprise solution for a customer has lots of moving pieces,” she explains. “We sat down together as a team and figured out how we can reach out to customers in a new way. How can we get installers into locked down states? How can we best support a person who’s trying to make payroll and put into a new POS system?” After assessing the changes caused by COVID-19, the staff underwent little down time and successfully pivoted to keep moving. Antonia’s background working on the front lines of restaurants fueled her drive towards finding a solution. “My heart goes out to each the restaurants right now who are pivoting. They are finding a way to keep their lights on and their workers compensated,” she says.

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Her background enabled her to understand precisely what restaurateurs were experiencing–and continue to encounter as a result of the pandemic. She is proud of the work her team is doing around the clock to assist Revel’s enterprise customers. The point is to keep customers moving ahead, and help them feel empowered by the elastic technology powering their places. Noteworthy Extras From Antonia’s standpoint, team work really is absolutely crucial when working through enterprise-grade jobs and long timelines. She is quick to give credit to the dozens of teammates that make her job easier, and generate a positive installment experience for customers. “This work isn’t done in a silo–I get the opportunity to work with key teams throughout the business and it is really exciting,” she says. “I am also blown away by the mutual respect and trust our inner teams have for each other. I have never heard anybody say’that’s not my job’ or’that is not what we do ‘ I have just seen team after team focus on the customer experience first, and our Revel family always gets the job done.” During a normal venture project, Antonia interacts with individuals across the Revel network. Her own project management staff reaches out to each franchisee, walks through the onboarding process, and helps navigate the side of this job together with deployment scheduling. Revel’s operations team steps in to help review contracts, along with the satisfaction team–the unsung heroes based on Antonia–frequently ship out 30 to 40 terminals weekly only for her projects independently. “I always say that my group has lots of fortitude, and a great deal of heart. It all comes down to genuinely want to do a excellent job for our customer,” Antonia shares.

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Collectively, everyone has come together to help dozens of customers with 50 or more places successfully execute Revel as their POS solution. What is NextWhen Antonia first interviewed at Revel, she had been sold by the folks she met supporting the technology. It did not hurt that she shared a similar background in the restaurant and bar industry with lots of her teammates. “What really excited me about Revel was the people. I actually interviewed not knowing if I was prepared to create my next career move, but I was impressed with the people that interviewed me,” she recalls. “I really loved the quantity of customer support, passion and heart they had for the customers.” She recalls thinking that Revel could be a place she wanted to call home, and after one additional meeting, she was sold on linking the enterprise project management group.

Most recently, Antonia has been impressed with the new releases Revel’s product engineers have fast-tracked to advertise for customers. “We knew we had to help prepare customers, more than ever, to get a digital-first world. And that is what we did with our current 2.66 launch,” she says. “We concentrated on the experience for clients. Our aim is to make it simpler for customers to navigate this new world with our digital-first products” After a couple of years at work, Antonia confirms her first sentiment remains unchanged. Revel’s team-oriented, client-first approach is what helps drive critical projects–large or small–over the end.

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