Everything Grocery Retailers Need to Know About Scale Integration

Grocery retailers sell an assortment of items by weight, such as vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, cold cuts, bulk bin dry products, and more. Whether people are purchasing a bag of sweet treats or a pound of sliced cheese, then you rely on supermarket scales to gauge the weight of items and calculate the prices. Even though it seems simple to lay products on the scale and print the tags, there is a battery of scientific tests and lots of government agencies specializing in calculating weights and prices right.

Good scale integration to your point of sale (POS) system can take some research. First, grocery retailers must check to find out whether the scale is NTEP certified for lawful use.

What’s NTEP? How Does This Work?

The National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) is eased by the National Conference on Weights and Measures. NTEP standards cover every aspect of a scale use, including:

  • Ability
  • Truth
  • Appearance
  • Effects of humidity and temperature changes

The criteria are developed by a branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce known as the National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST. Every unit is tested in a laboratory setting to guarantee compliance with national laws and regulations.

An NTEP Certificate of Conformance (CoC) means the scale is legal for trade and also may be utilised in a commercial setting to sell products by weight. Each NTEP-approved scale will have a CoC amount that an inspector may use to confirm that the scale meets the agency’s rigorous testing standards and is legal for use.

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Why is NTEP Important?

Grocery retailers that purchase, sell, or determine prices by weight are required by law to utilize a NTEP certified scale. NTEP scale certification is not optional — never buy a scale which does not have a CoC. Just NTEP-certified devices, when properly inspected and calibrated, can lawfully determine the weight of merchandise. A supermarket with a non-NTEP-certified scale integration could be subject to civil penalties, seizure of the prohibited apparatus, or stop-work orders.

Does it Matter if my Scale is Off with a Small?

Simply place — yes, it matters. Each state has its own branches and agencies that track scales and scrutinize them for accuracy. Clients trust their supermarket retailer is charging them right for the goods they purchase, so imagine the public relations nightmare when it had been reported that your shop was caught overcharging customers for items sold by weight. The bad publicity alone is not worth the risk to your company, even though it was unintentional. Do not be cavalier about after the calibration and compliance legislation, which help stop fraud in the scale.

Moreover, pick a scale that is the appropriate accuracy class. A grocery retailer demands a scale that is accurate, but does not want the exact same sort of scale used for pharmaceutical or medicinal purposes.

I Have Chosen a NTEP-Certified Scale, Now What?

NTEP-certification doesn’t mean that you can plug in the scale and begin using it straight away. Before using the scale, contact your regional regulatory authority to learn what you will need to do before conducting any earnings by weight. You will probably have to register the device for review before scale integration and take part in regular inspections. A regional weights and measures official will use NIST standards when inspecting your scale and certifying it for use.

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Grocery retailers that charge for things by weight need a scale to conduct business legally. Start looking for a scale that’s NTEP certified, and legal for trade or use, and make sure you consult your regional laws and regulatory agency regarding its setup and use. Always maintain properly calibrated devices, to avoid overcharging clients or shorting your company.




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