Follow In Instagram’s Footsteps. Snapchat is Now Shoppable

Gen Y and Gen Z are spending the most time on Instagram and Snapchat, and retailers are starting to notice. Target(r), Victoria’s Secret(r), and Target(r), have all advertised on both platforms. In May, Instagram allowed selected users to buy items directly from the platform’s retail ads. Snapchat has begun to allow users to buy products from stories that have been posted to it, following the lead of Instagram.


Shoppable Instagram stories feature a shopping bag sticker. Users can pause the story to view more details including pricing and a link to purchase the product. The feature is already being used by big brands like Adidas(r), Aritzia (r) and The Kooples (r).


Snap started testing a commerce function in April that allowed users to swipe up and purchase items within the app.According toDigiday. Snap announced in June that Snap Ads and Story Ads will allow users to test their products. Snap also made shoppable augmented realities lenses available on its self-serve platform.

Sponsored ad lenses allow brands to sell directly through the app. This is basically a filter that people can use. A button link says “shop now” and allows users to buy the product from the app. Consumer shopping is made easier by not having to wait for a website load to purchase a product. This will encourage impulse purchases.

Snap claims that 70 million people use lenses every day. Prices for these lenses ads can vary daily. Advertising through a lens is $450,000 per day, from Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday cost $500,000 each, while holidays and special events are $700,000.According toOberlo.

Snap Ads is another way to advertise on Snap. These are short-form mobile video ads that display 3-10 second vertical video ads. Snapchat users can swipe up to view a longer video, read an Article, go to a website or download an app while the promo is being played. These ads appear in between friends’ stories. These ads cost around $3,000 per monthly. However, Snap Ads’ swipe-up rate is 5x greater than the average click-through rate on other websites.


Independent retailers may find these prices prohibitive if they are trying to make a name for themselves. However, there are cheaper options that will still get your products in front future customers. Oberlo states that On-Demand Geofilters are available for $5 per 20,000 sq.

Snap’s own Geofilters allow you to create your own stuff. Snap allows you to add your own design or use one of their templates. You can choose a time to set the filter’s reachable areas. Snap will review your filter within a matter of days.

If you are hosting an event at your store and want to get publicity, this cheap filter is a great option. The filter will allow customers to see your store’s activities and can be used in Snap stories for fun discounts or give-aways.









Holiday Season

Retailers must consider the shopping habits of their customers when they prepare for the holiday season. AStudySnapchat discovered that Snap users purchased 20% more gifts in 2017 than average consumers who didn’t use the platform. Snapchatters were 64% more likely than non-Snapchatters to begin holiday shopping on Black Friday. Snapchat is a smart way to increase foot traffic and holiday advertising.

Ecommerce Retailers Need to Increase Brand Visibility

It can be difficult for independent online sellers to get brand exposure. According to our research, the biggest challenge for independent online sellers is getting customers to their store. Indie shops are left wondering how they can compete with online giants such as Amazon and Walmart. There is no single answer. Online retailers must take a multi-pronged approach to improve brand visibility and customer base.

Good web design

A website that is easy to navigate and attractive is essential for retailers. Econsultancy found that 95 percent of visitors consider a good user experience to be the most important aspect of a website. What is a positive user-experience? Your site must be mobile-friendly at minimum. You should also provide intuitive navigation that includes multiple search options, filters, and menu bar options.

Good web design for retailers is not only about having the right structural elements in place. It’s also about good content. Matt Faulk is the founder and executive creative director at branding and experience agency BASIC. He tells Independent Retailer that content that informs, educates, inspires, and informs will build relationships. Connecting with authenticity is more than just a customer, it’s a way to become a brand ambassador.

Matt says, “Investing into professional photography with a lifestyle perspective can carry the brand through all of your products and make them the hero.” Photography that looks beautiful and feels right in the moment will be shared, tweeted and pinned. Clear detail shots combined with lifestyle imagery will help your customer make a decision.

Your business will stand out among the rest with beautiful product photography and clear product descriptions on a simple-to-navigate website. Does that sound expensive? It might sound expensive, but it is well worth the investment. Forrester found that every dollar your company spends on improving your website’s user-experience will yield a $100 return. A well-designed interface can increase site conversion rates by up to 200 percent.

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Customer Experience that is thoughtful and memorable

VisionCritical claims that the customer experience you offer will surpass product and price as the most important branding element by 2020. Independent online retailers have their own story and customers want it.

You must tell your brand’s story and the stories of your products. Online customers can’t touch and feel your products as they would in a store. And you don’t have the same attentive associates who can chat with them and add color to each product story. Online retailers must take the experience of shopping in-store and make it online.

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