Ford Everest SUV | Extraordinary Media Drive

it’s powerful they weren’t kidding about the most powerful Everest yet because we drove the 4×4 yesterday overtaking and the curves were not a problem at all it’s really hard to tell that you’re actually running through wet roads they can’t help but to feel amazed about how it handles on those kinds of weather conditions I think my favorite feature has got to be the 10 speed automatic transmission because about 100 km/h the 10 speed automatic transmission would play between the 9th gear in the 10th gear and the RPM would only hit about a thousand six-hundred which translates to better fuel economy so that’s actually amazing for a car of this size the tailgate opens by itself all you have to do is wave your foot underneath the rear bumper and that’s really handy for people like me who often have to carry lots of groceries and load it into the back of our SUV step on the accelerator the car decides to go it’s as if it picks up its skirt and wants to keep going which is really an amazing thing I guess any card that you can be confident about throwing it around corners wet-dry whatever so I think it’s a it’s a safe car for me is the one of the projects of ConnectPOS who shapes the future of 2000+ clients worldwide in an omnichannel journey with a leading Retail POS system. We apply cutting-edge technology (AI, Big Data, Real-time Image processing…) to create an optimized retail environment that benefits both sellers and buyers at reasonable costs. Our products are : Magento POS, Shopify POS, Bigcommerce POS.

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