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Ford Everest Titanium 3.2 Premium – is it better than the Fortuner 2.8v ?

this is the Ford Everest titanium premium it is the top-of-the-line model in the ford everest lineup is it worth its 2.2 million peso price tag let’s find out as far as looks go I think the Everest is the most imposing looking of all the locally available midsize SUVs it shares the same front end as the very handsome Ford Ranger which i think is the best-looking pickup available locally the front is mostly dominated by this large chrome grille with the Ford logo emblazoned at the center the headlights are relatively narrow but not so narrow that it looks like it’s squinting like a lot of other cars nowadays just enough that it seems like it’s looking at you very intently while saying you don’t talk to me without saying sir the sides are pretty simple there aren’t a lot of deep creases like on the Montero but the sides are not as featureless as the fortuner what immediately draws the eyes are the bulging fenders they give the vehicle a pretty muscular look the car comes with 20-inch wheels no other ppv in the segment and in this price range comes with 20-inch wheels they look pretty sharp and they give the vehicle a more sophisticated look the Everest also has four disc brakes on all four corners the Everest doesn’t have a bad angle everything looks cohesive it looks aggressive and masculine without trying too hard it looks rugged yet classy like a bodybuilder in a tailored suit if you want technology the Everest has it in spades it is the most feature packed of all the locally available SUVs at this price range perhaps the show stealer is the parking assist the vehicle can parallel park itself with the driver only applying the brakes to control the speed and then it has active noise cancellation which as the name suggests cancels out exterior noise through speakers inside the car it has plenty of driver aids and active safety features like adaptive cruise control collision mitigation electronic stability program Lane keep assist blind spot monitoring aside from being convenient features to have features like adaptive cruise control collision mitigation Lane keep assist

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and bind spot monitoring also make the Everest safer to drive by minimizing the chances of accidents happening in the first place the dashboard of the Everest looks very similar to the Ranger compared to the Fortuner’s dashboard the Everest’s dashboard has more straight lines and curves leather is almost everywhere the top of the dashboard is covered in stitched leather also the seats the door sidings and the arm rests both front seats are power adjustable the Everest has dual zone climate control it has an 8-inch infotainment display which you can operate either by using the touchscreen or by using voice commands it has a 10 speaker system a panoramic sunroof is standard for both the 3.2 and the 2.2 titanium with Premium Package there is no shortage of outlets the Everest has four twelve volt outlets It has USB ports and an AC plug the Everest is powered by a 3.2 liter diesel engine which produces a class-leading 200 horsepower

and 470 Newton meters of torque while power is best in its class it also has the largest displacement combined fuel economy is 8.2 kilometers per liter the engine is coupled to a 6-speed transmission suspension at the front is independent double wishbone while at the rear it has a solid rear axle with Watts linkage approach angle is 29 degrees while the departure angle is 25 degrees if I had to pick one PPV right now and if I would base my decision on looks and features alone I will choose the Everest in terms of features it makes the Fortuner V look like a base model in comparison the Fortuner doesn’t have adaptive cruise control it has no collision mitigation no blind spot monitoring no active noise cancellation no panoramic sunroof and of course no parking assist the ride quality of the everest is also better than the Fortuner

and the steering of the artist is lightest in its class like I said if I had to get one right now I’d choose this model but Ford is probably about to release an updated model it’ll probably come with the Ford Ranger raptor engine which is a 2 liter bi turbo engine coupled to a 10 speed automatic it produces 10 more horsepower than the 3.2 so I would wait for that if I were not in a hurry Ford is offering large discounts for these models the 2.2 million peso price tag will come with a hefty discount just talk to your local dealership about it also worth noting is that most of the features available in this model will also be available on the 2.2 titanium premium which is almost two hundred thousand pesos cheaper in terms of features The ford everest titanium premium package is ahead of the pack the everest wins in most objective and subjective categories so this now becomes a question of which brand you want to entrust your hard-earned money to Ford or Toyota

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