Ford Galaxy Trend 2020 Review Interior Exterior

all right today I want to present you the Ford Galaxy one of the best family car on the market today with a great price and I was really impressed about that car that I see it today right here and I just want to show you guys I have to tell you that I’m impressed that this car come with the 2 liter engine diesel engine with 150 horsepower a lot of power for a family car in my opinion and also this car it’s a seven-seater one of the most spacious car in a ever see in this class and I’m really really impressed with what Ford did with this Galaxie and I think if you have a big family with two free kids this is one of the best option poor for to go and also the price it’s pretty good also the visibility from the interior it’s great to the car have big windows the shape of the exterior it’s nice it has nice shapes nice design you can see these those sharp lines around the car here on the side then even the front part it’s nice it’s look a little bit like Ford Fiesta for example the grille here we don’t have too many he’ll a delight it’s just the same light for the low beam and high beam it is it’s xenon but no LED light even the blinkers the turn signals the daylight is just the normal bulb light so this is something that you just have to keep in mind even the fog lamps are normal bulb light but other than that it has a nice nice shape and nice design even the hood is it it is it look nice just even the grille here if you look at the front grille it’s very similar with what we see on the Ford Kuga if you didn’t see the new Ford Kouga check out on my channel I have a full review there with it and also the grill it’s very similar the fog lamp as I told you normal bulb light the front grill simple very simple with some lines horizontal lines chrome it has four parking sensors in the front and also in the back four parking sensors so you can park the car easily because it’s a big car you’ll really need those sensors 17-inch rims very simple they look very nice they fit nice on the car we have braking discs in the front and also braking discs in the back so no drums so something like that then the lines that I told you before nice sharp edge lines big windows you have a great visibility from the interior we will go there in a moment and you will see the visibility from the interior it is really impressive also on the mirrors right here no LED is just a normal bulb light under there we have a light that illuminate the floor in the night it’s very useful big mirrors great visibility the way it should be in this big car also we have another window here I’ve liked very much those cars that they make this dashboard a little bit longer in the front and you you kind of have nice visibility it’s feel more spacious and come inside the car much more light so it gives you a feeling of holiday I don’t know why but I have this feeling every time I go inside those cars with this type of windows I feel like holiday you know if you like you get the car and you’re going holiday and you slip in the car and stuff like that anyway let’s go forward here in the back you have LED light on the tail light but the blinkers and the turn signals are normal bulb light up on the roof as you see before I think right now also you can add some extra truck you have the brake light and some glossy plastic around there on the roof spoiler down here for parking sensors in the back as well some light reflectors and down there we have just here we have lights on the number plate not already it’s just normal bulb lights now you will see it also a little bit later here is the handle to open up the trunk galaxy logo here on the left side and yeah a bit big windscreen in the back so yeah and this is the back on the left side we have also the tank and also the car come with the latest technology easy fuel you don’t have to open anything you just have to put it inside there and you can feel very easy also the AdBlue it’s there down there guys under the car if you look closely we have some plastic this plastic it’s very very useful in time it helped to not rust the car and it protect the paint and I think all the cars should have that this is my opinion also the handles are awesome it has keyless entrance in the car and the handles has a very nice design now you can see the lights there are a normal boat lighter on the number plate let’s open the trunk and here it’s beginning the nice stuff in the video and guys looking on this car you have a handle up here then you have this light that illuminate the trunk you have this protection for the trunk and then look at this entrance it’s huge entrance you have also plastic here to protect the the bumper we have hooks here aluminum hooks on plastic everything flow flat floor here you have another light here 12 volt port then you have the buttons to fold down the seats right here pretty awesome and yeah here you have also the protection if you want to fall down the third row you can install it there and you can put the protection to the trunk if you want that here you have the third row I just wanna fold it down for you to show you how much space you have here let me put this outside for a while I had the downside is this thing here you cannot put it under so you have to leave it home when you go in someplace if you don’t need it if you use all the seven seats you have to put it in your garage or in your home and then just yeah so in order to have more space in the back but look at the space it’s phenomenal I’m in the space inside this Ford Galaxie it is phenomenal one of the most spacious car guys and the windows are so big even the window in the back it’s huge I mean the people that stay on the third row if they have a fantastic visibility because of this big windows is just it’s just amazing I mean it’s it’s great now you you have another space down here where he can put your stuff under the floor but other than that this is kind of the space the space is not bad at all here if you wondering what it is they are just the seats from third seat so here you have a cup holder and some plastic there where your arm are resting and you have another light up there in the roof but let me go and show you the rest of the car also here you can see huge huge entrance in the car here in the back very very practical car one big window like a TVs super big also soft material on the doors I was really impressed about that I don’t have plastic up here it’s just soft material handles again soft fabric material here you can see it closely and here we have leather soft again white stitches and all it will be nice plenty of storage space we have a speaker here on the door also the buttons for electric windows and yeah huge huge win huge entrance in the car then you can adjust the seats in every position you want that’s really impressive also you can install the the kid seats here you have visa fix on all the seats and you can look right now the way it looks I will not fold it down I just want to show that it is you are able to fall down on all the seats also you have a very very nice space here also you have a place where you can eat for example the same like in the airplane just the plastic right here and behind this is just soft material stuff material and storage space you can adjust the seats in the front in the back let me show you so you can adjust the seats you can put it in the front in the back you have many many ways in which you can adjust those seats also the ease of fix let me put it back right now it’s very simple to adjust it then you have three individual seats here in the back so free people can stay without any problem you can also install install the child seat on all the seats that’s a good thing actually let me try this those buttons usually when you push it they have to fall down the seats I don’t know why they are not working anyway let me go inside here guys just to go forward to try to do that so look at the space look at the entrance in the car now let me fall down also those seats we have fabric seats here and if you fall down the seats you have plenty of space to go inside there so if you fold up those is you can see the way they work the system also fabric materials and they are pretty cool and let me go inside I want to show you the the space guys and to be honest I think it’s bland the plenty of space even on your head there you have a light here you have vans really awesome here on the roof and then you have some lights here for the third row very useful very cool yeah pretty nice also in the front this is our second row you have the same light the same design another vent here critical also you have a handle and a hook there so also pretty nice and practical and yeah pretty cool the fact that you have a big entrance in the back you can go in the back very easy and you can also adjust those seats very easy also the headrest you can fold it down but I need two hands right now to do this so yeah I did it so you can fold down the seats you can see right now the seats are folding down 100% and they are folding down on the flat floor so the fact that you can have a flat floor here it’s pretty impressive so when you fall down all the seats in the back then you have a huge space here it’s like a minivan so you can carry mobile parts you can even work with this car now huge space here on the legs here we have the climatic system for the back 12 volt port down here and you have a small storage for your phone right there in the middle I like that the bump in the middle it’s very small so you you can stay with your legs without any problem even in the middle even the middle seat has a great great space there so let me go inside right now guys sure the space on legs so the space on the legs is pretty good it’s it’s plenty of space also you can put your front seats a little bit more in the front and then you will have much more space huge space on had the visibility on the windows it’s phenomenal I mean the window it’s so big it’s like I’m outside the car it’s just big just perfect one of the best visibility on the windows huge space on my head very good space on my legs you can see for yourself you can stay three people here in the back without any problem even for long trips very long trips yeah so it is very very spacious car so I just let you choice it now we will go in the front and I will show you this amazing dashboard and I love this design with the windows split into parts they look really nice they look like a Holiday Inn holiday now we have a big window here in the front great visibility also you have a speaker here on the door you have soft material on the doors right here guys that’s really impressive all over up here it’s soft material down here soft leather again stitches you can see it here plenty of soft material on the doors that’s a big plus for the car here is the speaker with lock unlock buttons electric adjustable mirrors and also windows then you have a storage space in the door bands and speaker right here also very big door bands then we go forward Manuel adjustable seats you have here the buttons then here is the fuse box look at those seats they look so nice they did just simple seats made from fabric material they are just nice and comfortable even for long trips so and I don’t think you will have any back pain inside the car I didn’t drive it before but I think they are ok the dashboard design it’s nice it doesn’t have too many too much technology on the multimedia system but I like this armrest it’s leather great quality and it if you have plenty of space down here so you’re a big space where you can put your stuff here so that’s that’s quite cool also then you have two cupholders a little bit in the front let me go inside to show you better so here’s the space it’s kind of big space here I like the space it’s also a little bit under there so it’s quite nice and the armrest it’s soft and nice here you have electronic handbrake the buttons for the parking sensors and start/stop button I like the gear shift of this wireless gear shifter it’s awesome it’s one of my favourite is so simple to change the gears left right it’s perfect then you have 12 volt USB port the big space here for your phone great great space there you can also close it up if you want just like that and then going upwards you have vans here controllers for the dramatic system heated seats heated here steering wheel the steering wheel is heated also start close and all that dramatic systems button are right here then you have a CD player DVD player pretty interesting then you have the start/stop engine button right here on the right side the cockpit it’s pretty simple nothing fancy is just kind of the standard one here you have two pedals then we have the buttons on the steering wheel where you can adjust the cruise control and here on the right side you have the volume and the music the multimedia system and and the cruise control the hood the cockpit you can change the settings there also the vents are pretty nice and simple you can see it right here they look pretty nice here you have a big space on the dashboard where you can put your phone then you have soft material on the dash great visibility on the windows I like the way you can see on the windows May a little bit of blind spot here but I don’t think so anyway I like this shape and the design of the windscreen it’s big and nice good visibility on the mirrors in the back it’s great visibility you have a big mirror awesome visibility around the windows in the back you can see for yourself I think it’s the kind of the best visibility ever in the car it’s you feel like you are in a van with those big windows there in the back is kind of impressive now we are here guys in the front what can I say here are the vans we have soft material on the dashboard everywhere then you have some plastic there it’s a nice design and the dashboard look nice a big glow box here have plenty of space in the glovebox then going forward guys to the steering wheel look nice and from the driver point of view you have a great visibility to be honest done in the middle here you can start the multimedia system also the cockpit as I told you you have just on the right there are classic speedometer 200 meter but in the middle you have a small digital screen where you can see the consumption and stuff like that it’s nothing fancy it’s just a simple one I wish Ford will make some nice digital cockpits in the future the same like what wagon or like yeah my choice for example BMW makes them nice cockpit these days the ambient light you can see it as well you have a blue ambient light behind those buttons here we have shortcut button for the multimedia system multimedia system it’s very small and all the edges I can say like that it’s work like a radio up here you have a nice mirror that you can see the person the people in the back and here you have a glass support guys where you can put your glasses very practical very useful then you have the lights here very nice light kind of my two yellow a little bit of yellow more white I like the light like the way the lights are looking like so it’s pretty nice pretty nice so don’t expect to have so many technology on the cockpit on dashboard this car it’s a really practical car that he’s do his job perfect he’s doing what is supposed to do you know like carry people in safe manner and it’s very very spacious and it’s very practical so this is the the car guys so what can I say I think it was helpful for you the video if you have questions just just ask me guys anything you want here are the information about the car you can read it out if you’re interested in all that details also you will find out the price here as well I hope the video was helpful guys if you liked it if you want to see more of those new cars that come on the market check it out on my channel don’t forget to also like it share it with your friends thank you again very much for watching my videos guys that mean a lot for me and I hope you will stay safe see you soon in the next one bye guys

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