Here’s Why The 2019 BMW X3 M40i is Worth $80,000

welcome back everybody mark with exotic car play place today we’re going to feature the 2019 bmw x3 40i this particular unit is equipped with the ultimate package as you can see the M packaging we’ve got the M badging in this particular setup and before we get started I want to make sure that I give a special shout out to Edmonton BMW for loaning me this car today check out their YouTube channel and their website which is located down in the description below so as you can see we’ve got a lot of em badging in this particular model this one is really beefed up with the ultimate package obviously M badging everywhere on this particular car – lots of little M symbol eight symbols everywhere look at the wheels they’re massive 21 inch wheels wrapped all the way around this car a beautiful absolutely beautiful wheel as you notice if you saw the video eyewear I reviewed the x1 prior that was one of my beefs was the fact that the wheel package on that car was too small no problem here these wheels are almost flush and they’re very tall giving this car very well balanced look look at the calipers brake calipers m-more n designations tact all over this beautiful car and so we moved to the front of the car lots of aggressive styling as you would expect for most BMW products today again the M car particular has a little extra beef to it this newer style grill you’ve got to love this now I’ve seen some x5 s land here recently this is the newer style where they have this offset grill here these kidney grilles are a little bit different in style they’ve got this extra meat on here it actually gives it a nice little extra accent of course the headlights typical adaptive LEDs always look sharp on these cars lower profile but very very crisp if darker lights that really pops as well beautiful two-tone mirrors of course we’ve got the integrated signal lights in here as well so the back end of this car is also very Eilish I think BMWs have done a lot of great things from generation to generation and of course the new x3 is no different here we’ve got some aggressive styling on the overhang on the rear window here to allow for the sharper window angle here this actually really adds to the overall aggressive look so you don’t have that chopped off look at the back of the car you’ll notice as well the taillights the taillights are consistent with the rest of the brand I’ve noticed a new x5 they have a very similar taillight as do the m5 and the new g20 3-series car that’s about to come out it’s it’s already unveiled has a very similar taillight theme so that’s a beautiful consistent look now you’ve got the m4 TI to tell you you’ve got the most serious beast here the most serious x3 available in the market finished off nicely of course with these beautiful exhaust tips and two-tone bumper to kind of give into that extra little pop okay so let’s take a look at some of the inside features interior features on this beautiful car so of course you have the soft touch opener of course you have easy access to do that you’ve got a couple of the controls here one of course is two reclose it you can either pull it manually or press the button to actually reclose and of course you can lock this so it can’t be opened or released incidentally there’s a few things in here in the back that are great now of course you’ve got a lot of storage underneath here because they don’t have the spare tire with run-flats that’s what you get you’ve got this great little Sun Shade or privacy shade if you will and what I like here were that I didn’t have actually in my x5 were these great little releases on the side so you give us a pull and it drops the seat we’ll try it on the other side give it a pull quick pull very easy to engage and that way you’re not having to reach in there and flip stuff and and crawl into the hatchback like in my previous generation car this is a nice little easy add-on here quick little access easy to get those seats dropped for quick loading in the back there’s lots of room here for three full-size adults in the back well it’s a little bit snug once you’re in lots of room here you’ve got lots of foot room it’s a comfortable you know definitely comfortable for two full adults but there is a third seat available here in the middle so sitting in the back seat of course again as I mentioned there’s lots of room back here but you’ve got some other little amenities you’ve got the Sun shades here for those folks in the back that don’t want to be bothered so we can take that down of course you’ve got some great finishing here this again this piano gloss block is just enriches the whole experience dramatically of course we’ve got this nice little stainless looking or aluminum appearance piece here that says X on it which is a nice sharp look and of course everything has that stitched look to it stitched on the handles stitching on the upper bar here looks very very nice high quality lots of little pieces like I said storage typical for anybody in the back seat and then down here in the back they actually have some other little amenities you’ll notice you’ve got heated seats for the rear you’ve got general temperature controls back here as well which is great and of course one dc-dc control for those kids that might want to plug in some of their electronics while in the back here so if you’ll notice again another extension of the beautiful gloss black piano black tight finishing in here typical BMW controls you’ve got the stitching here but you’ve got all your window controls power mirrors door locks here which is a bit of a deviation because generations before the door lock controls were actually in the centre of the dash but anyway that’s here now typical light controls down here on the left and you’ll notice the steering wheel you know because this is an M version now we’ve got the beautiful M badging with the beefy steering wheel to represent the M packaging of course a lot of the controls you’ve got the some of the safety features here you’ve got lane departure and cruise control on here as well you’ve got some features in here this one BMW of course we’ve got an 8-speed transmission but you’re able to shift it of course if you like there’s three modes well there’s really four modes and we’ll get to that in a second but if you look at the dashboard now this new dashboard is no longer analog gauges that BMW has had in some of the other models and in just yesterday’s generations of cars our into the full digital display here this is your finding in a lot of the other Matt brands now but they have these wonderful little highlighted rings here as well as full digital otherwise and we’ll get to some of those features in another video of course here typical latest generation of iDrive system here now it’s all touchscreen which is great you can you can actually go into it do everything via touch screen or through the hand control so we’ll go English back this out and we’ll just go back to the menu of course with the iDrive system typical you’ve got navigation you’ve got all your media controls through here communication and of course my vehicle section which gets into vehicle settings you’ve got adjustments you can make to lighting which this is one thing I like the interior lighting you’re able to change the ambient lights on all of the door panels as well as under some of the trim it gives that high light accents and you can change those colors to a whole variety from orange bronze white blue green and the list goes on this lilac looks great so then moving down typical stop start setup here not new for BMW this system here is something that takes some getting used to you can actually disable it but by default the stop-start system will engage when you’re in comfort or econo-mode so to disable that when like for example if you are in comfort mode and you want to disable that feature where you pull up to a red light and you stop and the engine stops if you want to disable that you simply press this button once and it will disable that feature so that’s not necessarily new but that’s typical here you’ve got different views for your I Drive system you can toggle on and you can see the different angles and the views and how you want to see that all on individual and so on and so forth so that’s an option of course typical controls everything’s high quality very simple simplistic is the name and BMW has all the controls they’re needed but they keep it in such a clean fashion controls are very high quality the rubbering around each control feels very very crisp it’s a soft touch as well and feels very sharp it’s very very nice so then of course you’ve got your heated seats and all your HVAC controls here in one nice little key spot of course going down we have great little M badging again this is an option but in this particular model we have the M badging in here we slide this back cupholders USB plug in right there and you actually have a cell phone charging capability by putting your phone right there here we also have a DC plug in pretty typical you can plug in your DC item whatever you want to charge you can plug that in there as well close that up typical controls pretty standard for BMWs this is not really all that new in this particular car not really like the m5 they have that entirely new design this is pretty typical for BMW here’s your newest and latest and greatest in I drive controls of course and it’s also touchscreen as well you can type in manually you can actually write the letters right there you’ll notice so you can use this as like a keypad and or you can use voice control or just manually pick your letters as needed so that’s a great feature so we backed out of that and of course we talked about some of the other things the hill assist down here the electric park brake and of course some of the other features associated with some of the backup alarms and whatnot here’s well traction control we can disable and here’s where it gets interesting so you have that four different modes let’s start the car and show you these different modes as what they actually do on the dash so I’m gonna start the car Eco Pro for example this entire display changes very dramatically we press that once and now it gives you a display it shows you’re charging available because the way they have a bit of a regenerative charging business going on in this particular car and this new designs it also tells your liters per 100 kilometers fuel consumption on here it really gives you that full piece of information on here gives you your engines gives you your vehicle speed but of course because we’re an eco mode we’re not worried about engine our p.m. so we’re gonna opt away from that now when I toggle down to comfort mode I press comfort in the middle now this is the default settings and this is what you’re going to see when you typically start the car up you have your tachometer your clock and your vehicle speed all the typical stuff you would normally expect in a standard instrumentation package then we go down here we toggle sport now of course you’re seeing different dynamics a very cleaner tachometer very bold and in the middle you have it reinforced we’re in park but it really gives you bold lettering same thing with your speed it’s not giving you every little 10 kilometer per hour increment it’s actually just giving you the bold numbers so you’re able to have a very quick reference to the actual speed and all the basics that you need for performance that I type driving then of course going down here we have one more mode it’s called the adaptive and this is meant for people that want the vehicle to store start adopting to their driving behaviors and so we toggle out and then it comes back to what looks like the standard setup but the car learns some of your driving behaviors and adapts and starts doing things changing shift points and the overall driving dynamic alters based on your own personal wants and needs so now enough about all the options and all the features because that’s not why you buy the M version of anything when you buy a BMW you are looking for the ultimate driving machine and as such you typically seek the M cars with the maximum level of performance so let’s talk about some of those performance figures well this car here produces 355 horsepower at the same time punches all 369 pound-feet of torque which the torque coincidentally if you remember the e60 m5 the e60 m5 from back a few years ago in 2010 only produced a you few pound feet more than this car does and that was it’s they’re the true hotrod of the BMW lineup now that being said that combined with this power in the engine output combined with the 8-speed transmission ensures that this car is always in the sweet spot now it’s turbocharged and I will tell you as a driving from a driving impression perspective you dog toggle to three modes so you’ve got the Econo Pro which is essentially you know the throttle response is slow and numb which you would expect it to be because it’s trying to optimize the fuel consumption or you know reduce the fuel consumption if you will the standard mode allows you to do some fun things the shift speed is solid the performance overall is really really strong but it doesn’t jerk you around too much and it doesn’t constantly look for the optimal gear for performance it’s really more finding that middle ground then you have the sport the actual sport mode as soon as you toggle a sport mode immediately the car goes into angry tiger mode and basically down shifts and gets ready and anticipates the next big hard acceleration and so when you go to sport mode everything dials in the throttle response the steering the handling everything becomes much much sharper like any M car typically does and once you activate that you’ll notice the sound starts popping the exhaust starts snapping and popping on overrun the overall the the driving dynamic and the driving experience in sport mode truly becomes an M car in its every essence so overall this car really does do a little bit of everything and you know the economical side where you can attain close to 30 miles per gallon but it also has the aggressive acceleration produced by the 355 horsepower twin-scroll turbocharger that’s bolted on to 3 litres of displacement and inline six power so what does it all really mean is this car as good as its some of its predecessors is this car good enough to have an M badge on it I would say yes and if you listen to some of the other details when we talked and we did the walk-around the looks are there I mean the wheels are sizable so it looks very aggressive the stance is more menacing and muscular than a lot of SUVs out there on the market today but the performance is there to back it it’s got the type of performance that it can honestly keep up with a lot of the big boys from Porsche and Range Rover and some of those brands that you know are catering to a higher end this car even though it’s it’s not the big guns it’s not the x5 it’s the x3 I find it has enough performance to keep you interested and it would for a long long time and trust me this compared to the m4 that I drove back-to-back almost it’s there’s a difference there’s no doubt about it the m4 is razor sharp but honestly after a day in the m4 often I found my back of my neck actually kind of sore because it was a jarring experience this on the other hand can be aggressive but often it’s a much more liveable for a daily driver of course you’ve also got the panoramic sunroof which makes the overall experience more enjoyable you can share it with the folks in the back if you’ve got kids you’ve got guests that ride in the back they can also enjoy the bright lights the acceleration the sounds this car really does do it all it’s a great daily driver with a strong lean and a strong emphasis on performance that’s why you seek out the M version that’s why we’re driving the m4 ti today that’s why we’re not driving the entry line now those are all great vehicles too on their own right but the 40 I hear really really does lean this vehicle more to the sporting experience and I’m going to show you some of those different experiences and you let me know what you think you know what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you the experience firsthand I’m gonna put it into Eco mode so I’m gonna dog toggle the button and now it’s equal Pro efficient driving setting so you’ll notice the car is very quiet it’s subtle you can barely hear the engine the interior cabin noise is very very muted so it’s an overall nice comfortable ride but when I touch the throttle there’s a sluggish delay because the engine wants to delay putting fuel to the system and it basically wants to maximize the economy so the overall experience is calm and relaxing and if you can just think of being on a quiet beach with the birds and the ocean rushing in that’s eco pro but when we put it in comfort mode now when you step onto the gas you get a little more response it actually has a little more punch it’ll do a downshift but you need a longer delay hold on the throttle to get the downshift but it’ll still default to you know it’ll shift off it’ll step to the next gear when you’re not on the throttle but now as we step up to the sport mode I’ll press the button it immediately down shifts so now we’re cooking along we’re in sport mode and I’m going to give you an acquittance tration if you listen closely you’ll hear how fast and aggressively this thing shifts it shifts very fast it feels very much like a dual clutch transmission so we’re gonna merge onto a highway here we’re gonna come in at a low speed and we’re gonna accelerate go through a couple gears and I’ll show you really how that sounds how it feels the exhaust noise that you’ll hear the burbling and the popping in the background you’ll hear that upon lifting up on a throttle so here we go we’re gonna merge it and we’re doing a very slow speed you can tell it just shifts very very instantaneously you hear the popping in the background so what you really want to know as a performance person is what it’s like when you give this thing some stick this car is absolutely amazing I love this thing because the simple fact that it’s a nice compact size but when I had reviewed the x1 previously I found that one a little bit slightly you know too small for my liking coming out of an x5 which is what I Drive now stepping into an x1 previously I had tested I found it a little bit small you know everything felt a little bit you know slightly lower scale if you will but now stepping into this x3 2019 x3 40 I I feel that this thing here is absolutely everything all the box is checked it’s quiet it feels luxurious and taut it’s it’s sizable enough to handle people and passengers and luggage that you might have but if you guys are like me and you’re wondering what the 40 is all about well year then you’re a performance lover just like I am and you can appreciate this thing is of animal it goes extremely quickly it’s a fast machine it handles well and it actually sounds really really really cool when the exhaust starts popping and snapping there you typically only find that in the sport mode but that’s okay because otherwise this is jann generally a day-to-day commuting vehicle the soccer moms might appreciate a car like this to move their children around to commute them to soccer games in school but yet the dad can take this thing out on a Sunday afternoon and rip it up on some back twisties because it handles well and it’s fast it’s as a matter of fact it’s so fast that this is as quick as previously two generations ago the m5 the e60 m5 with magnificent 5 litre v10 engine with 500 horsepower this thing accelerates as fast as that old generation m5 so there’s nothing for want in the performance department but it has every piece of safety technology you could possibly want it feels sturdy it’s quiet and absolutely a stunner to look at exterior wise the styling is beautiful it’s consistent with all the other cars in the lineup of you know in this model year and it’s overall an absolute gem of a car to drive it doesn’t break the bank and it actually competes with the big boys from the Porsches and some of the other high-end euro versions so it actually does very well on its own that being said I managed to steal a glimpse of the new x5 and this just fits nicely between all those different models within the lineups and this is really a lot like the x5 now the new generation x5 so I really hope you enjoyed the video guys the review stick around for the next reviews and the next videos on the x3 4.0 or 40 I make sure you subscribe don’t forget that notification bell because that’s gonna let you know in the next videos out and that’s really all this boils down to

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