How to Construct An Efficient & Engaging App For The Restaurant

In today’s highly dynamic and fiercely competitive market, every restaurant requires a powerful mobile app to keep customers participated and acquire new customers. As per research created by Olo, online and in-app ordering has helped restaurants increase their basket size by 25%.

Employing a seasoned app development firm is among the simplest ways to construct a customer-centric mobile app for your own restaurant . But it’s not so easy to create an perfect mobile application that lets you improve your sales in addition to facilitates smooth management of different facets of your restaurant such as purchasing system, table bookings, waiters, ingredient purchases, etc..

To create this challenging task somewhat easier, let us explore the most crucial features which you can incorporate on your restaurant app and make it useful to your clients and efficient for your company.

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In-App Ordering & Payments

The feature that allows customers order food online via an app prevents them from the pain of waiting in long queues for their orders to be taken and processed. Additionally, it’s an excellent idea to integrate the feature whereby the clients can pay for their orders in advance with the support of the app.

These features aren’t only convenient for your clients, but they also improve your capability to manage orders with precision and efficiency. You can gain a special edge over your competition by incorporating this particular feature in your restaurant app.

  1. Available On Multiple Platforms (App Shop & Google Play)

It is not enough to create an app for your restaurant. But it’s just as important to make people notice it — this could be possible only if your app is readily accessible on multiple platforms like App Store and Google Play.

This feature enables you to target a larger customer base which then results in raising downloads. However, you need to make sure that the level of your restaurant app is seamless across all platforms — that it is possible to achieve by using a seasoned restaurant app development service to design and build your own software for restaurants.

  1. Stay Relevant With Push Notifications

Notifications are powerful tools you have to use in a sophisticated and lively way. These alarms can be invaluable to your restaurant since they remind prospective customers of discounts and happy hours that they can avail in your socket.

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But it’s critical that you handle these alarms smartly and logically. As an example, sending a reminder isn’t sensible. Instead, ask your customers the preferred manner and time where they wish to welcome these messages. Make your notifications add value to your clients’ lives.






  1. Special Loyalty Points, Incentives, & Benefits For Attracting Customers

It’s been studied that most the customers utilizes restaurant app either to search for special deals and discounts or for earning loyalty points — making it necessary that you keep your customers participated by supplying them with exclusive loyalty points, discounts, and rewards. You can accomplish this with the help of hints mentioned below:

  • Give Special Offers & Exclusive Prices

To be able to encourage prospective clients to download your own restaurant app, you can supply them with promo codes, exclusive discounts, and special offers. Once downloaded, it will become much easier for you to catch their attention by notifying them about hot bargains or happy hours in your place. This is a wonderful strategy, especially if you’re just starting a new restaurant and would like to develop your customer base.

  • Benefits & Loyalty Points

The ultimate objective of your restaurant would be to acquire and retain loyal customers from the long-run. You can attain this by rewarding loyal app clients with additional points and exclusive deals.

High loyalty points encourage clients to select your restaurant over others because they’ll feel excited about the reward they’ll be getting in the long run. Furthermore, they will feel connected to a socket.

  • Incentives For Bringing New Customers

You can reward your clients with exclusive incentives when they refer your restaurant app to their relatives and friends. Additionally, you can give them extra points for social media sharing.

  1. Incorporating Location Based Services

You may even use different location-based services like beacons or geo-fencing for participating with prospective clients even before they step physically in your restaurant. These solutions showcase your restaurant into the local people and make them conscious of the area.

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Additionally, it is also possible to use location-based services to discuss exclusive deals, discounts, offers, menu modifications, and other information related to a restaurant with prospective customers and encouraging them to see your socket for availing the same.

  1. Efficient Table Reservation

It’s crucial for your restaurant mobile app to provide the consumers with an improvement table booking feature. A table booking feature will prevent your clients from the problem of waiting in long queues and getting a table after much frustration and stress. They can feel comfortable and relaxed as their chairs are pre-booked and can enjoy their meal peacefully.

  1. Seamless Staff & Toilet Management

The characteristic of seamless staff management is vital to boost the efficiency of your restaurant team. With the support of this feature, you can easily track your employeesperformance. Additionally, you can supervise your eatery is not under or over-employed — this can enable you to understand the best potential of each of your employee and serve the customers in a better way.

Additionally, there should be a characteristic of kitchen management on your restaurant mobile app. This attribute is mandatory for management of your restaurant to ensure appropriate coordination between waiters and chefs to be able to prevent any mistakes and fulfill orders quickly. Additionally, it helps chefs in preparing orders in a particular order and achieves maximum effect with minimal errors.

  1. Leveraging Personalization & Gain Useful Insights

You may customize your restaurant app in such a way so that it’s capable of monitoring and analyzing the clients’ details. This feature also enables tracking user behavior and preferences so that to get useful insights and improvise the goods and services accordingly.

This feature also aids in keeping current customers by supplying them with what they need. Additionally, this feature prevents them from doing the tedious task of looking for their favorite dishes or restaurants over and over.

  1. Social Media Integration

This attribute is an integral one for a restaurant mobile application. It enables clients to take pictures and discuss their personal experience with your restaurant in their social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Pintrest, etc.. These are keystones of your restaurant promotion campaigns.

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Anyway, social networking platforms are a great method for promoting exclusive deals and discounts that your restaurant is offering to the clients. Social media can assist you in acquiring new customers and converting them to function as regular guests.

  1. Particular Chatbots

You may use chatbots effectively into your restaurant app to be able to cater to the generic questions of your app users. This feature is unique and will end up being the cherry on the cake to your restaurant app.

  1. Customer Feedback

It’s mandatory to integrate the feature which enables the customers to provide their feedback and testimonials about your eatery. With the support of comments, you can get useful insights and make necessary adjustments to your app.

To improve the user experience, you might even incorporate a feedback portal where customers can offer their special suggestions and discuss their experience in detail. Later on, you may use these suggestions and improvise the level of your app.


Depending upon your particular business requirements, you can customize your own restaurant app in this way so that it turns out to be a perfect match for your clients in addition to a driving force to boost sales and profit.

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