How to create Conversion-Boosting Pop Ups (That aren’t Too Annoying)

How to create Conversion-Boosting Pop Ups (That aren’t Too Annoying)


There are many tools available to increase website conversion rates. Pop-ups are one of these tools. If you travel back to the early days, the phrase “pop-up” can trigger memories of the sheer rage that was felt surfing the internet while being bombarded by spammy and virus-inducing window after window.

It’s quite different from the previous version of the internet. Pop-up messages can now be used by businesses to increase the likelihood of a desired action on a website.

how to create conversion-boosting pop-ups--localiq pop-up example

This post will cover some of my top tips and strategies to maximize the effectiveness of pop-up conversion tools. Here are the topics I will cover:

  • Pop-ups have many benefits
  • Pop-up strategies that you can use
  • These are the best ways to get your pop-ups delivered
  • How to measure pop-up performance

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Pop-ups: Why?

As with all conversion-focused marketing collateral, there is a process by which the individual viewing the content makes a decision to act or not. No matter how compelling your offer or how many people visit the page to take action, there will always remain those who don’t complete your desired action. The pop-up can therefore be strategically used to increase the likelihood that someone will take the desired action, regardless of whether it is the first one they wanted or one with less friction.

how to create conversion-boosting pop-ups--wordstream popup example

What should my pop up strategy look like?

Pop-ups, like landing pages are designed to motivate users to take action. Design, copy, format, etc. All of these are important. It is important to plan your strategy around how and when you want your pop-up to be triggered. It is important to distinguish between a useful and enticing offer and a annoying pop-up that triggers flashbacks to the 1990s.

how to create conversion-boosting pop-ups--old pop-up example


While many of the same principles can be applied across industries and verticals alike, I prefer to distinguish pop-up strategies among two types.funnel strategyTheecommerce strategy.







The funnel pop up strategy

This strategy is to expedite the nurturing process for leads who have expressed intent.

You may have a marketing funnel if your business isn’t entirely ecommerce-focused. It contains lower friction offers and lighter intent at top, and offers that are closer to sales.

how to create conversion-boosting pop-ups--marketing funnel

You can build your strategy more efficiently by understanding the dynamics of your marketing funnel.

Let’s say, for example, you are driving traffic to a landing page focused on a free trial or a sales demo of software. Although this landing page has a good conversion rate, it is likely that there are many people who don’t want to take the specific action.

If the user hasn’t converted, you can trigger a higher funnel offer with a pop-up. This higher funnel offer could be anything from an ebook to a webinar that you may use elsewhere. This strategy gives you two chances to convert users.

how to create conversion-boosting pop-ups--yesware pop-up example

Using the marketing funnel as the foundation of your strategy, you can also utilize pop-ups for thank you pages–that is, the page that users are directed towards once they sign up or fill out a form. This will allow you to drive traffic to a higher funnel offer such as an ebook or webinar, and then send a pop-up to the thank you page for a lower offer.

Let’s take, for example, a webinar that is closely aligned to your product. A user submits a form which takes them to a thank-you page. On that page, you can deliver a pop-up for a free demo or free trial. The strategy behind this method is to essentially expedite the nurture path for leads who have shown intent. Instead of waiting for them to respond to your email nurturing strategy, you can direct the lead to take the desired action immediately after conversion.


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how to create conversion-boosting pop-ups--empiric marketing pop-up example

The ecommerce popup strategy

This strategy aims to target your popups at different stages of the funnel.

If you do have a business model that is focused on selling or ordering online, then you’ll want to keep the pop-up focused on the products or services that the user is intending to purchase. The buyer’s journey is broken down into several steps. You will need to decide when and how the pop-up will be delivered. Let’s break down the buyer’s journey into three stages to help you understand.

Inquiry stage: The user is currently viewing a particular webpage.product page. Because users may be browsing through multiple products at once, I wouldn’t recommend triggering an exit popup on your organic pages. If you’re driving traffic to a product through paid advertising campaigns, I recommend using a popup.

Stage: Add to CartThis stage is where the user hasYou have added a product in your cartBut has not yet completed the purchase. My experience with ecommerce clients has shown that many people who add products to their cart end up getting cold feet and leaving the website without purchasing the product.It would be a good idea to have a pop-up that activates when the user is about exiting the page, or after a prolonged period of inactivity on the page.

Checkout stageThe user is now on the checkout page. All of their products are visible in the cart. A pop-up will appear at this stage, which would display any discount or timely information.PromotionsIt would be a good idea. You could see your checkout-to-purchase conversion rates rise if the user is aware that they will save money by using a promo code.

how to create conversion-boosting pop-ups--ecommerce-pop-up strategy showing stage of funnel vs pop-up type

How do I deliver my pop-ups the most effectively?

Your pop-ups’ delivery to site visitors is as important as their content. There is a fine line between being useful and irritating, which can be applied to almost all marketing activities. Pop-ups should be delivered at the right time and in the right location. You will be more likely to show the user the relevant pop-up offer if you follow the strategies I’ve mentioned.


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Your options for how the popup is triggered will vary depending on which tool you use. The options with the tool I use are as follows:

how to create conversion-boosting pop-ups--delivery methods

On page load, scroll, bounce and on click are the most common options. These features can be used to create landing pages or convert rates. These features are available in most pop-up tools, and possibly more. The flexibility to limit how many pop-ups are delivered to a particular user may be available. Let’s look at some use cases for these triggers.

On page load:After a certain amount of time has passed, the pop-up will be sent. You would expect that the pop-up should not take too much or too little time. Understanding your “” will help you to understand it.Time on the pageYou may be able use “metrics for landing page to determine when the pop-up should deliver users who are most likely to bounce.

You can bounce:You can send a pop-up to users who are about to close the tab. This can be used to offer last-minute discounts and other ways to reengage visitors.

Scroll down:Pop-ups will often appear when you scroll through blogs. You may see a prompt to subscribe to an email when you scroll through content. You can use the scroll function on landing pages with more information than others. Some platforms allow you to trigger the popup when the visitor scrolls past a specific point on the page.

Click hereThis trigger can be used to send pop-ups via form submissions and buttons. A pop-up is displayed when someone adds a product or promotion to their cart.

How can I measure the success of my pop-up campaign?

There are many pop-up tools that can do the same things I mentioned. Many ecommerce-focused companies use Privy, while I personally use Ucentric to manage my clients’ marketing campaigns. Ucentric allows you to create elegant pop-ups, also known as “Nudges”, and measure the results accurately through conversion tracking tools.

You can export and view statistics about performance within your Nudge dashboard. These dashboards are very similar to those you’d see in paid channels like Google Ads. This allows you to create multiple campaigns and set triggers that are based on user actions on your site or landing page. You can also directly tie revenue to Nudge Campaigns that you have created through the platform.

how to create conversion-boosting pop-ups--reporting in nudge dashboard

Start developing your pop-up strategy now

Pop-ups are no longer a nuisance. They can be helpful and appealing. Pop-ups can speed up the buyer’s journey and increase the number of completed orders for ecommerce businesses.

Let’s close with a brief recap.

  • We have covered two types of pop-up strategies, the funnel strategy or the ecommerce strategy.
  • Pop-ups can be found on every page, on bounce, and on scroll.
  • It is crucial to measure the success of popups in order to be able to tie revenue back specifically to pop-up campaigns.


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