How to create stunning visuals for social media posts

It can be difficult to create content for social media. It is important to strike the right balance between what your audience wants and what you wish them to see. Visuals are key to interaction and engagement on social media. Social media visuals come in many forms, including infographics and images, videos, quotes, and images.

Visual content can impact how your audience perceives your message through social media marketing campaigns. It is a common saying that a picture speaks a thousand words.

How to Make Stunning Visuals for Social Media

Recent research shows that visual advertising is more attractive and is the reason for increased visibility and traffic to company websites and social media channels. The rapid rise in popularity of visual content can be attributed to the smartness and variety of apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Remember that engaging visual strategies for your business require both time and effort. Here are some ways to create powerful visuals for your social media posts.

Choose Your Networks To create stunning visuals for your social media posts, the first thing to do is to pick the right network to establish a strong presence. The top visual networks are Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Tumblr.

Social media channels, such as Twitter and Google+, can help you build a visual presence. You can also use Twitter and Google+. To test your response, you can select from two to three social media networks. It is important to establish a strong presence on social networks where your audience can find you.


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Make your accounts visually appealing: It is crucial to make sure that you have a compelling profile and cover image on all of your social media accounts. This will allow you to attract more people to your brand.

Develop an Image Posting Strategy: Each social network has a different audience so it is important to create unique images on all of them. You shouldn’t publish the same image to all your social networks. While some business owners might hire an outside company to help them develop a solid image-posting strategy that will increase their online exposure, you can do it yourself.

A wide range of content: Boring your audience with the same graphics over and over again will lead to boredom. To attract your audience, it is best to use different images such as infographics or quote graphics.

High Quality Stock Images: There is no better way to get people to share and like your content than to use high-quality images. Your business’s images reflect your business. To get better photos and build a strong reputation for your company, consider making a monthly investment in a photo stockhouse. You should ensure that your images are professional.

Add Personalized Content to Your Brand: Create images that add a face to your brand. People are more likely to engage with you if they can see and understand you. You should create an album on social media that focuses only on your employees. To gain authority and credibility in your industry, make sure you share your success story.

Text Fonts It’s important to choose fonts that are consistent with your brand’s personality. If you avoid using stylized or curly fonts, clarity is important.

Infographics:Infographics can include tables, graphs, and charts to show complex data in an organized way. Infographics are a great way to save time and help users understand your business or brand.

Final Words

Visual content has been gaining a lot of attention in the last few years. Visual social media posts can be a great way to connect with potential customers and show your brand personality. Is your marketing strategy incorporating visual content? You’ll be amazed at the results!

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Snapchat for Any Business

SnapchatIt is a social media platform that allows users send photos and videos to their friends, or to share on their personal “story.” Stories are public or private. The app is extremely popular thanks to its playful features, fun filters, and colorful stickers. The app is used by approximately 158 million people each day. They open Snapchat an average of 18 times per day. Snapchat is mobile-only, unlike Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Snapchat offers both paid and unpaid ways to promote your business. First, create an account. Snapchat requires you to register on a smartphone in order to view any content.

Download the app to sign up. Basic information such as your birthday, username, email address, and postal code will be required. You can choose to either enter personal information about yourself as the business owner or only business information. Followers will be able find you through your username. There are many strategies that you can use once you have registered to increase brand exposure. As with any marketing tool, having a bigger budget allows you to reach a wider audience. There are strategies that retailers can use to get positive publicity regardless of their budget.

Snap Ad

This is one the most targeted, but expensive, options Snapchat has. Under the “Discover” section of the app, many media outlets, TV networks and national lifestyle brands publish public stories. These stories can include videos, articles and quizzes. An ad can be purchased that will appear in between articles in the Discover section. The ads are 10-second vertical video ads with the option to upgrade or add additional content. These ads target users who view similar content as your brand.

Sponsored Lenses

Snapchat’s unique feature is that users interact with and play with ads. Snapchat filters and lenses that use facial recognition technology allow users to transform their faces into dogs, make up, wear crowns, or do anything else they can think of. Some lenses come with additional features or triggers. In the puppy filter, for example, users can see a huge puppy tongue licking the screen when they open their mouths. Sponsored lenses can be interactive and personalized with the company name. Your branded filter can be used to interact with users, and they may even share photos and videos to their friends. Sponsored lenses or Snap Ads can be very expensive, but they are highly interactive and have a wide reach.

Sponsored geofilters

Snapchat has Geofilters as a feature. These geo-specific photo filters can be used to promote an event, store or holiday and many other things. You can choose how large or small the geographic area that the filter is available.

You can upload a custom Snapchat filter, or create one via the Snapchat business website. Geofilters can also be purchased in yearly increments or set up for specific dates. Geofilters can be purchased at most brick and mortar retailers and are very affordable. Geofilters start at $10 per day for a minimum of 20,000 square feet. This is an attractive option for days when there is likely to be a lot of foot traffic, such as during holidays, town events, or celebrations.


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Influencers and Snap Overtakes

Many celebrities and social media influencers have huge Snapchat followings. Many of these celebrities will promote and place products. Influencers can also “takeover” your Snapchat account, posting to your story and engaging with your followers. The “takeover” is usually promoted to their followers before. This is because these influencers can create buzz for your brand and store, and their followers will continue to interact on Snapchat with you even after the “takeover”. These deals are not done through Snapchat. Instead, you can reach out directly to the influencers.

These are ways to engage customers with Snapchat without spending a lot of money.

Step 1: Stories

Snapchat’s hardest task is just getting started. You can only gain a Snapchat following by posting new and engaging content. Stories disappear within 24 hours so make sure to post at least once per day to ensure your content remains at the top of your followers’ feeds. Snapchat users have a unique Snapcode, username. Snapchat’s Snapcode acts as a unique QR code. To help grow your audience, you can use your Snapcode and/or username to advertise on other social media platforms and in your store.

Promo codes

A promo code that you share in your story can be a great way of building loyalty and motivating users to check your story again. These types of promotions create an urgency and exclusivity because stories are only good for 24 hours.

Behind the Scenes

Keep your followers in the loop about store operations so they can build a sense exclusivity. You can share everything, from the opening of your store in the morning to creative displays you are creating, or even success stories from regular customers. You can share information about your store and the people behind it with your followers to build a strong connection and humanize your company.

Products Releases

Snapchat is a great platform to build hype about special events or product launches. Countdowns and sneak peeks build anticipation and keep followers coming back for more information. You can also showcase your products on models and in displays using photo and video.

How to Videos

Social media can be difficult for brands because it is not just about them. Social media is not just for promoting your products. Instead, share valuable and useful information with your followers. How-to videos are a great way to accomplish this on Snapchat. If you’re an apparel retailer, you can give tips to shoppers on how they can incorporate new trends into their everyday looks with products that you already sell.

Remember to have fun. Snapchat isn’t meant to be perfect. Snapchat is all about authenticity. Snapchat users value funny, relatable and honest content over a scripted video or a painfully artistic camera shot. Download Snapchat from the App store or Google Play to get started.

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