Human Resources Generalist: Revel Employee Spotlight

How Maria Helps Execute Human Resources in Revel

We are back with a new installment of our”People POS” blog series and are thrilled to shine a light on another valuable member of our international team. We hope this series has helped you get to know our staff a little bit better through spotlights on workers like Antonia, Wajih, and Paton, just to mention a few.

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In order for these talented people to land a role at Revel, they had to work with Revel’s human resources (HR) team. That is where teammates enjoy Maria step in. As an HR generalist based in Sydney, Australia, Maria supports Revel workers located in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Meet Maria

Outside of work, you are most likely to find Maria staying busy in the company of her loving family, which includes her husband Nathan, their son Finn, and puppies Dio and Jasper. With her family by her side, she has continued to grow in her career–and still finds time to sneak into some yoga!

Before joining Revel, Maria worked as a category assistant in the headquarters of one of Australia’s biggest retail companies. While she enjoyed her job, her one-hour commute (each way!) became taxing. She also wasn’t certain if a very corporate work environment was a match for her character. As soon as an opportunity opened up at Revel, she applied and approved an office manager position on the growing group in Australia.

“I was worried at first because I was coming out of a very secure job to what felt like more of a startup. I quickly learned that it was worth the danger, and that a company of Revel’s size was a better fit for me,” Maria recalls.

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When Maria joined the group, the Australia office had only been available for one year. She found herself behind the fast expanding business in many different ways–such as office management, finance, and HR. In 2017, Maria left to take maternity leave and welcomed her first child. Upon returning to the workplace, she formally transitioned to an HR generalist role to help support Revel’s talent increase in the APAC region.


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“I know what I need to do due to my career advancement at Revel. I am currently taking courses while working to receive my diploma in HR. Revel’s leadership group has been such a fantastic support to me as I pursue my degree.”

Maria recently celebrated her sixth anniversary in Revel, also remains eager to tackle new challenges and explore opportunities available at the business.

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A Closer Look at Human Resources Now

An HR team sits at the heart of just about any business. As the drivers of fresh talent, Maria and the global HR staff are also always searching for new ways to ease employee career growth and success.

Maria divides her time between developing worker programming and encouraging recruitment efforts as an HR generalist. She also helps encourage important company-wide initiatives where her historical understanding of the business really excels, including several company system migrations. When asked to describe a typical work day, Maria explains that she loves her role because a”typical” work day is uncommon.

“My day-to-day is difficult to define. It always changes, particularly as I work across time zones,” Maria explains. “However, I appreciate that every day is different. I enjoy getting the opportunity to work on projects which have a global reach and impact.”

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Outside of these general tasks, Maria–together with Revel’s global HR staff –provide continuing support to workers at both the group and individual level.

How Maria Makes It Home

Very similar to how many Revel workers felt pre-pandemic, Maria explains that the highlight of her work week has been getting the opportunity to interact with her co-workers face to face. For Revel’s Australian workers, this meant choosing days to meet up in their shared co-working distance and planning regular Friday lunch excursions.

When all of Revel’s offices went distant in March of 2020, Maria and her colleagues knew they would not have the chance to meet up as much as they would like.

“It was tough at first,” she admits. “However, it was business as usual shortly afterwards. Oddly enough, I think working from home really brought us closer as a team. We’re now well settled into this distant work mode.”

Revel has major offices in Lithuania, Atlanta and San Francisco, and lots of Revel workers were accustomed to linking remotely before the consequences of COVID-19. That worldwide connection has always been one of Maria’s favorite aspects of the job.

“I like working with individuals from all around the world. I had the opportunity to fulfill up with the team in Lithuania two decades back, and it is even more special to work together today that I have made that personal connection,” Maria says. “I have also had the opportunity to meet a good deal of our team in america. Despite some of my co-workers being on the opposite side of the planet, we get to collaborate on fulfilling jobs together.”

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Experiencing a worldwide pandemic and adapting to new working environments has been challenging. According to Maria, however, Revel’s workers have displayed that it is still possible to be a worldwide business and work together, even if the relationship is virtual.

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Noteworthy Extras

When asked what she is looking forward to the most at Revel, Maria cites continued expansion, both across the corporation’s talent pool and frequently maturing products.

“In my view, our executive team is the strongest it has ever been. As an HR generalist, I am very proud to recruit individuals to work at Revel,” she explains. “With the extra funding we received, I am excited to find out which kind of investments we make in our people and merchandise in the coming months.”

This substantial growth investment can help Revel reinforce a commitment to the people, goods, and support behind its industry-leading solutions. The business is blessed to have teammates like Maria to help champion that devotion.

What’s Next

As the”Individuals POS,” passionate, tenured workers like Maria are a huge driving force behind Revel’s continued success in the point of sale industry.

Maria is currently working on a strategy for talent expansion across Revel’s APAC presence. She is looking forward to putting her enthusiasm for HR to great use as Revel builds on its already talented team in that area.

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