Introducing Facebook Shops: Create custom-designed storefronts on Facebook or Instagram

Introducing Facebook Shops: Create custom-designed storefronts on Facebook or Instagram

Meet your customers right where they are. This is the golden rule of every business.

In the past, you only had one option: to have a physical storefront visible to foot traffic. Social platforms are now digital town squares. Your business must meet customers with a native experience, tailoring your brand’s story to the members of that community.

We are joining forces with Facebook in this spirit.Shop on FacebookShopify merchants is a new shopping experience that allows you to create a customized storefront on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook Shops: Create your own store on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Shops is an easy way to create your own online store. It can be found within the Instagram and Facebook mobile apps. Facebook Shops makes it simple for billions to search, browse and purchase your products within the apps they use every day to discover new experiences.

With the help of Instagram and Facebook, you can sell your products on both platforms. This allows for a seamless shopping experience across all devices. You can showcase your brand and products by customizing your Facebook Shop’s colors and layout. Also, you can organize product collections into featured tile to match your Shopify store’s look and feel.

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Customers can shop quickly and seamlessly on Shopify by browsing your Facebook Shop.

Shopify integration allows you to keep your inventory, products, and back office in sync with Shopify. This will allow you to manage your business from one location while also selling through multiple sales channels.

There are many more things in the works. Here are some ways to get started.

Get your business ready to go for Facebook Shops

Shopify merchants will be the first to have access to this channel so that they can offer mobile shopping experiences to customers quickly.

Here’s what to expect: If your product tags are already available through the Instagram channel, Facebook Shops automatically becomes available to you within the next few weeks. You will be notified. Facebook Shops are available on Instagram. A version for Facebook is coming soon.

Facebook Shops will soon be available for those who haven’t yet set up product tagging via Instagram. Install Shopify’s Facebook channel today to prepare your store. This will allow you to manage all your sales and marketing activities across the Facebook family. Once your products have been synced through our Facebook channel you will automatically be able to access Facebook Shops.

You have two options to jumpstart this new channel, which continues to influence modern commerce. More updates are coming soon. Every business is now an online business. Sellers must keep up with what their customers are doing on Facebook and Instagram.


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