Is An iPad Enough For A Restaurant POS Solution?

If you are in the market for a POS restaurant management system, then there is a fantastic opportunity overeager salespeople hounded you (and your wallet) by recommending only”the best” set up for your restaurant, without taking into account your real needs.

In turn, there is a great chance these people never provided a more affordable, yet fully featured iPad solution, despite the fact that they’re often the ideal reply to your POS needs.

A month ago, Hannah Harrington gave us a terrific summary of why everyone should think about an iPad-based POS system. (Spoiler Alert: It’s because they are wonderful.)

But for people who understand they want a restaurant POS setup, but need a bit more breakdown as to why an iPad could be the ideal path to follow, continue reading.

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We chose to dive a bit deeper.

1. ) Cost

Yep, let’s begin with the 1 concern ANY owner would like to look at when looking for POS systems. An iPad POS is generally more cost-effective compared to a traditional point-of-sale — not just over the price of proprietary hardware but also with support and service costs, also. We’ll never recommend picking a POS system based on cost alone since you DO often get what you pay for.

But if you can have a complete, comprehensive restaurant POS system — one which matches and exceeds the requirements of most restaurant owners — in a fraction of the cost of conventional setups, then you want to strongly consider this option.


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2. ) Safety and stability

iPads are famous for their appearance, famous for their efficacy, and give tremendous long-term stability over other operating systems. If there are failures in your restaurant POS software, solving the problem is often as simple as reinstalling the app.

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Plus, iOS applications is seldom targeted by hackers when compared to other POS systems and is a lot more challenging to permeate by people who attempt. In summary, you are much safer

And, in the unlikely event of a hardware failure, fresh iPads can be bought immediately, without the need for technicians or lengthy, costly repairs.

3. Flexibility and freedom

iPad-based software contains arguably the industry’s most secure and dependable wireless platform. This means that your staff is capable of bringing the POS to the people, speeding up ordering and payment, and enabling management to receive real-time reports of backend information, without missing a step.

4. ) It just works!

Ever seen a 3-year-old with an iPad? These kids likely can not master the functioning of a bathroom faucet but have no problem showing you how you can master Minecraft. If they can manage those abilities, imagine how nice they would be to your already-stressed waitstaff?

iPads are inherently easy to use, irrespective of technical ability or business acumen.  Our Upserve POS Restaurant POS can be set up in no time, and training does not take long, either. Within minutes, your employees will have a strong, yet a user-focused system in their hands, freeing their time for more important things, like your customers’ happiness.

There is no doubt you have seen tabletop POS systems in action. Just stop by any forward-thinking family restaurant and there is little doubt at least one table filled with kids enjoying some wait-time diversion while food is being prepared.

Do Tabletop POS Systems Hurt The Values of Family Restaurants?

With games, videos, puzzles and other activities pre-loaded to a kid-friendly port, parents may add a few bucks to their bill in exchange for meal-long entertainment. Plus, as a real, fully featured restaurant pos system, clients enjoy wait-free advantage when purchasing the meal, and for when it is time to go.

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Tabletop POS systems bring clients convenience

there are lots of advantages to a tabletop POS, all which come down to advantage. When it is a crowded sports bar on game day, or a high-turnover family restaurant designed to get you in and out, casual dining is greatest when the customer dictate the speed of the stay.

With a tabletop POS, they do just that. Rather than waiting for an overbooked wait staff to eventually get around to your table, the tabletop POS lets users place a drink order, and maybe some appetizers, within moments of sitting down. Then, rather than fighting to choose an arrangement before too much time has passed, diners can choose their entrees (as well as desserts) in a relaxed manner.

Tabletop POS systems provide owners promotions and marketing

Restaurant owners, listen up! A tabletop POS is extremely effective in upselling specialty items and add-ons. Engaging video and visuals do a much better job of whetting appetites than even the most experienced service professional.

And POS systems do not seem like sales people when doing this. Instead, they offer sound and visuals that hit all of the proper pieces of a customer’s mind — parts the waitstaff can not hit, unless they appear at each table with a sizzling platter of fajitas.

Tabletop POS systems give clients peace-of-mind

More importantly, a tabletop POS is preloaded with entertainment options offering an intriguing revenue flow for restaurant owners… and an often-necessary respite for weary parents. Affording adults a couple of minutes of uninterrupted conversation may make a chaotic restaurant look like a date night once the children are content.

At the end of the night, a group of sports bar patrons may swipe multiple cards, dividing the bill as they see fit, as opposed to tasking the wait staff with bothersome payment scenarios. And families can pay once they are done, purchasing themselves precious moments before the ice cream kicks in, and insanity is prepared to ensue once again.

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Any downsides to tabletop POS systems?

On the other hand, one would believe a tabletop setup might reduce tipping for good service because the machine is performing that part of the jobBut rather, guests have proven that the automatic tip calculation, along with a default”advocated” tipping total is in fact bringing out the generosity in clients.

Plus, using a system taking over the rote and repetition of ordering, servers will probably work even harder to make sure their guests’ experiences are topnotch, leaving a much greater impression on clients, and encouraging repeat business.

From a customer standpoint, the only”drawback” we have heard of is by simply getting the entertainment/video on the table . Although many parents are relieved to have a tablet there to placate kids, many clients feel dining out is an event during which households must converse and appreciate one another, as opposed to simply watching more displays and playing more games.

That is very much up to the client, but we urge owners inform parents you would be happy to manage ordering and payment in a conventional manner, and can easily get rid of the POS pill in the table so there is no distractions to hinder quality family time.

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