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Mercedes-Benz GLA vs. BMW X1 – Dubbeltest

mercedes is a brand new gh from the The top hat was transformed into the time too because the previous year was more or less one increased the normal a-class and it was fine with it at that time but in 2013 crossovers were a bit on the rise now are they really rotten now you really have a serious crossover well it is well and that are about right with the one of the better from its segment to it this bmw x1 yes the current x1

but i now is there is just gh in its second generation with the difference that it has been there since 2015, yes, and that makes it dear veterans a car from 2015, although swept for her, that gives then again and in any case you can also look great with it his whole fresh modern looking car can still be seen and each sitting around them it’s a lovely autori love b & w love the interior that already starts with what send that is I have that face more often I say it again times no one makes such steering wheel and like b & w he does his neck and dick’s lies well in the hand compact good material and yet it is the most intimate part that you have the whole car day with you that send good just yes for the rest here you see what it what is older already in that sense have two analog counters and you have everything from it

Nowadays everyone deserve to have huge screens to the see battisti mercedes ophthalmologist who comes back to me but may I have a prediction I think that in about 10 15 years that analog meters totally take the bomb going to be premium mind my words as everyone such digital screen do not live a future life in it now and now it may be just a bit yes what a deliberate pressure to say but yes it is what makes conventional all well formed also like bmw so beautiful you know the center console and aj who turned it who can set those preset buttons yourself and still be well that eyed raven with this I wish it turned out to operate the infotainment system there are all kinds of ways to operate that there is only one group new folder to target the ai sees the neighborhood that works of perfect swivel

Do nothing about it just keep that x1 and the first generation as a very handsome one car inside so prayer BMW but only let it be said for this second generation was big and at first still big even compared to modern ones competed is a very spacious car names 8 screen a lot of space trunk is even five hundred and five minutes was really hefty and ew is of course mainly for driving and yes this is a front-wheel drive BMW in the base after political leader proposals here nowadays among the small in common has just been well this is an extra out quietly on the rear wheels occasionally when this is needed also with but basically frozen powered have a car that you have to give BMW even that they can drive nicely really one so the sharp edge to he is very much the really a lot of feeling you have many experiences that send cars very nicely that car and of course I taxi black the understeer is lifted a bit so boulders must be a little bit, but how the hope left or right he steers nice tight and direct and that is only tomorrow an engine is the 20th that is a 2 liter engine block and a nice adult engine runs with a hundred and two and real horsepower and 280 new to meter an 8-speed automatic transmission very smooth combination very fine smooth drivetrain really from bottom to sky above negative a lot of power and torque off a wonderful car to drive just well that also costs a bit because I dare just don’t say what car costs because you laugh at him this wooden basically costs 54,000 euros,

only these have some extras You hold on to these costs and you pay 70,000 euros, yes, that goes for nothing no more about anything so yes it is already very good and beautiful but yes what is you can for the money yes and that you have not lost for this new a class now it might be also no copy, but 49 thousand euros bare and as it says here 55,000 euro deposit other that 70 means of that bmw not quite fair this is one front wheel drive version this is a 163 hp version 200 is yellow a200 but if necessary with 30 serious amounts, it is still a very nice car and I immediately see it is a real no yes no ok you have to be up to date have the very big wide screen of my eye which is really big part of it take up the dashboard with all the trimmings than ever in the s class and lower and lower now also in the a class very nice you can choose from all kinds and had to or I should have a look thus threatened to here I have to press the house and then I have to go to the themes yes you do theme worlds do you have theme worlds your glasses evening in the efficiency there was a great speed of that mercedes point near towing and going full on the brakes is scary that system is that we have to be properly served via a touchpad and yes me don’t like it it’s very clumsy and i yeah i’m left handed too and that is once impractical for is base pound too not tasty that is really the service is less but system is also very good, nice system,

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nice everything on it and reminds heaven to set itself the great thing about this a la is that he one Lot bigger is our go to and that means it has a lot more wheelbase as well that means that you have a lot more space in the back, funny enough the headroom is slightly less but the banx is more to the rear in one too angle adjustable, however, you have a lot of legroom in the back you can use your foot open and lost under those seats and therefore you are really spacious in the back this new gra and if you now comparable a bmw then you really notice that old-fashioned Mercedes feeling has something yes one direction sees a negative but he has something soft is also on relatively small dealer 17 inch I you now years ever was it’s very cool and nowadays are really balloon tires but also fixes the undercarriage is quite soft and soft when we go straight away like this is that goodies very comfortable car soft and yes very soothing but if you are really going to send, he is a bit very week is more on the move I like that motor is a point three is a fairly small motor taken with 163 hp 250 newton meters as long as you drive normal and nice engine you really or they kick tail and feel you all that he noisy and what mourning 7-stage machine is also a nice baked need for a lot of money in normal use fine from a standstill, here is a bit slow-witted not really one and bryce it then it takes a while that your corridor content the backwards that minutes it too again for a while the ride really a delay in what the disturbing can to work yes and then you have to choose well that is still difficult I know that it is starting to whine about but this is really tricky if you are carrying which of these two cars years can give to take an evening home and love to do that money to drive and you can keep that we do not yet do that then I choose that one bmw bmw is sharp and the steering is yes beads life just down to it also still very much better overall picture but yes that is if I may but if I can pay it will be a different story the one of course difference between almost 15,000 euros and yes that BMW benefits four wheel drive this front wheel drive yes the game is one very full and this is a pretty bald GEA but everything should still be cold think those prices are going to count very heavily so yes then you would say that BMW but then they thought he was real experience worth quite a bit there is a whole feeling argument to let go for that and cost only from i have no consumption yet you know the story it is still in the middle of the tester has to calculate all still to go and have to sum it up so it can still go all directions my feeling we go the bmw but the gra but I hear plenty of opportunities and you can also put it in the magazine another year before the test third car and it may be different from the audi q3 you know two dogs fight over a leg I you three could go like that you read it all in auto week

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