New Ford EXPLORER Hybrid ST Line 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new video the new Ford Explorer hybrid plug-in hybrid ST Line 2020 it’s right here with me and I’m really happy to review it for you as usually interior/exterior and every single detail about the car as you can see automatic lift gate I just want to show you at the beginning with the key of the car it’s quite quite cool to have this future on the car first impression about the car it is a huge huge huge car this new Ford Explorer and it looks a lot like Range Rover yeah like a Range Rover you know the the big Range Rover the v8 Land Rover Range Rover this is kind of the same size it’s really beautiful I like the design it’s it’s look a lot like like in the front I’m in the front part look a lot like Range Rover but I don’t know this is my opinion I like the car I like very much the car it’s very spacious here you have some information about the car so three liter engine v6 plug-in hybrid like I told you before then you can see it has 363 horsepower and yeah the basis price of this car it’s eighty six thousand nine hundred francs dollars and then this this model here it costs eighty seven thousand but with a discount 70 with it with a discount you can see you have this premium discount for the hybrid you have seventy nine thousand nine hundred francs dollars around 77 thousand euro then you can see it has two engines electric

and also petrol engine that it’s also the consumption and also all the information that you probably are interested in anyway let me go inside guys to open up the lie and also the blinkers I want to start with the lights and I want to show the light of the car it is a beautiful car and I like it very much and also it has all that new technology from the forth you can see here the LED lights on the mirrors as well as right here in the front you can see it from here very well it’s right there in the middle so I just have to tell you from the beginning that it’s full LED light even the daylight even the blinkers it is LED so in the front the headlamps the tail light everything LED lights so in my opinion they look really beautiful on the car I like the shape of the car give this this feeling of powerful car even in the back here now in the back guys the blinkers are not LED light just the tail light so you can see the blinkers is normal bulb light and also the reverse it’s bulb light but in the front it’s full LED everything in the front even the fog lamps are LED but here in the back they choice that the blinkers and the reverse light to be a bulb light I don’t know what’s the reason anyway they look nice but it is what it is a beautiful shape of the car you can see how huge is the car I don’t know on the camera if you can if you can make an idea how big it is but I tell you it is really big car and really explore you can either even you can really explore every single nature park with this SUV the mirror right here is quite big huge mirror it also have this blind spot technology right here in the corner

and you can see it very well right now big mirrors great visibility also nice shape there down here we have camera because this car have 360 degrees cameras also LED light to illuminate the floor in the night very useful feature keyless entry as you can see the hand quite interesting and also it feel good quality when you open the door you can feel that a steel line logo there and here we have the hybrid where you can charge the car the battery actually so you have a fast charging right here you’re able to charge it at fast charging and then let me go forward the camera here on the windscreen for the lane assist and also the car can read the traffic speed limit the traffic signs here you can see the Explorer Explorer writing on headlamps as I told you kind of the last LED light technology from forth it’s here on the car the taillight and also the high beam low beam and all that cool tech so they actually can see it inside there the grille it’s kind of big and glossy even down here as I told you the fog lamps they are so big and also LED light really big I don’t know if you can make an idea on the camera but this is this is a really big car you can see you can see the the arc last much others are class in the right side that it’s almost as big as is this hood of the Explorer and look at those lines it looks so sporty the front of the car with those lines there look pretty interesting I like it very much really interesting and also the big they’re so big those headlight they go all the way to the side of the car then the grille here some glossy plastic the air intakes down here then we have a front camera right here and the Ford logo in the middle then here we have some air intakes again where the air comes to cool down the engine a rather right here for adaptive cruise control emergency brake all that cool feature then the parking sensors and down here we have some glossy plastic really interesting some rubber here to protect the articulation it’s very very practical and useful and here we have six parking sensors in the front and that’s it the front guys yeah another cool feature that I like about the car is this plastic here around the edges these days someone hit my car with the door right here on this area and if I had on my car these plastics they would protect the car in time from rust from from scratching from stuff and it’s very easy to change even down here this plastic if it’s something happened with the car down here a lot of stones a lot of chips you can change this plastic very easy and much more cheaper than repainted the car beautiful lines around on the side of the car here even down up here as well it’s kind of round shapes but but still make the car look good here kind of a pillar or in black but the roof is in blue we have a glass roof there and you can also add an extra truck trunk up there on the roof of the car so pretty pretty cool also the windows kind of big around the edges of the windows we have the rubber

and matte rubber around the edges and yeah in the in the back here you can look at the shape of the car it’s quite beautiful in such a big car you can see the back part of the car it’s quite quite huge also here in the back the same plastic to protect the edges of the car up here you have the tank so on the on the same size on the same place on the left side the same mask like the battery charging port the they look also nice also you can see they are twinning inch rim skies and yeah I can see the brake calipers there and the brakes disks the car have ventilated discs here are the tires I think a bigger rims on this car they look much better to be honest but they still look good and I think for economy they are great I like very much the spoiler design here in the back the glossy black plastic around there and the spoiler up there look really beautiful and I like the shapes here the shapes they’re gorgeous also the brake light LED a wiper and you have a great visibility in the back cause those windows there in the back there is really huge here is the the tail light you already see it some light reflector on the side and this here it’s LED there you already see it a blinker and yeah what can I say again Explorer Lobo here camera LED lights for the number plate very very cool then going down here some light reflectors they are very useful in the night and also there is the fog lamp I think in the same light reflectors you can see the back of the car look pretty pretty interesting and strong down there we have the exhaust pipe we have 4x + 5 – on the left – on the right some glossy plastic there on the bumper and also six parking sensors again in the back on this plastic ball I think they use a lot of this kind of plastic on down down part of the car because this cars going offroad they will scratch all the time and you have to change that plastic all the time so and this way it’s much much practical guys and also the camera I think it get it will get dirty very fast there so you have to wash it all the time okay so let’s go inside the Tron guys now to see how much space we have here so at the entrance on plastic two hooks here on the side also we have seven seater here we have seven seat in the car we have a flat floor entrance here and we have a huge huge space because the car is also huge twelve volt port here LED lights those buttons are for the seats you can see in the moment the seven seater you can fold it electrically down or up the way we wanted a speaker there some storage space in the left side right here in the in the floor also in the right side we have some storage space very practical and under the floor guys we have another storage space like around ten centimeter there and then under this floor again we have a spare tire right there very practical for this off-road cars so yeah kind of cool a lot of space here in the trunk and even if you have the 7 seater up you still have a huge huge space in the car you can see that there is the strong protection you can also take it out very easily I will show you in the moment and also we can fold up the seats super super easy let me go inside a car I like very much the way you open the doors the quality it’s very good it sounds good this rubber here everywhere so even here on the on the car you have this rubber and up here 2 to 2 parts of rubber so it sounds very nice it feel good as you touch it good huge entrance in the car I have to tell you leather seats you can see the seats are leather you can see free different position of the seat you can adjust it the way you wanted this is a good thing you can you can make plenty of adjustment here also the car have this glass roof that you see it before from outside I think you’ll remember and yeah it looks very nice it’s it’s the ambient inside the car and it’s it’s fantastic so you can fall down the seats very simply from from down here and you can also fold it fold it a little bit in the front from here if you want to go in the back you fold it up from here so you have like kind of three possibilities and then you have another possibility from down there so in this way you can go inside there without any problem you can take this out this protection for the trunk very easily one with one hand it’s a little bit more complicated let me pull it here for a moment let me go in the back and take it out slowly it’s very easy you can do that with one hand as well let me pull it down and show you how much space you have with all 7-seater up but I have to tell you this is one of the most spacious SUV with seven seat there you can see I press the button and the seats come out come up themselves so you don’t have to do nothing and why I say I will show after that when I fold it down that way I said you have plenty of space because look at the trunk now you have all the seven seat and you still have huge space here to put your bed your luggage usually you don’t have so much space there in the back but in this new Explorer you have plenty of space there also you can see the same great quality leather quality on the seats guys and I will go there in the back for you and I’ll show you some plastic here where you can put your your foot first time this is very good being here inside you can pull this up the headrest and you can see the leather the quality is quite good and I have to tell you one more thing you you are very comfortable here in the back and you have plenty of space because the car it’s very big you have two seat belt here in the back and also the banquette are quite quite good quality also let me fold back the seats to see this place on my knees right now here it’s much more space because the seats it’s way way in the but you can see in the middle part it’s kind of a normal normal size so you can see in the middle I have like three fingers here so this is kind of the space you have here in the back also here you have some cup holders some space some storage space up here some plastic and then you have this window here with the bands there the window is quite big so you have good visibility the head room it’s it’s a lot a lot of head space so no problem with the head we have here some LED lights on the roof and the microphone and here we have the vents on the roof quite a very interesting idea to wait he put vents on the roof I’m sure in the moment also that way I told you the comfort here in the back it’s not that I think I can be here even for long trips maybe a little bit pain on my only on your knees when you wanna stay here for long long trips but I don’t think will be a problem for kids or stuff like that here is the vent guys another vent for the last passenger is really impressive where they put those vents they chose to put the vents right here on the roof kind of interesting and here is the microphone I think you see it before but let me go forward a little bit guys and let me show it forward now now I fold back the seats in the original position also from here let me show you press the button and then the seat it will fold back again themself and you have a huge trunk here where you can you can take huge things I don’t know it’s really huge space so if you need a big big SUVs with plenty of space this is one of the option to take it’s great great car is your fix here for kids as you can see it also you can adjust the seats from down here the way you want it you pull this manually the same as in the front seat so you can put it away one at the middle part I think the middle part did stay fixed like that you cannot adjust it but anyway let me fall down all the seats to see how much space you have with all the seats folding down oh look at that gorgeous it’s so much space there in the back you will see in a moment after you fold it down it’s kind of impressive how much space you have and you can even sleep here call Kerry Mobile peace and fridge and stuff like that it is indeed a huge huge space here I don’t know if you can make an idea on the camera but in real it is really huge look at the legs they’re space it’s huge space on the legs guys a lot of space also you have an ambient light under the front seat I like very much the ambient light I will show you in the moment in this car it’s quite impressive and from here you can see better you kind of have the roof with a glass roof that it’s in the normal car huge and then you have another roof here in the back so yeah it’s it’s really big car really long and big and interesting and I like the trunk it’s everything flat there it’s quite easy to to carry your stuff really impressive and the quality is not bad at all on the cards it’s quite good the materials are awesome and the leather it’s very good right here in the back and I like the fact that they have three individual seats guys here you can see by every single person here it has his own seat so it’s kind of cool to have that in the car that mean you have much more space for yourself and also the position of the seats are great actually to be honest I don’t really know how to put the middle part the middle seats a little bit in the back and just try it and I know only the side but the middle I don’t know anyway yeah this is the seat this is these are the seats guys the leather it’s very good quality you can see these red stitches they look very nice with a black leather they are soft they’re super comfy sit on the door now guys we have a big window here also on the window we have this protection for the Sun that you can put it up like that very useful and fancy soft material on the doors everywhere here we have soft material kind of rubber on the upper side then going down a little bit we have leather here also ambient light in the handle I like very much the handle and the speaker and the stitches that write stitches with leather also down here even this button it’s nice a little bit of chrome there some storage space the speaker and this is the tour kind of good quality in my opinion not bad at all going inside back of the front seats we have some plastic and the storage space right there going inside very easily in the car here in the middle we have this climatic system contestable too we have heated seat in the back USBC USB normal – and then we have also these 230 volt outlet socket and then some space here where you can put your stuff so very very useful for 2020 plenty of NT of good feature and the toast USB port are very useful so yeah up here the band LED light and the hook so we have we don’t have any handle up here we have it here on the b-pillar so if you if you want to hold something hold that there two cupholders in the middle also some leather armrests pretty awesome in the middle sitting here I just tried to adjust it but I don’t find a place on how to adjust this plenty of space on my knees oh my on my legs down there all I can almost stretch my legs plenty of space in my head as you see it here and also the good visibility on the windows no problem with the visibility guys you have a great great visibility outside and I like that very much going in the middle also there it’s a little bump and I like that you can stay with your legs even together so you have plenty of space here in the middle and the seats are great head space create no problem three people here no problem you can stay here free people my hand it’s almost stretch there so from this point of view it’s pretty awesome and also you have a good visibility or nice visibility up there on the roof armrests in the front leather you can see the red stitch is the dashboard design it’s pretty nice also this thing will look great the multimedia system the new digital cockpit look gorgeous and yeah we will go in the front now and I will show you I like very much this ambient light on the tours it looks very nice this color but let me go in the front to see the front part right now here guys we have a big window great visibility again here on the door soft material rubber right here then we have leather with red stitches insertion even here the same as in the back handle are great great handles and also the ambient light there the buttons for saving electric position of the seats then we have electric adjustable mirrors windows as well and then down part we go here we have some storage space here is kind of plastic but storage space ambient light and also the speaker right there so pretty awesome entrance in the car guys we have this s/t line logo with some aluminium then we have electric adjustable seats you can adjust the seat so you can see the seats was maximum in the back right now so I still have plenty of space in the back you see before and those seats those driver seats are way maximum in the back wall really impressive I didn’t know that and I still have plenty of space on my knees so indeed it’s huge space in this car also the seats look gorgeous they are very comfortable I like to sit on them and the quality of the leather is also very very good even for long trips there they’re awesome those seats here you have the fuse box and then here we have the light I like the ambient light this blue-white ambient light look gorgeous also two buttons for two lights and open the trunk open the gas tank door and yeah up here we have soft material rubbers of material and some kind of a nice design insertion there on the – I liked the vents on the fourth all the vents in the fourth in the new Ford they feel so nice so smooth they did a great job with that and also here it’s soft material everywhere on the – kind of rubber all over there and you can see it from here here soft material we have speaker and pretty nice design on the dashboard it’s pretty simple all the cars all the cars manufactured these days try to make it simple to have a great visibility also LED lights on the mirror blow on the mirror here look great the quality on the roof it’s also great here we have some LED lights and of course the buttons for the for the roof glass roof and here we have a classy support then go or word the mirror look nice the visibility in the back is great and also yeah let me close the door now for a second I want to show you the ambient light but let me show you now the ambient light here’s the start/stop button and you can see the new digital cockpit right there guys also blind spot technology in the mirrors there we have the new digital cockpit from Ford it’s gorgeous it’s as nice colors you can customize different stuff it’s really awesome and also the multimedia system it’s it’s great you see it on the Ford Puma before so as I told you the ambient light inside the car you can see it right now it’s gorgeous guys this is something that I want to show you so you can see here on the roof on the doors look as well here is the armrest and we have a LED light and huge space here in the middle and also there we have a twelve volt port and plenty of space down there I think you can see it like that huge space there I like it I like this space here you can put a lot of stuff there and then a little bit forward we have this place where you can charge your phone wireless really awesome then we have that two cupholders the center console here we took up holders we have this driving mode right there right here with ambient light it’s really simple to change the driving mode we have the buttons for every electric driving and also the parking automatic parking electric handbrake auto hold very useful and my favorite gear shifter is right here look how cool it is you know that human I have a similar one on the electric cars then Ford have this gear shifter very simply here this wheel is super awesome you save a lot of space here in the center console USBC USB normal right there 12 volt port a lot of space even here in the front they are illuminate I like those USB illuminated it’s much better like that it’s looked really great I like it very much I like this center console it’s very practical and I like also this automatic system this car here have heated seat heated steering wheel ventilated seat in the front from for the summer it’s really awesome I like ventilated seat when when your ass getting sweat in the summer it’s not so good and this car have all that future and even in the back you have heated seats so it’s really awesome and really simple to change this here we have the camera around the car because the car have 360 degrees camera so you can see it right now on the screen I just want to show you also the lights are open on the car right now and other buttons for the parking sensors the blinker and the controller’s for the multimedia system right here volume and the multimedia system is the same one as on the Ford Puma the new one the same it’s here on the new Explorer also everything look nice I like the way it feels the vents has great quality also this trim here it’s awesome going down here to the glove box and we have some space here and the glove box I was expected to be a little bit bigger but yeah it’s still plenty of space in the car you have other storage space bigger in the car and the steering wheel it’s great great quality as you touch it it’s it’s leather nice we have this little holster on the side red stitches insertion to look really nice and also the buttons are great very easy to use those buttons here or the controller for display there I will show a little bit later the clappers for changing the gear manually if you want to do that the screen it’s nice the colors are nice the resolution it’s great you can customize in many ways on that screen right there and I will show you a little bit later at the end of this video you can see even when you close the the car it show you a nice picture with mountains and stuff like that and it’s the resolution it’s great is the same as you watch on a laptop or tablet or something like that is quite quite awesome now here the multimedia system here in the middle guys I don’t know if you see the review with the multimedia system but I will just show you a little bit right now so here you have the the navigation system it’s work really really much better much more improved from the previous version you have to radio the telephone this shortcut button down here application here a mobile app you can connect your mobile the car can connect to the internet here you have the energy flow because this car it’s a plug-in hybrid so you have this energy flow they tell you how much battery you still have here’s old assistance if the assistant blind-spot adaptive cruise control you have this all kind of safety feature the cameras win it when you pull something with the car you have those safety settings like like Caravan when you have care around it in the car help you to park better anyway here you have all that information about and all that settings about different function like ambient light inside the car for example you can change the ambient light inside the car so let me choose a different color right now you can see it’s blue before was a green that beautiful green you can make it red like that you can see it before let me show you how red you can see that red there also on the cupholders it’s red or you can make it the other color whatever color you want from here I can change in orange for example right now anyway yeah and all other settings here guys I make another full review with this multimedia system from fourth on my channel I actually used the new Puma car there it’s very similar with that you can check it out there I make it pretty simple here it’s nice it’s very easy to adjust every settings here but I guess you get the point it’s not like what we see on the new Mercedes but it’s a big big improvement and you have all you need here it’s pretty simple you don’t need a computer inside the car you just need to to do what you need to do when you are driving so anyway yeah guys I guess that was the multimedia system and around the car I want to show you that it’s plenty of great visibility good visibility around the car even though the car have 360 degrees camera you don’t have to worry about the visibility even on the mirrors even outside there it’s plenty plenty of visibility right now the lights the LED lights are open in the front and you can see from the front the way they look and they look pretty nice and in the night they do they make a lot of light and you have great great visibility with those you know LED lights from the Explorer so great all right so let me close you now you can see also there in the front the way they illuminate let me close the light guys let me go inside and yeah so now guys on the end I just want to show you a little bit of the of the new digital cockpit on the Explorer the problem was that you have to start kind of start the car to be able to see all that option and function on the on the cockpit so now here I just opened up a little bit for you and I want to show you that you can drive in sport mode have different style different type of driving there you can customize the screen right there the front in different different ways and this is pretty nice and the screen it’s it has really amazing colors and right here you can change the way the modes you driving in so when it’s snow and it’s normal when you want to drive echo so we have different modes of driving here and you can also customize they’re in the front the way we want to see it also you can see the speed limit there in the right side you can customize the things and vacation I would do a telephone and also you can put your your way to home to navigate from here you will not see the full map navigation like you see it in other cars for example like in Mercedes or like in BMW or Audi but you will see just the indication right there on the left side on the screen and also you you have all kinds of information here on the screen so yeah just just to know guys just as an information it’s not very complex but you still can change many many things here in in the digital display in the new one so it’s anyway much better than the normal classic one so guys I guess that was the video there was a review with a new Ford Explorer I hope it was helpful for you guys if you liked it please share it like it and please also I wait you in the other videos with pleasure and thank you again for watching don’t forget to check out my other videos and see you soon guys bye

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