New Honda CIVIC Comfort Sport Line 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I have right here with me the new Honda Civic 2020 model and as usually I will review it for you I will show you the interior exterior and I try to go in every single detail as possible that you can get all the information that you need about this new Honda Civic so actually the car is the shape of the car it’s very similar with what we see in the previous model this is kind of just a facelift with a little bit of change you can check it out right here this is the Comfort Sport version I will show you also and that it get another top-end model and I will review it soon as well and on the top-end model it’s the back of the cards a little bit change for example this spoiler it’s get another one up here on this car is just this nice shape design that make the car much more sport here and help it a little bit with our aerodynamic but this is just keep in mind this is the Comfort Sport version of the car it’s one liter engine 126 horsepower six manually six gear box and yeah I will show you all the details later here we have LED lights on the tail light only the blinkers are in normal bulb light so you can see here we have normal bulb light on the blinkers in the front it’s other story here on the side we have two blinker of course again in no LED just normal bulb light but the front it’s LED light full the headlight it’s full LED even the blinkers are LED

and they look fabulous the front of this new Honda Civic looked fantastic I love the front very much I’m a big fan of this front of this design I like the headlights the way they looked look fantastic you can see there a lady light in the interior and also the bumper the shape the design it is super nice and super sporty and it looks like like us like a very very angry and sporty car I like it very much really really liked it so anyway here guys we have also the Springer a water Springer for for washing the headlight then we have the bumper here on the side very interesting design some glossy plastic down here a lot of sharp edges and designs here usually it should be the head the the fog lamp it doesn’t have on this model and down here we have a grill where the air come inside the radiator to cool down engine also here you have a dress if you are in Switzerland you can come in bern to check them out or on the internet to see the car

and to test drive it here we have the Honda logo also on grill where the air come inside to the engine so very interesting design I like I like it very much the way they design this front grille of the TV and the front it’s one of my favorite part on this car to be honest also the hood look very nice beautiful shapes there on the side some sharp shapes edges so you can see it here they begin all the way down here so the car looked pretty interesting from the front and I like those blinkers on the side like a Porsche there on the bumper now the rims guys this car this version of car come with those black rims they look super nice in my opinion also we have here 17-inch rims that come with the Comfort Sport Plus version and then on the side here we have some plastic glossy down here also look very nice very sporty and also in the same time protect the down part of the car from stunts and yeah in time from rust this is the mirror no no blinker on the mirror as usually and also it is a nice mirror it has a nice shape and also it’s a very big mirror so you can you can see very well from the interior you have a great visibility in the mirrors as well so yeah anyway the front of the car it’s it’s it’s very nice it’s one of my favorite here I want to show you the information about the car so is the Comfort Sport line version and there you can see free cylinder one liter engine 126 horsepower the car come also with adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all that stuff the price it’s twenty-seven thousand francs dollars the same around 25 thousand euro it’s a great price for four discs what this car can offer there is the camera for Lane Assist

and also I’m not sure if the car have this traffic sign if the car can can read the traffic speed limit not sure about that I will have to check it out but here around the windows guys also you can see some plastic on the left side we have this tank where we have the easy fuel you know this easy fuel is the newest this technology it’s pretty awesome you don’t have to open nothing you just put it inside and press at the pump and the gas will go directly inside here we have the handle classic like the previous version as well it’s pretty nice and simple up here I like the design up here I like those the radio antenna and then we have these nice shapes right here we have a springer and wiper you can see the springer right there in the middle and we have this wiper in the back as well kind of interesting I don’t know if the wiper was a good idea to put the Piper there because when you when you drive the air will be dissipate it’s not so good for it’s not so good for aerodynamic when you have that wipers in the back but look at the back bumper pretty awesome with this diffuser and glossy black plastic the diffuser down here look phenomenal to be honest and also those shapes and lines and design here make the car look so aggressive and sporty-er and then we have here the LED lights for the number plate down here you can see it better there and also the brake light right here on the spoiler pretty awesome yeah it’s nice nice design I wish the car has more in the back LED light full LED light on the on the light here we have a manually lift gate on the trunk guys so you can see immediately I like very much the fact that this protection for trunk stay there on the door and you have directly a big opener and you don’t have to take out nothing is its look much much better like that you have some plastic at the entrance here or some like 20-centimeter deepness here in the trunk in the left and right as well a lot of space right here

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and we have hooks in the in the corners it’s a big trunk guys it’s a very spacious car you can compare it with ionic but I think this Civic has slightly a little bit more space in here in the ionic even down there you can you can put your stuff you have plenty plenty of stuff plenty of place in the trunk I like the trunk I like that it’s very spacious car I don’t know how they do it but the design is it’s super nice it’s super big and also the trunk protection you can pull it out very easy from the side now you can see it here with the seats of holding and you can see immediately how big space is there you can carry bigger items without any problem it’s almost a flat floor down there or so it’s pretty awesome pretty spacious car and entrance in the car it’s big also here the entrance it’s quite big we have one is his windows that go all the way down and this is another cool stuff on the doors here we kind of have some a plastic material then we have a speaker the handle down here we have again plastic and here we have some soft material stuff material then we have the buttons some storage space and a speaker right here on or the design of the door it’s it’s quite nice going inside here you can see now the interior space from other angle so even down here guys you can see it’s almost a flat or so it’s not not so bad down here on the legs you can put some some storage for example some groceries or stuff like that when you when you fit in all the car when you fold it when you load it with all that stuff now you can see the seats are up right now in this moment we don’t have in the middle a center armrest this is kind of a downside the seats are made from stuff materials or no leather even in the back here on the front seats we have stuff material in the middle here some plastic no pens no USB port we have a pump also there in the middle smaller but I have to tell you this stuff motors it’s quite quite soft and nice

and yeah it’s cool we have easel fix down there we have some plastic on the side here also they are very soft the seats sorry guys here for the camera didn’t focus so well on the seats but I don’t know the light is the problem right and inside the car it’s not so much light and the camera didn’t focus so well now you can see the space on my legs guys so I have plenty of space on my legs this is the another good thing that I like it very much in the back of this car it’s very much space for the passengers in the back so this is another cool plus that I will give it to the car another cool stuff that I like it plenty of space on my leg on my head on my legs so no problem very comfortable good quality on the roof we have a handle the visibility on the windows also good no problem a little bit of blind spot in the corners there for driver but yeah not so big of deal plenty of space on my head here four fingers in the middle as well stretch my hand and left and right almost stretch it up so plenty of space for free people even here in the back and even on my knees I have a lot of space so this is one of the most spacious car in this class I can say that I’m quite impressed that it’s it’s super spacious we will go in the front and I will show you the center console and dashboard and everything there in the front so it’s quite interesting I like the way they design the center console it’s very practical also beautiful design on the steering wheel dashboard it’s nice nice lines the door in the front guys immediately see one big windows you have great visibility we have a speaker right here on the door then we go down a little bit we have soft material this time almost everywhere on the doors it’s not like in the back so up there soft material how we go here we have some chrome design we have this tough material that we we find it on it on the seats and also down here electric windows electric mirrors adjustable storage space speaker two speakers on the door in the and the entrance in the in the car here in the front you can see it immediately that seats are manually adjustable the same stuff material they are sporty kind of sporty seats

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and they look quite nice to be honest if you look closer you can see the stitches you can see the side support and they are very comfortable it’s quite amazed to see that those stuff material seats are super comfortable Hosting all the cars we have aluminium pedals you can see there Steinle still that also there are so good quality so here we have some buttons on the dashboard the vents feel good as you touch it now it’s kind of soft matter right here on the dashboard but not all over the dashboard so here by for example it’s soft material all over and then we have the vans in the middle if you look closely and then also from the driver point of view you have great visibility here I had we are the vans the linker button and then we have some nice soft material even down here with stitches the glow box it’s quite big enough I think you can see it you cannot see it so well the light is not so good inside here here we have the multimedia system the steering wheel it’s awesome I like the steering wheel I like it very much the leather stitches and the quality is quite good and also those buttons are quite interesting they remember me of playstation they are kind of the same as the statistic but anyway they are not bad at all I like them so going forward guys you don’t have a start/stop button on this car so you need a key to open up the engine and also here is the multimedia system I have to tell you it’s quite simple we have some shortcut button here on the side the volume wheel and then it it has a little bit improved from the previous version but not so much so I wish it was better than that and then you can see there you have very easy and very easy go to menu have a video you have phone and connect your phone and Bluetooth you have information about the car trip and clock and system settings and stuff like that so it’s not so complex that like you find it in other cars guys and not so complex but it’s very simple it’s to his job what you do and if you just want to drive a great car and yeah you don’t need too much of a multimedia system but anyway here you have the system information the phone smart phone you can connect it information about the car and yeah all that stuff I don’t want to go too much into detail down here we have the traumatic system also very simple heated seat some storage space here where you can put your phone pretty big space there so there guys I just want to show you something that if you go all the way down under this under this it’s another space where you can put your stuff also another favorite stuff that I like is this gear shifter it’s look fantastic we have electric handbrake and auto hold another cool stuff then we have such a big space right here guys where you can put your stuff I don’t think you can see it so well down there but you can also adjust these cup holders the way you want and you still have plenty of space to put your things down there it’s pretty huge that space there down here we have some USB ports guys I think you can see it under the the middle console like I told you before so we have a new SB port right there hajime port and this is super super awesome to be able to have all that under the center console and this is adjustable and also it’s one of the best center console in my opinion in this class again we have light mirrors on the roof great quality everywhere on the roof I like the quality on the roof and also I think this is a very nice car to drive no to feel that sporty driving and also great great visibility around the windows a lot of practicality a lot of space inside this car the price is phenomenal for this car the way the car look

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and the way the car drive and what you have inside a car the price for a new car 27,000 around 25000 euro it is amazing price so that’s my opinion I don’t know here also I forget to show you in the cockpit guys from here you can adjust the cockpit let me show you on the steering wheel from this button for me you press this button and you can customize this you know you have kind of in the middle there it’s all digital screen so you can customize the way you want it a little bit there also the car can read the traffic speed limit I just find out for you earlier and here you can adjust different settings you can see the temperature or the resolution it’s nice and it’s a big step forward with those new digital screen cockpits and our instrument cluster the way you want to call it also on the side left and right you have the gas and the temperature foam from the engine but in the middle everything it’s kind of digital so you can change different settings an option right there so just keep in mind it’s not as good as a Volkswagen or might say this would be but it’s still a great great step forward for Honda so yeah this is the visibility from the driver point of view it’s a great visibility I like it I like the way you can see it from the travel point of view and also you have the adaptive cruise control and Lane Assist you can see there in the corner right up so guys I guess that was my review with a new Honda Civic 2020 model I will come with a full version with a full version of the car you can see here all the version of the cars this one right here was Comfort Sport line but it’s another another version full and will I will come with this in the next week’s so I hope you enjoyed it please check out my other videos guys thank you very much for watching and I way to back in the next one so stay safe guys wash your hand and see you soon is the one of the projects of ConnectPOS who shapes the future of 2000+ clients worldwide in an omnichannel journey with a leading Retail POS system.

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