New Peugeot 2008 GT Line 2020 Review & Test Drive

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I’m right here in Switzerland in Moosedorf at Emil Frey and today we have right here the brand new Peugeot 2008 this is the GT Line version and I will show you a little bit later in the video all the detail about this car also I will add it probably right now and you can see the price it’s around 40,000 francs one hundred fifty or fifty-five horsepower it’s a very beautiful car I make another review on my channel if you wanna see in detail full review interior exterior check out another channel another video I mean in my channel here you can see the full LED lamps they look so beautiful also right now the light sits on here you can see this LED that comes right here also the car phone with nad fog lamp fool and ID there is the rather for adaptive cruise control emergency brake right there and it has a beautiful front front front face also this GT version come with this GT right here on the side the mirrors are in black also the roof is black I think on this model yes on the roof there and I like very much the shape of the car it’s quite beautiful also this Michelin and the rims look Michelin tires the rims look really good to have 18 inch rims you think where is this 18 inch rims and they look they fit with the car perfectly I think they did a great job with the choice of these rims also here in the back to exhaust pipes they are real and also six parking sensors in the back full LED also in the back really beautiful 3d option yeah anyway guys let’s go inside the car let’s buy the car and then check out my other video for all that information here is the car so the car guys come with the latest 3d cockpit right there I don’t know if you can see it so well guys but it has the newest is 3d cockpit and it looks fantastic I love the way it looks I have to tell you that it looks phenomenal pretty beautiful also here we have the wipers they work super nice we have a wipers in the back we have here the focal speakers amazing sound inside the car great visibility on the on the mirrors blind spot technology and also this is the display it looks fantastic this new multimedia system it worked much better than previous so you can see the lag it’s it’s almost gone you have no lag and it’s so easy to adjust every single things here also we have hid it’s there heated seats right here pretty awesome and also you can control from here huh all the settings to the car very simply you have right here the shortcuts so you go to music the press here you go directly to the music you go to diplomatic down here you can adjust the air the way you want the vent a little bit slower and slower maybe just one that you can hear me better like that we can put 23 degrees for example you can choice where you want to go there you have the navigation right here and you can see in the navigation it’s pretty simple it’s work super super nice for example we will choice to navigate right here in this place so lower garage must endure this is the address if you want to come here guys and they have a lot of page your cars they are great great created over a job and they have also great price and you can choice navigate here and then when we drive when we go back you can see also the navigation right there on the screen because from here from this steering from this wheel you can choice what you like to see for example navigation and right now we will have the navigation right there on the screen it looks fantastic it’s look 3d I don’t know if you can see it so well on the camera but it’s really pretty and it looks fantastic also you can change your drive information about the car and stuff like that then you go to the anti-gun I don’t know what is this let me show maybe the speed limit or maybe yeah you can see the speed limit and all that info my seat it’s already but let’s leave it on the navigation my city it’s already warm it’s work super fast I will choice only one and then here we have USB you have a place here for your phone you can charge your phone Wireless right here it’s pretty awesome I think you can see it closely and then we have another space right here with 12 volt port my favorite gear shifter right here two cupholders this is the key in case you’re wondering how the total black emergency electric brake handbrake and drive mode from you can charge different driving more normal echo I don’t know you see now you can see there sports normal and echo we will drive first time in eco mode and then we will see but I love the dashboard amazing quality soft material here like a farm carbon-fiber design LED light insertion the glovebox it’s a huge super huge super long insider case it’s super long and also here soft material beautiful design the seats are amazing leather Alcantara amazing design also we have a glass roof up here on the roof you know it manually it like that here is the bottom if you want to open it up just like that you can open it up close it up the way you want it also we can open it completely if you want but now it’s raining so let’s keep it close and lady lights beautiful mural nice edges nice shapes also the visibility in the back it’s gorgeous also there the seats anyway check out the other video we have minorly adjustable seats right here so just like that put it in my position the steering wheel its gorgeous guys it’s really gorgeous we have the clappers right here for changing the gear manually if you want you have the wheels here it’s so easy it’s so soft you can see how soft it is start/stop button right there and the quality on the steering wheel it’s gorgeous gorgeous you can see the stitches in red and the GT logo right here amazing standards alright guys let’s do the test drive and we will speak at the ends alright guys we are in the car right now I put my seatbelt we press this button we go in the drive one you can see also on the display tray drive one and then let’s drive it it’s a little bit of raining right now but we have also this auto hold that when you accelerate the electric brake it’s go up automatic the doors are locking automatically and here that Wow first impression so easy look at how light is the steering wheel it’s so easy to drive this car it’s such a big car and the steering wheel it feels so soft it’s it’s pretty amazing I’m really impressed and I like the the blinkers right here they’re super super nice also we have aluminum pedals check out on my other video with a full review with this ishow 2008 and then you can see all the detail about the car and also the space in the trunk but right now for the first time when I Drive this I have a very told position I really feel like I’m in an SUV the visibility it is fantastic I have to tell you I love the visibility and also it’s a perfect view you don’t even need a head-up display you don’t even need a head-up display because you have a perfect visibility right here in front of you so it’s just perfect I just love it I have to tell you that I love I love the visibility on the on the new 3d cockpit it’s amazing and also here guys on the multimedia it’s it’s fantastic we have actually we have the stop start/stop system also here let me choose this as a space instead of right here 15 meters and then let’s see how fast and let I want to show you the the navigation right here on the on the cockpit the way it looks it looks super super nice I like it I like the car very much I think for 40 thousand francs forty thousand dollars the car it’s amazing and the the engine it’s so silent the steering wheel it’s so easy we are driving in Eco mode right now so just as an information we are in Eco mode and the car it’s super smooth I like how smooth I like the way it feels also I have a great visibility on the on the mirrors guys and yeah it feel feels super super nice the bumps you don’t even feel the bumps I take a few bumps here and the suspension are amazing really nice I like it until now we will drive and we will try to go for example let me see let me see let’s go in in the normal mode echo now now we are in normal mode because the engine is not so warm I cannot accelerate but immediately I go in normal mode and the steering wheel it’s a little bit harder it’s a little bit not more it’s not anymore soft soft so it’s a little bit harder and also the acceleration it’s a little bit stronger so as I told you this car have 150 horsepower also the turn radius guys this is something that when I come here to show the turn radius it is really really good so you can see for a huge car you can turn in small places without any problem so yeah I like that and like that you always make fantastic turn radius to the cars and you have a great great radius to turn the car so it is it is amazing the seat are also fantastic I feel so comfortable in those seats and the visibility it’s so good I know I’ve told you that before but I love the visibility guys the visibility it’s amazing really it’s gorgeous and everything it’s right here at your finger tips so great great they did a great job with this car and really really impressed nice car nice car and you see you have all the information right there on the screen and it’s so easy also that right now the hand links are fantastic the brakes are good oh ho it’s so fun to drive and you can see the light up there on the other car we have LED light full LED light you have an amazing visibility in the night time so it feels so nice being inside this car you can see the the ambient LED lights on the doors right here the steering wheel the great great view it’s super nice the engine it’s so silent how much horsepower 155 horsepower guys in case you’re wondering it’s a powerful car impressive and powerful car I like it very much really I have to tell you I like it it’s so easy to drive you don’t even feel that you are in an SUV and the suspension are amazing I like the suspension I take a few bumps and they feel so nice much better than in my Tesla Model 3 right here you can see we take some bumps you don’t feel nothing it’s just natural you know it’s just so smooth and you can see the navigation how cool it is right there on the on the 3d cockpit if really cockpit from visual I think is the name and we have the same cockpit on the on the small brother new patio 208 and also we wait for the electric version so much to come and I will review it for you on the channel but I like I like the way it feels I like the also even this you can see you can adjust this armrest you can put it a little bit in the front so it’s it’s quite nice that you can adjust it yeah we have a roundabout we will go a little bit in the front here guys I want to try also the sport mode but I wait a little bit more until the temperature of the engine it’s a little bit higher in the middle so I don’t want to accelerate the car right now but I have to tell you I’m quite impressed with the car and with with even the handling it stays so nice on the road it has a very good grip on the road and I like it to feel a little bit heavier and I like that I like this heavier thing help the car stay very very good on road let’s go a little bit and let’s turn it up here let’s turn here so easy guys to drive let me go in the reverse and you have a camera right there in the reverse so you can see it’s kind of mapping the road in the back it doesn’t have a 360 degrees camera but he can map the road in the back let’s go in the drive mode we are in the drive mode right now and also I like the fact every time you go into reverse guys look at the mirrors usually the mirrors go a little bit down but in this model I guess not only in the bigger brothers so let’s accelerate a little bit not bad not bad not bad and also the brakes brakes are super super good let me change the driving mode let put it in the sport mode right now we are in the sport mode and you can immediately hear the engine it’s a little bit more powerful I like it I really like it I really have to tell you that that I like the car guys we will make another acceleration let me go back because I want to try the sport mode right now the temperature of the car it’s 90 degrees so it’s perfect I can accelerate it the engine it’s it’s warm enough and I can actually show you that let me leave them a little bit more in the front and let me try to make an acceleration okay I’m like thirty four thirty right now zero is nobody in the back oh ho ho nice very nice very nice I like it super nice super super nice super nice let me turn the car and let’s go back but it’s quite quite impressive I love the car this is my impression guys I like the car very much nobody in my back come on guys it’s really nice I like to drive the car but guys I have to tell you this car it’s one of the best car in this class that I ever drive so this is the reality quite impressed quite impressed even good good good good grip on the steering wheel I love this steering wheel it’s so nice guys so nice and when you are in drive mode immediately the steering wheel it’s much more heavier it’s super heavier and also the acceleration it’s much more stronger that is something to keep in mind also we have here in the back where is right here down we have this cruise controls button I think some of you already know about that this car come with this car come with this nice cruise control adaptive cruise control so the car can keep the distance from the front cars right now we are in the 50 you can see there I already set it up and the car also can steering help your steering you know something like that but not always you have to see the green steering wheel there on the cockpit and then it is able to steering for you right now it’s Drive itself you keep the keep the 50 speed let me go in Eco mode I like to drive an eco mode very much the Eco mode is my favorite because the steering wheel it’s so soft guys super nice super impressive car I like it very much my first impression it is gorgeous I really recommend you I’m not saying like that because someone pay me but but I pays you’re making the last year’s fantastic cars I think visually it’s it’s one of the best manufacturer on the market today and their cars with their price are gorgeous if I if I need an SUV and if I I think I will buy this car because it’s perfect it’s $40,000 around 38,000 euro with all this option digital cockpit and multimedia system and yeah I don’t know a lot of parking sensors reverse camera leather seats beautiful ambient light and also the cockpit it’s it’s gorgeous I really like I really like the car guys my impression about the car it’s it’s a very good impression I will give you I will give it also almost a maximum not for this I really like the car so what can I say more about that I really like it and it’s so easy to drive it in and though in those small spaces you can drive it so easy you can fork it so easy it’s so easy to changed the speed the gear shifter it’s fantastic you go in the reverse right now and then you go right here it is so so so nice look at look out look how easy I can take and park this car it’s so easy to park and you can see he already map behind me what is behind me so it is gorgeous put it in the park the car it’s porking right now what you want more than that fantastic car guys yeah I hope you about the car and about everything if you have questions please feel free to ask me to comment and to ask me everything you want to know about this car but I have to tell you I’m quite impressed the quality on the roof quality of the materials the space inside here great you stay here hosting we have such a good comfort I wish I have this it’s on my test amount of free amazing amazing car I have to tell you it is gorgeous gorgeous car a lot of space in the back good visibility in the mirrors nice glass roof here one of the best so guys I hope you really enjoy this video please if you want to see more of those video comment tell me your feedbacks also thank you again for watching to all my subscriber to all of you it meant a lot for me I hope you really enjoy all those videos of mine if you want to see full review with a new page or 2008 check out on my channel I have another review there with interior/exterior the the trunk space and all that stuff little details and before I go I want to show you the information about the car right here so we have this 1.2 port tech 155 GT then you have 1.2 liter engine then you have 155 horsepower petrol of course automatic 8 gear shifter so we have 8 gears on the car amazing and also here are the option and the price if you can press post to this video and read it if you are interested in that so guys I hope you enjoyed it please subscribe don’t forget to check out my other videos and see you soon in the next one you

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