New Peugeot 208 Allure 2020 Drive Test Review POV

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I have right here with me the new Peugeot 208 this is the brand new 2020 model I have right here the key if you’re interested how the key looks like here we have the a your version of the car I will show you the price and information about the car and then I will make a test drive for you guys I hope you will enjoy it and then you know as always I have another video on my channel with the full review interior/exterior and I try to show you as many information as possible if you are in Switzerland don’t forget to come here at Emil Frey they have great price great cars you can also see it here a lot of cars in the park place and yeah let’s do the test drive with the car I love the way the doors sound when you close it look you can hear that they put this rubber here everywhere around the doors and even here here and then down there and up here and that make the car close super nice you can you can hear that the quality it’s fantastic I love that let’s go inside because today it’s super cold guys we have the keyless entrance in the car so you don’t even need to use this key to just have to leave it right here for example and then let’s put the seatbelt on and let’s drive it I like it’s so like this seatbelt steering wheel it’s awesome as usually you can adjust it the way you want it the position in many different positions so it’s no problem at all there we have the new 3d cockpit I think you see it before let’s press the start engine I love the way let’s close the music where is the song here okay great the music I want to close it because of the copyright and all that stuff there we have the digital the new digital cockpit that it’s awesome have to tell you I love it also here we have the lane assist you can turn it on or off the penthouse on it you can see it actually there on the screen there here we have the radio we have also the navigation you can see those button here control you can see you have touchscreen buttons right here you have the navigation and then you have the application right here connect app and all that stuff you have the the climatic system right here and then you have here is the sound the music and then the navigation I will leave it on the navigation for a moment and then let me let me choice a destination for you guys and then I want to show you how cool it is for example here let me go here alright so 300 meters no far away just like that it’s just an example it doesn’t matter I just want to show you how it looks the navigation on the screen there in the front on 3d screen so you can choice you have here navigation you can choice many things that you want to see on the screen there so look how cool it’s looked at 3d navigation I will make another video with with full review on the multimedia system and on the cockpit display here so you can see on my channel the other full review so we have an automatic a car here here you have driving modes you can change there you can see eco normal sport I will go in normal mode for the moment electric handbrake here is the stick my favorite stick to change the gear we have some space here a lot of space USB ports also huge huge here are the heating seat the heating seat for the driver is right here so you can start it from here then you have also a big big long longer Globox you know pay sure make very big Globox and I love that and also here you can see all the information about the car guys so you can see this car it’s one point two pure tech 130 a lure version so we have a petrol engine with eight gearbox automatic 1.2 130 horsepower this is a brand new car also a lot of information in the price twenty nine thousand five hundred francs so it’s a great great price in my opinion for this car and you can pause the video and read all that stuff I don’t want to go into detail also the seats are awesome I love those seats on the earlier version you can adjust your your armrest here the way you want it so the position of driving it’s fantastic I love it I love the way they design the interior of the car the the design of the dashboard it’s soft material everywhere almost everywhere it’s soft material even here great grip on the steering wheel and the engine it’s super super quiet I like that you can not hear from from outside nothing great big mirror so you can see in the back also big mirrors on the side have great great visibility and then let’s drive guys it’s for the first time when I drive this car so I’m really excited so first time you just press the brake and then you go up and you can see there you have to push this button on the side and then you go in the back you are in the neutral and now you are in D so in drive mode for example you can also see on the screen there I think you can see and then you just slowly accelerate the the the handbrake it’s automatic lift and Wow I like I like the free the information they’re also the blinkers the way it show you here it’s super interesting I love oh and their acceleration the way they feel the car it feels so light and the steering wheel it’s so light guys it is a really city car well I’m really impressed how how light is the steering wheel and I’m really impressed how how the acceleration it’s so sensitive whoa you don’t even feel when that when the gear when the shifter gear wow so easy to drive really this is super easy to drive and the grip and the visibility it’s awesome they improve this dashboard cockpit this digital cockpit it’s awesome I have to tell you I have I think I become a fan of this it looks so nice I love the information and I love the way it looked like 3d there it’s it’s kind of great the way they do that well really really impressive I’m really impressed with that and you can see clearly there all the information right there on the on the display let me go to the left here Wow super nice the break are great it’s feel nice it’s feel easy to drive this even the start/stop system it’s in now you can see we’re going to press the brake the start/stop system stop the engine and then quite awesome here we have the clappers to change the gear manually if you want to change it manually it’s super awesome I don’t know if you see it’s so so good here because I want I think the display here I want to be a little bit brighter so maybe you can see it better I’m not sure I’m not sure from where I can change this this brighter of the screen I think here maybe anyway anyways doesn’t matter now I hope you can I hope you’re able to see it really clearly but I love how easy you drive you can drive this car I love how easy you can turn the steering wheel the heating in the seats work perfectly I have on two two lines there and the seat are also heating up now and it’s warm and nice and even now in the winter when it’s – I think 1 degrees or something like that I’m not sure right now it was earlier yeah it’s 2 degrees right now 1 degrees but it was minus 1 but it’s worked so fast and I like it I like the way it feels it’s pretty nice great varied visibility on the windows also in the back there I think you already see it so we go left now I love the way it shows here the blinkers the weight here is super nice also have normal lights up here super nice interesting SOS buttons up here right now I love it and now you have to think this right now it’s a normal mode the car it’s in its normal mode is not in sport mode so the acceleration it’s so strong I love the way it feels and I cannot drive so fast right now here on this street but I have to tell you it feel nice in this thing well it’s so the car stays so good on the road here I can feel that you have a great grip I like it I really like it I really like the way it feel driving this car and I’m quite impressed with this engine so small engine and so strong it’s pretty impressive pretty impressive I love it I love the car I have to tell you the comfort is great sitting on this seat it’s awesome and you can see the roundabouts now here the car show me I should take the roundabout and let’s bow so easy stay so good on the roads right now and acceleration it’s awesome it’s awesome really awesome guys Wow I’m quite impressed with this car I love it I really have to tell you I love it and you have also the adaptive cruise control right now activated so the car will keep 44 kilo meter it sits here under the steering wheel I will show you in another video after that and then the car keep this distance could keep the speed it’s super easy to use it now you first it again and it go to 50 and it will keep the 50 the speed you can the car have a camera right here and can read the speed limit on the sign you can see there are 50 right now on the cockpit so it’s awesome also you don’t even need to use this here when you have this this new cockpit you you all have to do just watch here and you have all the information you have the navigation you have all the speed you have the all the information are right there in front of you so it’s it’s quite impressive really impressed guys I have to tell you I love it I love the car I love the brakes we have also the newest Asst LED lights you can see there in the front on the other car reflect the light I love the visibility I love the way they put this screen towards the driver so you have a great visibility I love the steering wheel it’s down it’s easy to use if we go now in sport mode let me go to sport mode but here it’s already very sporty the car so you don’t need to drive in sport mode but if we go to sport mode I think the acceleration will be much more harder and the steering wheel may be a little bit stronger but yeah it’s great to have so much option on this car it’s so easy to drive I love the design you feel like an a premium car and with this price 29,000 it’s an awesome price yes the acceleration it’s really really stronger now I’ll try to show you right now here an acceleration and already 50 I don’t want to drive more than the speed limit but I’m quite impressed let’s go again ah super awesome I love it it’s feel great it’s feel great it’s feel really really great guys I love to drive this car I have to tell you I love it I love the way it feels let me try to drive back for a bit right now let me go in the reverse I I have to press this button I always forget so we have a camera a back camera reverse camera whoa it’s so easy to drive man so easy to drive you can see in the camera and you go to press the button go Indy and then you drive wow so cool I love it love this new Peugeot 208 it’s quite impressive this car really impressed me guys the handling of the car are awesome for a small car like that the acceleration the steering wheel the way it’s changed the gears it’s awesome awesome and the brakes are awesome I really loved it really liked it look how easy I turn it and the screen and everything it’s it’s great I think the consumption is also awesome because special have this they are well known for making very economical cars and I’m very sure that this car have a great consumption I didn’t test it yet but I will do it soon I love it I love how easy is to drive I think this is the perfect car for the city drive and I really recommend this car I have to tell you I really really recommend it I think it’s my favorite car right now in 2020 this new Peugeot 208 it’s it’s super impressive and I love it I have to tell you I love this car I really really love this car it’s one of my favorite car right now put it in the park and Jen just the car it’s walking it’s quite awesome really really awesome car and quite impressed with this car also the heat the heater on the seat work perfectly as you see it before here what I should say guys about this new pager 208 it’s awesome when I press let me close the engine and you will see a nice display there this is 3d display it’s it’s the newest one it’s awesome the way you can see there I think it’s one of the best display on the market today I love the car I love also in the back the visibility on the windows it’s not bad at all in the mirrors the seats are great you have great great grip here on the seat they are sporty also the steering wheel it’s fantastic the easiness the quality of the materials soft material here and everywhere the price 29,000 for a new car even the middle console here let me show you that you can close this like that and you still have of space down here USBC USB normal USB and then yeah super awesome electric handbrake this armrest here adjustable super awesome I’m quite impressed with this new official Peugeot 208 guys good handlings great acceleration great steering wheel you have customizable driving modes economic support or normal good quality visibility on the cockpit a new cockpit freely it’s it’s gorgeous gorgeous I love the car I really like it I like the design I like the designer of page it’s it’s a very smart man because he do the right job in a crazy way you know it’s nothing simple it’s everything complicated but super nice in the same time look how complicate our things here and the lines and everything but they combine this and they make the car fantastically nice and if someone come inside this car it will feel like wow so many buttons so cool the button stay in the air and all that stuff good quality even here you have this rubber the doors are closing fantastic you have great great quality on the doors when you close it and also the way they make the lines and the the quality of the seats and center console and everything it’s awesome the claw box in Peugeot are always big I think pay sure it’s one of the best they will sell a lot of course a lot of 208 I believe in this car a lot I don’t know why but I believe a lot in this car this is a great car for the city and guys stay tuned because it will come the page yo a 208 the electric one and that will be a big competitor for all the Tesla and all the other cars manufacturers that make electric car so I wait for that car very much I want to see that car and I think page yo will sell a lot of electrical 208 until then guys don’t forget to check out my other videos if you want to see more of this kind of videos also thank you very much to all my subscribers really appreciate that you watch my videos and I hope you enjoy the videos guys I hope it was helpful for you and again check out my other videos I have another videos with also 208 GT also I will come with the new videos on my channel so stay tuned check out my other videos and see you in the next one guys you

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