New Peugeot 3008 GT Line 2019 Drive Test Review

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I have right here with me the new Peugeot 3008 GT line so you can also see here the GT logo you can also see the beautiful design it’s it’s a really beautiful design also again the GT logo there in the back also I will show you a little bit around the car later of this beautiful white pearl color look amazing on this car also this chrome chrome mirrors look fantastic if you can see we have full LED light here in the back full LED also the adaptive cruise camera front camera we have cameras in the mirrors as well you can see electric folding mirrors and we have a camera down here and also in the back we have a camera we have a camera right here in the back as well as this beautiful fake exhaust pipe now let’s let’s go and let’s drive this car guys also you can lock and unlock the car only with with your hand if you have the key with you you just put your hand here and you can lock and unlock the car so this is pretty pretty great feature in this car beautiful entrance nice special logo here we have electric seats adjustable also aluminium pedals there but let’s go in the car so you don’t have to put the key we just leave it right here and then let’s drive guys this car it’s pretty pretty awesome first of all I want to tell you for example you cannot start the car you cannot adjust the seat position you cannot see the display until you not start the engine for example you push the brake you push the start engine and the car it start and right now you can adjust your your your seat position for example and also something that it’s really really great for example when you go in the reverse so you have to you have this beautiful nice stick here so you push the brake you go in the reverse and then in Reverse you can see here the camera the back camera and you can see how cool is this design here that show you what’s around the car so it’s really really great I don’t know if you can see it well and another cool things are the mirrors when you go reverse the mirror goes down so you can see it down so this is a really really great feature on the cars that the mirrors go down also we have blinds put there in the corner back camera great visibility also this new cockpit look fantastic there in the front I will show you later you can see the car you can also change different settings there on the cockpit depend what you would like to see there so it’s really great so for example from here you can personalize that and you can see there in the middle for example you can see the navigation system right now so you will have the navigation right there in the middle you can change to conduit and all that stuff you can see you can see also the normal standard speedometer and depend what you would like to see personalize navigation for example let’s leave it on navigation also the car have the newest s technology for example reading the the speed limit and all that stuff that the steering wheel it’s it’s great also the navigation system here I will show you a little bit later it is gorgeous it’s amazing it’s it’s very fast it’s work great it’s work really really nice and the car first impression of driving this car it’s that the car it’s very very light to drive the steering wheel it’s light it’s really easy to drive it here you have a sport mode so you press this button you can move the car in sport mode so you can drive a little bit more aggressive so anyway let’s talk a little bit you have a start/stop button also you have here a place where you can charge your phone the dashboard look fantastic and it’s soft material everywhere also we have this here this buttons for a shortcut for example so you can go on music you have climatic system also air vent our Wenzel navigation you can go to navigation also you can see the speed there very clearly and very nice and first impression about this car it’s that it’s very very easy to drive nice nice position of driving great grip on this turning wheel you have great grip and it’s small and it’s really easy to drive it and you have a really tall position so it’s like a really you feel like in a really big SUV not like Paige you have also the 5008 the new one that’s amazing this car it’s really a great SUV but yeah I think I think if you need a big SUV this is enough if you need a huge SUV I think the 5008 it’s the perfect car but in this car you really feel amazing I mean I really feel good in this car and it gives you a premium feeling like an very expensive car if you know what I mean and it’s also very powerful it is indeed a very very powerful car and you can feel that you can feel it’s a powerful car anyway you have a telephone here you can connect your telephone you have also information about the car here parking assist and all that function that you can change it from here anyway let’s turn here let’s stop here a little bit and let’s show you I want to show you the car for a bit let’s stop the car for a bit here guys and let’s show you the interior so for example so for example guys here we have leather center armrest you have a big space there with with a lot of space and also an LED light if you can see it you have an LED light and huge huge space there also here in navigation you can play a little bit with the navigation system wait a second now it’s good so you can change different settings for the car Comfort light access to the vehicle security and all kind of stuff like that very simple and yeah I’m not going into detail this is the car option you also see the the temperature you have navigation system it’s work fantastic it’s very responsive and you can see here for example let’s put it here so we go right here at lower garage so anyway this car if you are in Switzerland you can come here at love and garage are gay this is in motion Dorf around Bern they have great cars amazing amazing service nice people there and they have great great cars so if you are in Switzerland this is the perfect place where you can buy and pay show and the pay zone in last year’s it’s amazing you can look at these soft materials here this nice stitches lines huge globe box here as well very nice design you can have some wood here on the side you can see on the doors as well great focal speakers and also amazing display I love this this displays it’s fantastic toes this place and this visibility from here the seats are also fantastic I will show you a little bit later the interior exterior but for a moment let’s do this drive test also here up here you have this panoramic sunroof that you can open it from here so you can open this you can open only these and you have a lot of a lot of light inside the car and its really fantastic for example let’s close it back just like that look great look amazing and for the passenger it’s a great great view over there now now let’s put this back here let’s go say before on level garage then you press Drive and then it’s go really fast you can see it’s charged almost instantaneous and you also can see there on the on the front display it’s very easy to change what you want to see there only for from this wheel here it’s very simple you can see there adaptive cruise control you can see the speed limit there that the car can read the speed limit you have here the dials speed and all that stuff minimal when it is minimal you can see its go to just the kilometer and speed personal you can personalize the way you want it and navigation is my favourite you can see also all kind of information on the side there about the car so it is a really really great feature also here we have parking electric and electric parking here we have the start/stop button really great chrome design also different settings here for the heated seat and all that stuff anyway let’s go back guys here again we have some buttons for the trunk and open the trunk you have amazing steering wheel that look fantastic with GT line also here the sticker for the adaptive cruise control and all that stuff the mirrors and the great quality on the doors I really love this car I love it guys really a beautiful car let’s go again in Reverse and let lets try to go back now so you can see the mirrors are going down very simple and very cool it’s really a great car and off-road it’s also a great off-roader I didn’t have time now but you can see on the bumps here for example have a bump you don’t even feel the bump guys and you can see now on the screen here and there the navigation system it’s very simple and very bright great colors great resolution and it’s it’s really nice I really like it I really like how easy you drive this car and the engine it also it is also great I can every time I push the acceleration you can feel in the car that the car pull very strong and you have a very very good power when you need it something that it’s really fantastic you can see here oh and the brakes are amazing as well it’s really great it’s really great handlings forum SUV it has great great handling really amazing I really like it really nice nice car great job a job with this 3008 GT line it’s it’s great great car so I’m really impressed with what page you did in the last year in 2019 with these new cars and I’m really curious to see the new electric 208 a 208 I think it will be a great great electric car and maybe I take it into the consideration because it’s really indeed a great great car so anyway I really enjoyed driving this car it is a great great car really nice I love the brakes so easy to drive so easy now I want to show you a little bit around the car guys I want to show you around the car interior exterior and also the the trunk you can see how cool you it is here the 3d 3d cameras 360 all around the car it’s really really great I really like it just push the porking and then the car it’s automatic in forking that was with this amazing system guys here you can also see different option for example in all Europe the map also you can see where you are home you have different settings I don’t want to go into detail now I just want to tell you it’s very responsive the screen it’s great it’s easy to use you have all the shortcuts right here down here you have all the shortcuts you can see you can change here all you want blinkers here you have the connection you can use Android auto apple carplay and all that stuff to connect your your car so it is a really really great great great cockpit it’s name a cockpit from new from pezzo and it is indeed very cool really really very very cool now the display is also fantastic I want to stop the engine and I want to show you around the car right now guys so guys here are some information about the car so this car was a 2 liter blue wash de 180 GT so you can see here 181 horsepower and all that information the price forty thousand nine hundred francs dollars this is a fantastic fantastic price for an SUV don’t think you find a better SUV with all that leather and all that great quality materials sunroof copied nice nice nice technology mirrors cameras all that stuff there automatic in this price so that’s the information about the car you can pause the video if you want to see all that extras option on the car you

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