Our CEO at Nosto has a COVID-19 update

Our CEO at Nosto has a COVID-19 update

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread across the globe, and profoundly affect markets in which we have employees and clients, I wanted you to be updated on the business continuity plans that we have at Nosto.

Before I get into the actual continuity plans, I think it is important to clarify that our policy response for the Coronavirus is intended to ensure our employees’ safety and health. Our response to the Coronavirus outbreak will not only ensure the safety of our employees but also contribute to society’s larger responsibility to prevent COVID-19 from infecting families, elderly, disadvantaged, and people with pre-existing health conditions. Our policy also targets limiting our contribution towards healthcare facilities in all markets where we operate, which may become overcrowded in the future.

On March 6, we issued our first policy. It instructed employees to work from home, to restrict office visitors, to limit business and personal travel, and to provide a 14-day self-quarantine period after such travel. We increased the restrictions and encouraged employees to work from home on March 10. On March 13, we also issued a mandatory global work from home policy that was applicable to all employees in New York, Los Angeles and London. We monitor the situation every day and issue policy updates as necessary.

All of our 100+ employees around the world have been able to work remotely. Nosto can operate a work-from-home employer with all the necessary tools, including laptops and secure VPNs. Remote system access and monitoring, video conferencing tools, project management software, and remote system monitoring are just a few of the many features Nosto offers. Nosto was able to reduce the number of employees in its office and increase our work-from home capacity as the COVID-19 outbreak spread. Flexible working hours are offered to employees who need to care for their families, in light of school closings and daycare closures.

Nosto can provide full service and continuity in this new environment for existing clients, investors, partners, authorities, and authorities. Our customer success managers are available to assist clients. Our onboarding specialists are active in working with new clients or partners who want to access our services. Product support continues to respond with questions within approximately one hour.

We appreciate your support and partnership as we work to protect those in crisis by social distancing and working remotely. If you have any questions, please let us know.


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