Peugeot 2008 4K 2016 review

the Peugeot 2008 has become one of the most recognizable crossovers on the road and it’s been a massive part of the segment’s rights the power since it was introduced in 2013 so what’s new with this model well to keep things fresh the 2008 and had a midlife facelift which is brought with it some darkened headlamps some new more aggressive wheel arch extensions and of course most noticeably this new meaner-looking grille and this will actually be featured on all upcoming pesho’ crossovers and one of the big addition is the new GT Land trim which just like in its smaller two weight sibling it’s based on brings a flurry of black detail like this black detailing on the grille these black alloys and these black donors and although it may only seem like a small thing these black and red seatbelts are probably my favorite GT line edition and this black and red color scheme is also on the floor mats the door trims and this seats and all the features like the sat-nav the aluminium sports pedals and the cool panoramic roof and nice additions as well also new to the 2008 thanks to the facelift is apple carplay and mirrorlink great news for tech addicts but apart from that the layout will be very familiar you’ve got the sporty speedo readout thanks to the AI cockpit design you’ve got the shrunken steering wheel and yeah there’s a nice mixture of high quality and hardware and materials now particular like this strip that goes right across the dashboard that’s kind of carbon-fiber esque stand the kit across all models is also very generous with like some aircon DB radio LED daytime running lights and cruise control like I mentioned that panoramic roof is very cool what’s not cool is the lack of headroom in the back because of it and as you can see it can be quite cramped back here legroom is a little better though being a very familiar supermini size but for me the best bit about the rear is how easy it is to get in and out because of this very low bench the booth on the other hand is a bit more rounded as you can see yet a nice low loading lip with this protective metal scuff plates you also get an extra 60 metres of storage up to 410 Lisa’s back here and also when you fold the 60/40 split seats down yeah a nice flat loading surface you on the road the 2008 is as you might expect from a crossover basically it looks like a sporty SUV but it’s actually just a supermini our heart it’s got a comfortable ride the steering sharp and yeah the 6-speed manual gearbox is smooth enough it’s just not particularly exciting certainly not one for the country road loving driving enthusiasts but it is great for city and urban driving and the slightly raised ride height helps as well although it is a bit of an SUV pose out the two thousand eight actually comes with a grip control function and this basically instills greater confidence when it comes to more than snow by distributing traction appropriately just be careful you don’t go gung-ho off-roading so you’ve got a feel for the cars limitations are the 1.62 diesel is expected to be the best seller in the 2008 book for me the 128 brake horsepower 1.2 liter 3-cylinder pure sec petrol is the one to go for I mean there’s little 1.2 litre unit reaches 62 miles per hour in just nine point three seconds and it’s got a surprising amount of punch with 230 Newton meters of torque no it’s not got that remark grunts of a diesel but you can have a surprising amount of fun on it plus it only emits 110 g/km of co2 and realistically you should be able to get around 50 miles per gallon as with its 208 sibling the 2008 can get quite pricey once you start to climb the trim levels and if you go for this 1.2 liter pure state 130 in this new GC line trim and you’re gonna pay around 19 and a half thousand pound quite a big difference compared to its entry level 14,000 mile price tag I do you think the 2008 is one of the best-looking crossovers on sale Oh certainly when compared to similar competition like the round cap chair the Nissan Juke and Vauxhall Mokka because let’s be honest it can’t really be compared to the muscle CX 3 and its class-leading driving dynamics or the Skoda Yeti it’s sublime off-roading capability and practicality but 2008 is definitely much more of a conventional crossover focusing more on comfort and style and in that case yeah the 2008 is a great little car what do you think of the 2008 let us know in the comments section below and to our YouTube channel click on the inquiry button to find out more details about this car or for any other models visit car keys code at UK and to watch more reviews click one of the links on screen now

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