Peugeot 2008 Review

the peugeot 208 states but barely in the showroom or it is always in front family extension in the form of this 2008 peugeot calls it a suv and we are going to ride it a bit well suv or crossover throw that navy cap what i know is that this is the second generation peugeot 2008 and in that hour piece of it has to say what the first 2008 year that was Don’t take a price we have Peugeot on the right track with the 3000 behind 5008 they were nice harbingers for this car and to be honest with you compared to the 208 I think this car can still design with medium original place very much a lot like a small 3008 but good now with me always a little before one car is comfortable on the retina so it could also be me well the second laugh we drove extensively criticisms we had there is that it is a bit limited ease of use gets a space in the back seat farmers luggage space yes but they say at peugeot then are you not a customer for the 208 but must you in 2008 and that is why they are not station wagon two, for example making the 208 and reaction of the previous two was also already not well the driveability if you have the 208 and further it is all not surprisingly he feels a bit the same people nice and comfortable with suspension and occasionally goes a little deep serve when the road surface is bad, the steering is reasonable yes communicative and compared to 200 years this car has a somewhat higher build half a bit more over but compared to the competition in this segment it is not overly much disturbing at all but well then the novelties the canvas evening funny that press release in this sit the 208 is the first with the 3d cockpit says the press release the 2008 is the yes first with the 3d cockpit in the suv segment yes that is mainly of course but good looking, the 3d cockpit only contains the basic version it is don’t like it on i with small send them also have the motorizations from 2008 we are gasoline engines starting with the 100 hp 3 cylinder yes it is not mentioned in the introduction it is a car of eleven hundred kilos so yes i think it is a bit daring to say he will be underpowered but if you know 130hp is above that might be the better choice so also available with an automatic transmission and those who choose an automatic transmission not only get extra comfort on board but can also choose from additional driver assistance systems and through that system of all and the great kick at the petrol engines well that’s this boy the 155 hp that are alone centuries the machine well for completeness report times for a moment that they are sometimes for sale, although I have been told that really no one at all who wants more, it is a 100 hp engine with a manual gearbox or a 130hp which also has this rear axle car but also has an automatic transmission the Japanese origin but of course taught by psa and our experience is that yes it works fine and the everyone can get along again, but if the earth really goes on highway or if so then i really think long before you get it right resistance has found the car that we lead today that is this shit one the steel classy you recognize him along a two-tone that it has a black roof and this orange color, let’s see coppens know what it’s called oh yes orange fusion they are unique for the second 2008 on no model too and the CD line you can recognize it by the diamont wheels to why she swung I don’t know well should have name all of course it is the thickest trim level inside you are dark dressed black with the alcantara tough yes and no there are three more levels to say unbearable and the actions that they no longer provide rest, one has fallen away to those who sometimes have no meaningful role of course, but I come also an electric version and I will tell you about it very soon everything along to the 2018 is in a busy segment I will only mention by him capture also only a completely new model that is of course the crankcase offers but also the d is the cross back the dacia duster of course not to smooth out and those are only the competitors who come here from the Mediterranean corner a bit how the 2008 and In between, the comparison with bullying will have to show but after a morning of driving I dare to claim that song, namely yes will do better than so forerunner

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