Peugeot 3008 2017 Test Drive, In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey I’ve won today I’m at blonde arpeggio at the Netherlands to film the brand new Peugeot 3008 GT line the GT line is a Sport Package and the car looks awesome with that package it drives really well and and I’m impressed compared to the rivals this Peschel 3008 tries much better I draw I drove a lot of competitors of this car and this one is really nice and the systems are really nice the navigation screen is a touchscreen LED lights keyless go system and folding mirrors the interior has a nice modern design and in the back the car has quite a lot of space and it has an automatic trunk there are different engines available the 1.2 petrol engine and the 1.6 petrol engine and the diesel is the 1.6 HDI and 2-liter blue HDI now this one has one on the 1030 horsepower it’s a petrol engine it’s a front-wheel drive car and it produces 230 Newton meters of torque zero to six two and ten point six seconds and the top speed is 190 km/h that’s about 120 miles per hour the engine is a 1.2 litre petrol engine 3 cylinder in-line and it has a 6-speed manual transmission also available with automatic the car weighs thousand two hundred ten twenty nine kilograms now let’s take a closer look at this beautiful three thousand eight beautiful front styling with the sharp LED headlight system looks really well and the turn signals also called on by page oh I love the chrome parts matte silver parts in the front bumper looks really cool the car comes standard with 17-inch rims tinted rear windows I like the chrome parts in the lower side skirts area this one is the GT line more sporty ER as sport bumpers diffuser in the back with dual exhaust chrome tipped and the rear bumper is also different it has a rear view camera lovely LED tail lights with a great design in my opinion the shape of the exhausts are also were very nice done spoiler in the back automatic trunk very cool done the space is quite good in my opinion storage areas at the sides LED lights the fuel capacity is 60 liters and the trunk space is 520 liters when you fold the race it’s down its thousand four hundred and eighty two liters different trim levels available access active Elora premier and you can buy it with the grab control now let’s take a look at the key and the interior of this 3082 light ambient lighting on only four in the front storage compartments down here quite spacious car and this is the beautiful interior of the 3008 very cool navigation system you can also buy it with automatic transmission ambient lighting in the interior also for cup holders aluminum sport pedals sports steering wheel for the GT line this is the space left I am one meter and eighty three thanks to the shape of the seats we have more space for your knees beautiful dark a planer my head is not touching the roof a lot of space very cool car there’s also armrest in the back with two cupholders very soft leather is used for this half leather and off leather of fabric interior power outlet storage compartments in the front are bigger fish a logo adjustable seats lovely looking dish it has the keyless go system on the doors beautiful GT line steering view lovely instrument cluster you can adjust the brightness and Beant lighting push-button ignition sports compartment very very big that LED lights cupholders sport mode push-button ignition electron can’t brake 6-speed manual transmission with the rear view camera LED lights these are the controls for the navigation climate control settings radio settings climate control settings you can also buy it with heated seats navigation 3d very cool system car settings high-beam assist lane-keeping assist start/stop parking it it is also a touchscreen blind spot warning tire pressure systems safety comfort lighting ambient lighting on or off intensity of the ambient lighting this is a very cool down screen in my opinion and it is a touch screen follow me home the corner lights mirrorlink app gorpley integration Wi-Fi mirrorlink lovely steering wheel with the GT line logo flat top and flat bottom design so you can see the gauges perfectly but the sound staring you different settings are available this screen is so cool down by Peschel personal settings meters one of the coolest screens ever lovely throwing police down there folding mirrors it has the keyless go system of course dimming rear view mirror as well as button LED lights now let’s begin with the test-drive of the 3008 GT line push-button ignition very futuristic instrument cluster which I will show next when I reverse the car the mirror scroll automatically down and it has the rear camera of course and the sensors I love the GT line steering view very sporty flat top and flat bottom design just like awesome Martens in this video we will do a test drive in the city and we will turn on the highway so you can learn the car better the interior is such a modern place to be while I’m driving I will show the different modes on the instrument cluster it has quite a few you can adjust it just the way you want and let it cool down by pleasure of course it has the automatic wipers automatic lights buttons on the steering wheel so you don’t get distracted it also tells you when to change gear to drive it economical and that has a sport mode of course which I will show personally I like the ambient lighting in this car and the dark headliner combines really well with the dark exterior color the engine is really nice it tools it’s for a one point two three cylinder with 130 or 130 Wars power it’s really good done it is not a slow car I have great visibility on the road the fuel economy combined is five liter per 100 kilometers that’s really good in the city at 6.2 liters and on the highway it’s 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers the co2 emission is 150 grams per kilometer 115 it Kempo thousand three hundred kilograms the ground clearance is 290 millimeters the length is four thousand four hundred and forty-seven millimeters the height is thousand six hundred and twenty four millimeters divide the width the car is thousand nine hundred and six millimeters right in corners that car doesn’t lean a lot so that’s really good what I also like is that this GT line has very good padded seats they support me in corners and the shape is also really nice done by Peugeot very sporty looking seats and designing the interior lovely done by pleasure compared to the previous three thousand eight this one looks very well very good and modern and sporty in my opinion with the GT line

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