Peugeot 3008 MPV 2014 review

is it an MPV a hatchback or an SUV the 3008 tries to combine all three to give you the best of all worlds and has recently undergone a midlife facelift and while the original styling was a collision between all three the new front bumper and Grille help make the updated car appear a bit more sporty plus new LED tail lights tidy up the rear a glaring feature of this crossover is the boot it’s very large in the first instance plus you can split the tailgate and move the floor to your heart’s content you get features such as power sockets and a torch should you need to look for something then put the floor in this position fold the seats down flat and that makes it really easy to load lots of suitcases in I’ve only got to demonstrate litres but there’s plenty of room for more along with the aesthetic changes and a drop in price buyers will be pleased to know that spec has also improved with Bluetooth being added across the range and this color heads-up display go for the range-topping allure and you get a reversing camera as standard light comes flooding in just as it did before and storage is equally impressive with somewhere for my mobile phone two cupholders and not many cars passed this test it is one that mats not entirely comfortable with it is of course the car buyer big handbag test forget your bottles of water put them in there and then it fits in the huge Dauben those windows not only help to let in loads of light but also general all-round visibility is brilliant especially the little rear quarter window which gives you great confidence on the motorway when changing lanes combine that with the high seating position and you get an excellent commanding view of the road a feature called grip control allows some mild off-roading and if you go for the four-wheel drive hybrid 4 model the capability is even greater so you can be a little bit more adventurous with your Peugeot 3008 crossover we are in the two-wheel drive diesel though so we won’t get too carried away what I can do though is talk to you about fuel economy the smooth 1.6 litre diesel returns almost 60 miles to the gallon and emits 127 g/km of co2 while the hybrid boasts sub-100 g/km of co2 figures and returns 75 miles to the gallon which is better than the most efficient Skoda Yeti and Kia Sportage the petrels are best avoided because they are rather thirsty and frankly gutless but the most irritating thing is the backseats whilst headroom is plentiful if you’re 6 foot tall this is not enough and you will find yourself feeling rather cramped however all that aside the price has been lowered spec levels up and it is more attractive but before you make up your mind take a look at the videos of its competitors watch the Skoda Yeti video here a max review of the Nissan Qashqai here and to our car buyer channel by clicking here where we’ll send you a new video every week

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